President Trump Update: December 13, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Wednesday, December 13th

A huge victory for the establishment, the democrats and the media. Kuhner says, the outcome of this election states, if you challenge the establishment the democrats will destroy you. Do you agree?


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The troops on trial. We Jeff could there. Roy Moore our goal is now own all came my friends a huge victory. For the Democrats the establishment. And the media. Including by the way a stop bush meant Republicans. Fox News was growing last night CNN MSNBC. Were practically popping the champagne corks. Right on their sets. Democrat Doug Jones. Defeats Roy Moore in one of the red states in the union and you know what the election really came down to. Mitch McConnell the Washington Post Jeff Bay's goals and Chuck Schumer. Warning any insurgent or Trump's style populist. If you challenged the swamped if you challenge the establishment. We will destroy you. And that's what happened to Roy Moore they threw enough mud at the wall hoping they would stick. And what they did was we send a message to Steve Bannon. You're insurgency. We will smash hit and we will destroy it and we will do whatever it takes to succeed. Because in the end what Mitch McConnell did and the establishment Republicans. Is they essentially ruled the race to the Democrat. They gave Roy Moore no support. They cut off all of this funding. They came out and repeatedly said they believe the accusers against the judge they did everything but cut them off at the means. And the ultimate loser wasn't just Roy Moore. It was the trump agenda. Because now the Democrats feeling after flipping Alabama blew. They can now ahead into the mid term elections. May be sweep back into power in the house steel rugby senate from Republicans. And go ahead with their real goal. Impeaching the president. It may feel good to bring down Roy Moore but many establishment Republicans. Are going to rule the day. And that's the truth on Tron.