President Trump Update: December 8, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Friday, December 8th

The job numbers are out! 2.2 million jobs have been created. Kuhner says having a business man in the White House helps the economy and more jobs will be created. 


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The troops on trial. We Jeff could there. Trump our economy is booming. That's right my friends the numbers are in and they don't lie. In November alone. 228000. Jobs were created. Listen to this since president trump was elected. 2.2. Million jobs have been created the unemployment rate now is down a four point 1%. But it gets even better. The manufacturing. Unemployment rate. Is that an historical low so not only is the economy booming but manufacturing. Is booming and listen to this. Latinos. Hispanics. Have record low unemployment four point 7%. The lowest it's ever been. In the United States my friends there is no question about it. Having a businessman. In the Oval Office somebody who is willing to slash. Not anti growth regulations. Who's willing to encourage entrepreneurs dropped creators. Businesses. To hire people create jobs and create wealth. Is putting America back on a full sustained. Recovery. And if they could manage to pass tax cuts you'll see an economic growth growth and economic boom. Like we haven't seen since Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. On the economy. We are we mean we mean we mean. And that means that Democrats are now gonna become even more desperate to take down the president. Because a rising tide lifts all boats. Which means if the economy continues to roar especially with tax cuts being passed. November 2018. The Democrats. May be slaughtered. So now they will become even more desperate to take the president down their latest gambit now they're claiming. He's still. They're saying he's got more health. He's their man did he's not right in their head. How come he hasn't seen a doctor where the medical records trumps response he's doing a physical. Annual release all of the results of his examination. They're getting desperate. Because Strom is beating him and with a roaring economy. You had not with illegal immigration down at historical levels obamacare on the ropes and ice is being smashed. President trump now looks almost invincible. Going into 2018. And that's the truth. On trumped.