President Trump Update: December 4, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Monday, December 4th

The Senate passes President Trump’s tax cuts. Kuhner says this is a huge success for the president. 


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The troops on trial. We Jeff could there. Trump wins big in this and it's okay my friends. Amidst all of the who law regarding Mike Flynn. Having pled guilty to lying to the FBI. About statements that he made. Trump picked up a huge win in the senate. 5149. The senate Republicans passed a sweeping tax cut bill. It is now gonna go to conference for reconciliation. Between the house and the senate versions then da house will vote the senate will vote. And hopefully trump will sign a bill in the law. But what is so big about the senate. They finally they were able to accomplish something but more importantly. If you actually look at the bill I can't believe I'm saying miss. It's actually a pretty good bill. It's certainly better than that house version. It will yes cut corporate taxes which is fine to bring in jobs wealth creation. Factories back into the United States. But it doesn't cut them as much or as deep as the house version. It cuts more middle and income without working. Our taxes there income taxes will go down. Under this bill so it cuts middle working class taxes. More than the house bill. And what I love is somebody living in Massachusetts. Eat keeps all of this state and local taxes deductions. So all the deductions that we were able to enjoy for state and local taxes he remains in the senate bill so under this bill. Our talks is guaranteed. Will go down. Unlike the house bill. I hope they stick with us senate version. And pretty much hold off the house version and even one more kicker. The Obama care individual mandate unlike the house bill in the senate bill gets knocked out. So the obamacare mandate goes down middle working class talks is gold down deductions for state and local taxes stay. Hey. This is a bill I can certainly live with. Mr. President. Tell Paul Ryan Orion. Forget the house version give us most of the senate version it's a better bill. It's a bigger bill and it's a bill that will put Americans. First. And bouts of the truth on trump.