Tim Stevens (CNET Roadshow, 2019 VW Jetta)


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Tim Stevens from seeing that roadshow joins us now here to talk about the 29 team Volkswagen Jetta and Tim thank you for joining us program. Tim Soviet new Jetta first of all winter we get this 2019 models showing up in showrooms. We should let the kid especially getting coaches before too long probably toward the end of summer we should start to see them sitting there we just got our first drive a couple weeks back which means they're you're not on production. So let's start from the outside in in terms of how the car looks how does it stack up against the competition these news. Looks quite nice we were on enough big fans of the last generation just it was just a little bit too tame for our line expert in the new general looks quite nice is going to be more aggressive front end and some out east styling cues as well definitely pushing more up market and the outgoing Jenna. In orbit. When we go under the hood any differences from the previous model. You know what we're looking at here is the new one point four literature short four cylinder would about a 150 horsepower. On the boards would get thirty miles per gallon in the city and forty on the highway. Which is pretty good for a car besides that's the only motor that Volkswagen announced this or that probably will be more trims coming. But yeah uttered GO ivory which could have a forum to and twenty horsepower but again thirty in the city reforma on combined should be pretty good numbers or for the. But once you get inside the vehicle what changes are in store in terms of the the cabin and interior. A lot of new technology again so it is borrow from Al including Volkswagen digital pocket it's something we've seen in conflict Audi a four and 86 before. We're basically being targets clusters replaced by an inch LCDs would it dynamically re configurable with a flash you looking he'd get navigation in there. Looks quite nice that paired wouldn't you inch touch screen which would be in the center of the dashboard. I'm also a cheerleader repairing a lot more things would be chief so as you go any figure radio preferences your seat preferences you're eating purposes even. All those things will be tied back to the chief rob so if you have when he yourself if you like as another one Karl reconfigure itself so that it's built like if your car becoming into the open. That would be nice damage that's kind of cool I like that a lot of what we're is this vehicle stacked up now in terms of its competitors who are the biggest competitors and where do you think it ranks against those. That'll be stacking up against on a court properly in the US camera things like that little bit smaller but ultimately turned kind of placed into the performance and should be back in court that's against those. But honestly in terms of the interior capabilities and so the technology we've seen we think it could have the edge in that front. In with a new and she'd be architecture that this is built on which is Volkswagen's new chassis that they're building all the cars up. It handled quite nicely twos or pretty eager to get that stack up against those cars he would accept. His performance but in terms of sales Volkswagen is due to turn things around the that's been biking a bit this'll about 4151000 of these last year. Who have the lowest sales we've seen models and years. What's the odds of the price range that you're looking at on the new jet in terms of starting kind of from that the bass stripped down model to the top end. Or we're gonna look at certain price around 181000 are going forward and then if you look at all the bells and mentally problem be pushing up around 30000 dollar were very very well equipped Jenna. We don't have formal pricing just yet appear to have on your little bit different when they get negotiation but that's where the belt were expected. What's the typical track record on maintenance for VW's these days. Book so it's been doing quite well. Recently they've definitely had to make sure they got everything covered with everyone watching very closely attribute it of course. But ultimately we've seen very good result from reliably and went in that car and spoke here in the US well at a factory in Chad do get so that's good. The bit about. Good Tim thank you very much for the time today. Tim Stevens from CNET Roche are talking about the 2019 VW Jetta and the people like to move towards these crossovers now. But this what I come back to there's good cheap vehicles if you look at sedans these days target one pretty well equipped for 25 point five and you get an average of 3335 miles a gallon I mean you turned an engineering pretty attractive you know it may be made in the US but whose design in Germany. And obviously they've you know as as to mention it had to do a lot of work to come back from that whole mission scandal that pretty well. They they they seem to you know the guy is the my observation it has to spend a boatload of money both in terms of a you know make better cars and be paying money out to wad defrauded deal buyers and and dealers and so that they paid you know they did make some companies who'll. You know stick their head in the sand in and deny it to the end. They didn't need me wrong they were cot and they came out and wrote the checks and they bought the Carson. You know in the east Lincoln darn good vehicle if that's a thing if he comes back to the qualities the product. Yet it in again you you talk about the quality that you typically get from a German engineered vehicle it's very technically sound very. You know you have good fit and finish everything's you know well put together generally typical all the cars are pretty well put together and you know you kind of have to be eat when you buy car. Like back in the east. You wanna buy an American car. You just were not leave your resting while they're in the show. We'll be in even you look at some of the qualities is that the foreign manufacturers had originally Kia you've stepped all kinds of problems with the quality of their vehicle and retire I used to rent though and I swore after renting them I'd never while they were awful and today they're ranked at some of the highest performing vehicles when it comes to quality. You know so it's everyone's kinda had to step up their game and I think part of it is because of the advent the Internet. It was easy part of it's also robotics he's there using more robot that is he says some of its robotic begin we see you on Moscow having to move away from robots from the production of his vehicles. That's ironic. Right here's a guy that. You know it was really dedicated his whole thesis was Rooney used robots and us humans to maker cars and he turns out he can't do you Nikkei.