President Trump Update: December 18, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Monday, December 18th

Tomorrow, there will be a vote on tax reform. This will put money back into your pocket and more jobs. Kuhner says this tax cut will help President Trump win re-election. Do you agree?


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The troops on trial. We Jeff could there. Merry Christmas from president trauma. My friends. He is on the cost of an historic. Legislative victory. It now looks like he's gonna get every single Republican senator to vote for tax reform as well as almost every house Republican. The vote is set for choose date tomorrow and if it passes it looks very likely now that it will. You can call president trump reelected. President from because it will guarantee. His victory in 218 whining. Barring foreign policy catastrophe. The bill itself is extremely strong it's slashes the corporate rate to 20%. Most small businesses corporate partnerships. It cuts small businesses the business tax to 20%. Seven brackets. All of them will be cut taxing our cut taxes from the wealthiest. Two working class Americans. If you work and you pay taxes. You're getting a tax cut. In the red states. 75000. Dollar a year income feature a family of 48. Who thousand dollar tax cut. Even here in the Blue States. Most of the deductions. Four state local sales and property taxes are gonna be maintained. A cap of 101000 dollars. That means even we are gonna get a tax cut. Probably about four or 500 dollars. Everybody's gonna get tax relief but even more importantly. It's gonna encourage trillions of dollars. That Caricom corporations are sitting on overseas. To now fought back into the United States. Or backhand. You're gonna see more hiring. Economic growth is gonna explode. It's gonna lead to a lot more jobs. Wealth creation. GNP may go up to four or 5%. Every year. This is a level that even China is no longer able to attain. He rising tide lifts all boats. As Kennedy famously said. And this will raise not only that part of the American economy. It will make trump almost politically bulletproof. Because what it shows is he's no longer the guy you can't get anything done. Now he's a man who wears costs through one of the most historic pieces of tax reform in American history. It's gonna lead to more jobs more growth and more prosperity. And dots why the Democrats are in a panic. Because this vote in shores that we will be elected in 1980s. All over again. And went trump said let's make America great again if you remember he really made his name jury in the go go eighties. I think he wants a return to the 1980s. Like we have under Ronald Reagan and this tax cut takes us along weary there. Happy days are here again. From president trump all of you. Mary. Christmas. And bouts the truth on front.