Tim Stevens (CNET Roadshow, Geneva Motor Show 2018)


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The Geneva motor show 2018. And wowed attendees this year and Tim Stephens from CNET roadshow joins us. Tim what grabbed your attention the most that the of the Geneva motor show this year. I do is always a great showing a lot of electric car on performance cars a lot of exotic cars but the thing that you think that you would how many electric cars we saw the show could come to me like Porsche and jaguar and even Aston Martin. We bring their cards on the table ensuring that all of the EB they've got coming up within the next couple of years when the most important one indeed jaguar I paced. This is a smaller crossover suvs and it's gonna go toe to toe with has model X you this year. The 101000 dollar cheaper agreement as Malek starting at about 9000. You expect electric vehicles are really sexy look and wants to go mainstream. Therefore hoping for you right now it has been really the only manufacture playing in an area creating he'd veto it or not only environmentally conscious but also on the drive at night looking. But now I get the Audi Porsche jaguar a lot of the complete story to bring these corals to market and I hope they or a successful as they look at most. Now the horse power game I just keeps the I key skate ramp up year after year understood they had several. 1000. Plus horsepower hyper cards right. The other record unit tactics and another place where the electric motor thing is really coming in a big way to re back I think one you work for the most port power. 1900. Horsepower from their content to electric apricot on the show floor. You're sixty time of less than two seconds and it helps speed that they were 258. Mile per hour. I believe. 19100. Horsepower. Not your horsepower 16100 pound because torpedo the because Jessica for electric motors. One for each we also we can actually distribute all that power across from left to right and from front to back so. We can have the ultimate group in any situation whether you're on the racetrack or even on a nutritional. Perfect transition to flying car concepts that sounds like a flying car concept without having to fly. We've been hearing about on course for a really long time now and we saw some progress here in in Geneva. Audi and Volkswagen group partnering with the Airbus to shore up the concept of a column as Micah. What were you repeat thing that can come down that you pick up a small city car you can be driving a car in the city. We need to look further withdrawal you don't pick up your car take its place. That's a little bit or ask the Porsche actually looking at one course to their he told me. They are making a big investment flying or they wanna have something ready to show walked anyway but twelve. Yeah how how soon is is ready to go with the technology sounds like it's there but again the logistical issue of Julie while these flying cars and drones and drones flying cars as a whole other issue right. It definitely is and that's something that we really only begun to think about this point no the FAA is already pretty much at their limit is doing with normal air traffic in the ad in this concert to be semi economists are we economist personal vehicles into the mix. That's where it could get really Republican you know the idea wouldn't be nurtured and airport airport what from your driveway may be the root your building and into the accident thanks. And that couldn't hold them it would typically have you begun to beat it into even the content licensing would be very Republican. Right now the easiest way to go like this is that these two weeks of training and about our all of the trying to get a sport Pollock went from the Ekpe. Yet go to that is you to Paul and Carl a lot of people are human being who's a lot of questions. We step back down to earth just a little bit. Think about like what's something you saw that's affordable but you really liked. To be darkly if not really a big focus on affordability. That more than 100 such things but I'm not actually had a really beautiful concept of this column that feel luge. Go over the French saying it was a vision for a future sporty coupe kind of thing behind they would be relatively attainable. I probably years down the road looked absolutely gorgeous look like working on nine he had mentioned it's a sharp and. Sounds great Tim Stephenson CNET roadshow thank you very much Rick Reverend Wright very eerie at the flying car. Well I don't know me and thank I don't think that'll happen during my lifetime but the electric car the bottom money being invested yet. You a year you've tech companies like Volkswagen that are dedicating the forty billion. Ford is dedicating eleven billion dollars so. You don't even though electric cars only represent. Less than 1% of domestic auto sales here in the US or around 1%. It it seems like the amount of capital being invested. We'd be the the indication to me is that they're making strides in terms of battery technology. And the batteries and a smaller they get some and that's the key thing smaller and less expensive and it's gonna happen. And in the heat the problems the batteries now. By the heavy. They're very heavy at large of and they take an awful long time to charge. Unless you have a super charging station which most people don't have the capacity or residents and an end but with this including could have a bright logistically though there's no reason why we can't have war electric cars on the road and that's why the you can see it happen. Yeah I think about electric cars that people forget is that the tires Wear a lot faster because they're so fast in the dark about the cargo security 62 seconds. That's great but the unity tires Wear out Tesla that's a big gripe but apparently owners have to replace the tires so lost it. Because the dark cars are so fast going right away wears out tires.