Your Healthy Life: Kim interviews James Norris of Handi Capable Fitness

Your Healthy Life with Kim Carrigan
Thursday, December 14th

Kim interviews James Norris, founder of Handi Capable Fitness. James has cerebral palsey but that hasn't stopped him from living a healthy, fit life. He's an inspiration to us all!


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Hello everybody this is Kim interrogated welcome to your healthy life great to have you with us this is the place where we talk about fitness we talk about diet we talk about. You know our research and all kinds of things that affect the way that you live your life every day. And app we giving tips and ideas and suggestions and we are we open your mind to two weeks that your life and being. Most gratifying and you can live it out to the healthiest. Means by which I you can and today I am thrilled. To have our guests with us who is talking about doing just that leaving out his life in the healthiest way possible. And hopefully after hearing his story and what he's created that will help people in your life do just the same I'm joined this morning by James Norris. And James is the creator of handy capable fitness it is fantastic to have you here thanks tell me camera they appreciated. So he hit if he would be capable fitness first let's just start right here Tolliver and what that. I've basically what it is is. I have pharaoh called me and I just started cute I'll put. Put videos of myself on and Phil Graham and started my own finished journey one thing led to another. And I'm now. Post. Video that not only myself. Other adaptive athletes who are doing amazing things that are faced the challenges we don't let those challenges. Get in the way. A work what it is that they need and want to do. James you first off congratulations. Thank you there are no excuses and I just say that cure no excuses. But let's talk about you. And how how you got to displace so you largest having missed yet we haven't met each other prior to this being your distilling your former radio guy. Obviously your guy who was athletic. It may be in a prior life and then you rated this isn't some stumbling blocks that change things to tell me about you. It's just a quick rundown. I have several Paul the 32 years old I was born quote unquote normal and then when I was too. I went in for hernia operation. Dating keep down my arms and legs and I'm I wind up tonight to the hose. That through plight auctioned to my brain in my brain was without air for five and a half minutes. But I've. Never been you know treated any different and that's that's what caused and they're all of these. And basically it affects my my legs and my left arm. But I always tried to stay active in and do things never in her fitness round but. You know I went on and I. Gotten involved in radio and worked in radio for five or six years. And I never really had poor me type of attitude I attribute to how. How I was raised in my family and my upbringing but. As they got older you know into my teens in Taiwanese deleting it can indicate gain video games in the that. As you know argue out of drinking a third to drink a little bit which made me which made me put on. Put on some weight and probably about three years ago I ate worries. Going upstairs to my house I live on the effect of former bedrooms and they're four and I wouldn't went up to fares tonight. I realize that the guy out there than I was panting and are better Bratton its plans. Mean you know I again I can do some got a big hundred change so I just joined a local gym. You know got involved with working out at literally go and do the same work out every single day. And on. You know trainers on nieces. Let let's work together and we work together and over at. Over the three years I've lost about sixty. To 65 pounds. Incredible under any circumstances so congratulations thank you. Thank you and you know I completely changed. You know my my eating have it you know. I you know our way in my food aisle right track my food all all did all this different stuff that way they do. And over over my fitness journey I would just take my videos once once I would did something new. You know that I never done before because I never played sports or or. Anything like that because of because my condition. So food to me going to the going to the gym that is my sport and there. I'm never going to be the biggest offensive strongest guy but. You know I'm competing myself so I'll kick these videos one thing I would do something new or that was unexpected. I mean. And I'd post them give them my entry Graham and FaceBook and you know my family and friends really you know this is this is a pretty cool thing I've gone you should make a public account. And and put the thought there and you could may be inspired other people to show. Pom. Work what is possible with hard work thought I did and it it literally just started out of me posting my own videos and then. You know on the I would growth. You know nutrition thing share accretion related things things that would work that have worked for me. And then the world you know what I'm not the on out here with the challenges. That are that are doing things like this let me kinder showcase other people. To maybe give others motivation and that's that. I'm. It's all started end which is incredible and so the result is that you must of had trouble well before we we get to this rebelliousness. Everybody. I'll right now and you're sitting the student union and you move around in a wheelchair yup electric chair okay tell everybody how. You go about working out the way you do in the gym because I think a lot of people who are thinking well. Well it you know it it. It basically I'm very I'm very blessed in the sense that yes they do that they're both the British if you if you look at me or you Google several polls the there's different levels of severity mine is a very mild case now there are people that have been a little bit left but. The majority of people have it. More and unable to get her on my knees so well what I do at the gym is like you know we talked to a machine or. The bench press through whatever it is more cannot and I jump out of that chair and there's some there's some machines in America things. That I do from the chair but mainly. On you know when I'm not well in public or. Just around in my house or at the game I get around beneath. And there and there are people who couldn't possibly do that but you through this wonderful now. I'll online site you were showing people how there are ways to get a round. The disabilities that you you personally may be dealing with a. Absolutely because here's the thing you know I'm not able to do every single exercise. That. In able bodied. Person may be able to do so I I've come up width. We've. Some adaptive ways to do it to Wear mine a look at fame a 100% of the time. It's. You know the average person but it still. Getting the job done and and I have to give credit Q my trainers that I that I worked within the path that. Have showed have showed me these things than they've only showed them to meet through. Their own due diligence and researcher felt so my goal with handy you pin is if you. Now only showcase. The athletes and what they're doing but also. You. On if somebody sees the video and the thing. Man now I want do the eighth hot putter I do it they might feel video on there and think I'll let me try it right I need. I've even done that way it way. People I've I've showcase on their before. To me and that that there really creative way to do that and it would mean by that. Let's hit it keeping it. To me and that's where I was going when you wanted to ask you how you do it it becomes a community it seems to me a community where not only. Can you be in its inspirational but you can share knowledge. That can be of such great help. Absolutely and and that's why I love this you know fitness lifestyle and gonna sound cliche. But no matter no matter what your goals are or what you're on. You know fitness level may be at the time. Anybody that in the gym I I like to think you know it's trying to work through better than self and that. And that's what it. I cake out of the fitness and nutrition life. You know like issue before I'm never gonna be the strongest defenses. Whatever. But. And I'm becoming a better version of myself both physically and probably most importantly meant to. Right the best do you use could be. Is that overall trying to be erratic shall we are happy I mean it doesn't make any difference if you're dealing with some kind of handicap or not you're just trying to be and I couldn't agree with you more. You know if you've got yourself there did you try to do something. You're doing the best it's half the value of yeah sometimes like people come to me and they say well do you find the motivation and and that sort of thing and I think you know. Because because having given a gift of it could be so much worse then there what it is right now there's there's so many people out there. Able bodied or not that would love to view the do what I'm doing. And you know what through for me to take for granted and that there and there are my wife thinks it's. Terrible I can't do this I can't do that you know I wish it could be different. You know that that doing a disservice not only to myself. But accuse anybody out there that has helped me get to where. I don't. I am currently in where I want to go there. And also people that would love to be in the position them in and I trying to take for granted and there are some days arm in the gym like. That you don't want to a year I think James you hear your mind is will do something. Yeah right right right well listen first appearance separation just listening to. The attitude did you have I am so impressed and by the way for those of you who are joining us now it's James Norris were talking to. He is the creator of handy capable fitness which are gonna find it handy capable fitness. Dot com in my writer to. I'm I'm in the process of actually getting getting nowhere thing right now. But people can find me on. Into grand handy AJ and DI underscore. Capable underscore fitness. And then also on FaceBook. Gift handy cable fitness record and then on YouTube as well hand people for. Talk about you were overall health and what this is done for you because that's something else they think. For people whether or game you're dealing with handicap and and by the way. Is if the world isn't very overwhelming. To be dealing with a handicap. In an of itself but then to go to a gym somewhere that's got to be very. It's frightening in the beginning right. Well it was you know I'm not I'm not gonna lie but I've always been the type of person I don't know. Again if it's my upbringing or the fact that I did work in radio and accounting gimmick he cut bear a little bit. As Q how the world can be in that sort of thing. I've always been our go getter you know what I'll I'll admit it was it was intimidating because I didn't know. Exactly what machined a lot harder work this part of the body you don't play it. This this fitness life now has helped me. Like you said not only just from a factor of losing sixty plus pounds vote as a result of that. And able to. To do more of being able to get around better you know are either through before I have. On the sepia effect in my left arm. I am now able to have better range of motion. In Inman wins my my legs are losers or me route you to do to do more so it's not drift. Dive off the way it is overall effective everything kind of plane together. Sure which which takes me back to the question of health and and how it has affected. Your lifestyle and and your quality of life in it there's no question that you're sending if its may be better. Oh it it it so much better and again you know for for me it. Almost like a thing before it's more of a mental thing loan from the ties. Because you don't nobody nobody likes to be rejected by the year able bodied or not or. Whatever the case maybe but I feel as though when you're faced with a handicapped or. You know something something ever challenge you know if if somebody doesn't. Talk you were shunned viewing the way. You automatically think in the back of your own mind. All they're not you know they're not associating roomier there are coming up in talking to me because. In my in my condition or my circumstances. And now. In terms of me and other people I've talked through that have challenges but also are trying to live this life. You know it just gives you more confidence here year out they're more you're willing to put yourself out there and you you think hey you know this from me this is who I am so. I think you've sort of addressed this in a way that. Talk to those who do find this kind of thing too daunting because. I think there would probably be a lot of either loved ones of people who are living with disabilities. Or did people with disabilities right now listening who would find what you're doing just just too don't they don't wanna take the first they don't how do you do. We're in you know it. I think it's just like one of those things whether it's the first day of school you know. You know whatever. Whatever it. I think you may find daunting and like you do you just have to do it Tony Robbins. Has somewhat of a quarter knocking on their pare phrase here a little bit. But he kids you know. Just do something. Anything you know whether it whether it's the wrong thing the right thing. Just do something because because. The fact of the matter is if you sit thing you Brooke I think you know you're not getting anywhere. But and that's one thing I want or really hit on here you know people's. All post these videos. Myself. Being able to you. Push a ball cars with some weighed on later or whatever and and people write back and think you know. I can't do you know I wish I could do that but I have a I have a spinal cord injury or or whatever my few. And my my response to that is I'm not I'm not showing this to bragging a pat on the back. I'm showing you this. To show boy is possible. And no matter. What were your fitness level is you can't compare yourself to other people. All all you have all you can do is be the better version of yourself and if you put that working everything good day or. However many times you wanna go the gym or whatever it is a week. You know. If you put that timing you again you're gonna Betty years now and and that's what it's all about is becoming a better view. But James and you you hit the nail on the head when you recording Tony Robinson that. Just do something it may not be what you're doing in the happy what I'm doing but it's what your doing. And that's fantastic you know until maybe they can't push the box that they can do something else just do something. Absolutely because because the things that things that I'm doing now. Aren't the things I was doing it three years ago so so it's an accumulation. Of me showing up. Me me me putting in the effort. You know and tie tied in with the nutrition the nutrition. Is a huge part especially for somebody with a disability. That mostly confined. To a wheelchair you know. You are somebody else made. Maybe you that they go and you know eat three or four please repeat that one I have have a couple you know glasses of wine something. I'm not saying that you can't do that bolt. We have to be more diligent or what we do because. We can't run a half hour on the treadmill right Leno took to burn those calories and so true. I myself have to be really careful. In how I eat Holloway where what is right candy cane because I can't current account. Sure absolutely. Well I will remind everybody. Who's listening. You know first off I think you just wanna go to the site and see it because it is just such an inspiration. Regardless of whether you. Are dealing with the idea handicap or not it's he'd be capable fitness he defy that it on FaceBook. I can fighting YouTube in mid gears also mr. Graham account in which celebrity again it's. Candy AJ in DI. And underscore. Capable capable underscore. Fantastic. And we've been talking we James Norris this morning he's the founder. Just how people if they go to these sites you just explain and your work you know putting the other website that they want to contribute they wanna be somebody. A that you might feature how to how to go about choosing mr. hunt. I am errors on the so so you get in contact roaming and send me. You send me your videos or or pictures or just say hey you know I. I have this story I think I think you'll be beneficial. I can get out there are further few goofy you know. You can direct message to me either on. You know the social media where it's youth to war. Are they can contact me through email and that email is handy Capel finished at And when they reach out to you. And let's just say it's it's someone who's at home. Who has not started this journey. Are you there for advice absolutely okay. Absolutely yet you know I can tell you what had worked for me you know but it. Everybody's. Different. So so what has worked for me. Might not work for you but I'm more than willing to help in any part of the war able bodied and I if you if you have questions. Reach out to me argue argued view arguably the best advice thinking. Well and I think that's a really good point right here on me and there's a lot able bodied individuals who don't know what they're nutrition. Routine should be. And regardless I think you're pretty good one and could get some pokes are real a real. No advice I would love to yeah that's terrific James this through for me I really enjoyed this acute tiny and we keep an eye on if you don't mind and be watching you on those on the site. Awesome what I want one as that thing I want to mentioned your gift to motivate others to. It on my goal when I started. Or. It Nolan started like they didn't even know delighting you and think that where event today was possible. But. Mine won my new goals these cute I. Next they think it in April I don't think to date tomorrow yet I want to walk the Boston Marathon five K. On that that is Warren Michaels that I'm really shooting for and I just want people threw it to know. That yes that's that's a huge goal. But you know it only way you're gonna get to where you want ago is to set those goals and keep sending them. So we keep us informed apps that you must okay after the because that is fantastic and I wish you the best to block thank you so much and you guys than me absolutely. And thanks to all of you for listening to another edition of your healthy life.