Erich Reimer (Seeking Alpha, AAPL, TSLA)


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We have part of the financial exchange in an instant. By texting us and 63566. Started to extra keyword Barry and become a member of our brand new textbooks tell us what you think 24/7. Right here on the financial exchange radio network. This segment of the financial exchanges brought to you in part by the leader bang it's not too late to get a great rate on a home mortgage. Leader bank has some of the most competitive rates around call 8776917. B 900 or visit leader Bangkok com for more information. Leader bank is an equal housing lender member FDI CNN analyst number 449250. Apple and Tesla in today's stock doc. Eric climber from seeking alpha joins us or extra into joining us. Eric mixed news I think on the iPhone sales but apple enjoying the big surge in a big buyer of their stock recently and. Oh definitely on an apple currently the world's largest publicly traded company it nearing one trillion dollars but I think. It got a lot more room to grow what the iPhone actually thought they've really made a very risky orient sued the Mark Bowden future by gaining weight and in doing everything that. Pat apple but what about the mark Amin hat on back home but then prepping to over 1000 dollar that is still all relatively well and an aggregate annual an experimental product I try and you get a head start candidates are on the eager and that they word or be more on the I need or propping your ability to host the opera on it and apple will all the pretty well and innate at the RI market audit and I think that each you're at it better understand. Consumer sentiment that are a debate guilt to better spelled their mark on on and beyond that you apple is on normal week in order is that eating you. Also increase their revenue were Asian and they'll in the past it and really put it on markdowns at their core business that meant but. In recent months and years overall did you know increasing. Other failed or. Where for error this product that rated. I've used to be apple lost iPad. And acting in the future as these products begin to grow and we are being their growing rapidly I mean apple wanted replicate those being triple that it. Gained every quarter. I think we'll be up. A major organ growth in the future or apple eating given his current diet and I think all together is and really any good picture grapple and the and amid all that he'll look Ian that they currently are. Really carrying about the here or there as well is important for the company in terms the stock right. And though they've recently or right an additional 100 billion dollar stock buyback and don't act and while increasing their dividend and though. Even given their current that activate it or. Also engaging in a market share there. Actions. What you wish you are. Which you can do with 65 billion dollars a year free cash no doubt about that a stock and debt like Tesla your bearish tell us briefly why don't like Tesla. Look at what has long been controversial and yet at any role primarily because that. Never made a profitable and very ball out area and not based on these technologies that drug however I think as we're now over picking your older than public or over eight years and the most recent quarter has shown that. Not only are repaid. Not making a profit built there and back the air cast little law that are each inning and an actor it means more and more improper at all. And I think at this stage. At the time when the companies should be hitting it there can target or an apparent model still currently be being the ladies mishap regulatory. Nite airs and I think all that means that they the company. Really need to begin showing. I have let at this eight or investors continued to. Give it that he billion dollar valuation despite never making. Evenly never gone to make any money from it and I think one major Rick we're at and eat it all that and now than at Kirkland that that. Allotted current content. Ability to even be a load has been based on regulatory or other than billions of dollars of up to beat that act written that are out a year. And I'm nations recently is that Hong Kong. Then mark ever have been are thinking that back and Wendy are taken away does benefit you eat at a bail plummet and they'll. As at La situation worse than that. IE be my own in the U worked and we all and most recurring all happy at that big fight with. I analysts on the call. On and I think all that means that. If the. Eric her own time. But we're gonna we're gonna bypass tussle for the moment that the you know the he talked about those credit sin in my body electric car right got 101000 dollars in credits I can tell you. I would not have bought it without those credits absolutely so a lot of concerns of a test was going forward. Dow was down 43 points as we speak. We'll be back with more on the financial exchanges vary John Moody and talk herself.