Roger Cheng (CNET, 5G Technology)


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For awhile now we've been hearing about rumors of feed him potentially largest tech deal in history with Broadcom and Qualcomm. I joining us now from CNET has Roger Chiang to talk about this deal the technology that's being developed and how national security concerns me in fact get in the way this deal going through. I think coming on Roger would you mind just kind of backing up for our listeners and talking to us about what exactly these two companies do by they'd be inch of each other businesses. Yeah totally the ball is it. Shipped the bone tablet out there is in our cars while. I barely. I. Likely that are there and while. I'd brought it. Top boxes. Servers and a number of different. Combination. There too little chip maker in the world and they beat like that virtually everyone. Is Gail where. A tab and so. We talked about this five G technology now obviously overseeing three G forgy. And I think Qualcomm is one of the biggest investors in five G technology what is that going to look like wise it's so important. And why why is a reason national security concerns at this point. So I. Now is not. There I achieved that on the expectation out. Much much such an app right now that. Is able to handle that poker night is that. You look perjury or are caught all backed by all. Eight is one of the high. Tech support out there. I really. At the Asian. A lot other tech ultra card element. The Internet it is that connect. Everything to a network. Or spot network. And it'd be it there's a lot of hope that this sort of the electorate had. Week about brought. But op walk on. Here. That the government Bret what brought on board. Buying all is it. I like it should he leave. I think we're a pretty buys out all it would mean the we don't have any US companies. Looking into it but at archer road building but now go back down the block her from. Syria acquired conditions neo US interest in developing this network which I mean clearly this is a big issue right if you if you need help we have all these different. Devices that we're trying to put up the Internet and I can see that united have. Refrigerator car. Garage door opener and an alarm system and heater system that all need to talk to the Internet. I concede that that would be a big issue Putin and good enough network to provide that service. Right there to be clear there you're tired bike ride the infield the ball on the build out by network. But they are there it would be using technology. Sure but that would be designed or built by Qualcomm Arafat. Roger if this is John is it fair to assume that the US has the lead on five G right now week. Probably don't know for sure what's in the vault of of our competitors but is it fair to say that we probably are in the lead illness. I would deliberately actually look world leader world today Korea and China are in order and back. Create he would have media outlet that by that I would be village. Though is that eligible for cup purposes if he. But Hewitt or. But what real fired back. There's an app that he's peacock is kind of but now we go away and we will see subsequent fight it in the US and Europe writer Robert is used by ear they brought down it. A couple of cities are exactly right there at eighteen feet. Like locker partner to I a and other local art doesn't city the lack. A pilot be fairly limited. I'll be able to do what but it will be like now. Is to you point out the advantage in five G vs four G. In connecting you know the Internet things in in bringing together a lot of the items that might be you know household for example really multiple products brought together one which. Is a fantastic breakthrough but when you look at the actual individuals cellphone. Is there really going to be that noticeable difference between the other connections we get with four G verses five G or he could be game changer their. A little technical indicator that the battle or. Rooting orgy connections but I do think that what he is by GE in particular term pocket IT. Verdict that the that would be it'd be huge where we're talking about. And that connection that back and eat at a whole it would bullfight actually there at notre point Gigabit connections. A big event out he download the entire catalog of the episode here an hour hour. That's because he's got a pretty good. We'll stuff well we'll see what will soon ends up happening here obviously it's not great news whenever you have. The committee of foreign investor in the US looking and year deal but that could be a potentially massive takeover here goes through joining us to discuss all that. Was Roger Cheng from CNET again thank you for joining us right. It yeah right it's it's pretty inch I guess the bigger question might not be how much faster is it going to be but if you tried to connect all the devices that we're currently trying to use in want to use in the future to the existing network. Wouldn't support it and my guess would be answers now. The answer probably is no and if it is supported wouldn't support that efficiently and they appoint the Roger made is that. This is something that will be very important for connecting multiple devices and as the world the balls and the Internet of things which is where we're heading. This is going to be a big breakthrough. I also think it's interesting that we again consistent what we talked about earlier. This is a national security shy we re dealing with technology. Those weather advantage in technology. Have an advantage. In national security and those who have the disadvantage of technology. Are vulnerable on national security. Yeah I I I certainly would not want to see all of the chips that are going to every it's almost every single phone that we use here in the United States. All being produced by one on US company that would be a major to eat pretty concern.