President Trump Update: December 5, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Tuesday, December 5th

Kuhner exposes the FBI agent Peter Strzok. Peter Strzok, led the investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server. Strzok changed Comey's draft of his speech, describing Clinton's actions as "grossly negligent" to "extremely careless."


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The troops on trial. We Jeff could there. It's now official. The FBI became morally corrupted and politicized. Under Obama. And especially under James call mis disaster his leadership. I'm not talking about the ordinary FBI agents the foot soldiers on the ground there are phenomenal. It's the management. And now they have been completely exposed. For their corrupt partisans and acts that they are. And one of the key acts is FBI investigator. Peter straw. It has now come out. He was the one that set up Mike Flynn for a perjury trap he is the one. Who deliberately changed the draft in India and the wording. In Komi speech exonerating Hillary Clinton. Where each ranged the term it's from grossly negligent. Two extremely careless. He is the same man that had to be demoted and is now sitting in the human resource is department of the FBI. Because of text messages that he sent. To his mistress and lover Lisa page about how much you hate Strom. Wants to destroy trump and how much she loves Hillary Clinton. But it's even worse. It has now come out that while they've thrown the book at Mike Flynn for one false statement to the FBI. He allowed whom I've been dean and Cheryl Mills who lie lie lie. Yes. This same Peter straw. Who set up Mike Flynn further perjury trap. Is the same one who interviewed both cool my aunt Cheryl Mills. While supposedly. Quote unquote investigating Hillary Clinton that sham investigation. And they lied. In fact according to a Freedom of Information Act request. Which forced the FBI to release I'm releasing the contents of the interview. Both Cheryl Mills. And who might Aberdeen claimed. They were never aware of that Hillary ever had a private server in fact mills said. She wasn't even sure quote what they server was that the nine. Really. Because according now to multiple emails February 27 2000 and then. Hey char see email coming back is server okay. Males asks in an email. To whom Aberdeen and Justine Cooper a long time aide to Bill Clinton who helped set up the clintons server. She seems to know what a server is. Cooper's reply you're funny we're all on the same server. In August 30 2011. Mills and Aberdeen. Telling State Department official the email server is down it needs to be fixed. January 9 2011. Cooper in Aberdeen have email exchanges. Admitting. That someone has hacked Hillary's private email server and they need to get the server up and running. And it goes. On and on and on and so the 64000. Dollar question no the one million dollar question. Is why were mills. And home back out they deem are allowed to skate. And get away with lying to the FBI. But Flynn wasn't. Well in congressional testimony. In front of congressman Jason Cha Aceh fits from Utah he's now retired. He asked then FBI director James combing. Those very same questions. Combing sensor. Yes they were quote unquote inconsistencies. But we didn't think it was relevant to the case. In plain English. They lied we know although they lied but we don't care and we don't give a damn. My friends president trump is a 1000%. Correct. Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI. Who might have been deemed lie to the FBI. Cheryl Mills lied to the FBI. Not wants on dozens of occasions. And they don't care. Because if you are Republican and they will prosecute. If you're a Democrat they will turned a blind die. This is not just this and this is not an impartial investigation. It is a corrupt disgusting. Which on. And that's the truth on front.