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We wanna hear through do. Stewart Barry a 63566. And let us know what you think about the stories we discuss your due to the financial exchange radio network. Joining us in studio now is rocky Morrissey and he heads up the clean river project in fact you talk about. Local story in terms of trying to clean up some local rivers and some of the resistance that he's run into. As he's tried to make those efforts rocky thank you for joining us thank you for him rocky can you talk a little bit about though what the queen river project is before we dig into the details you know cleaver approach. It to a side and a fourteen years ago we mourn the tires the tires in 81 cars over 101000 tires. He neighmond 200 tons of global debris has Willis the other waste comes on the report what what rivers are you removing these things we take it we're talking all the Merrimack River. So the Merrimack OK so. You've removed how many cars did you say 808181. Cars. And how many tires over 101000 times. How how all these tires and up in the river to begin with basically that then no wonder recycling resist dump enough to get in even today goes on people wanna pay that recycled that five balls recycled tire TV they destroy mammoth growth. How do you find them on the flow well. That's always cycle on the edge of the that the banks and now we pretty much walk along the banks and scanned the banks and Paloma LaMont. What he's still get that guy does one pay is recycled oil and toward girl who what what about cars Heidi I mean those don't. Float and guess now those those tend to head down towards the bottom so. I mean are you expecting to continue finding more cars as you go here basically we scanned the food we skin of the Ballmer from Lawrence all have to lol. And basically this probably about maybe you know twenty to thirty cast album have been pretty crusty. We pulled all the salt once open we could. I used in the side scan sonar that ray marine provide us with. Really help so is do you think the other was down there were just disintegrate he tried to bring him up yet when the divers dive on these things I can actually touched offender looks like a whole Fenner and crumbles and hand is that right so they know not to touch when go to the next one so what's the end of this latest project that you've been trying to work done in the Merrimack River it's neat. Project to try to get creative hypodermic needles that ended up in the rivers that right that's correct yes and can you talk a little bit about the background and in how this project came about. Basically the best best the past few years we've been seeing more might operate hypodermic needles come down there we actually of these booms trash. To trample global trash it was seen in more more Nielsen and we just you know. And we just on clocked him because we knew that was a problem and after while we that'll fishbowl full home. So you know the stock going away the state is given away. Paying for all these free meals opened on pain clinics in the way. So basically it's it's a problem. And so. In terms of where it clean river project comes in. It looks like you had been a awarded a planner pretty close to being awarded a plan to try to clean up these needles and then something happened is that right. That's correct the cities and towns came up with a contract fifteen cities and towns on the on the banks from the New Hampshire border down to the seacoast Kimmel but the plan. To put a contract offer bid for other contractors like myself the coming in bit on this ticket to walk the banks. Fifty miles each side in hand pick all the meals on abortions. And then so we came in with the op plan to do that but also what 28 containment booms in a hundred feet out so they were in the next rain strong. It would catch everything so now walking up and down leaving it's running off is that there will catch it and remove it. And so this was how how what's usually the plan cost of the play caught up our estimate was 355000. What does the employees that the trucking and everything else and where these funds already preapproved for this purpose yes they are in their budget was 400000 we do know that until later on after the Kimmel. The F 400000 set aside for this company needles are there on these banks do you have any idea this thousands. The homeless camps and lol Lawrence on the banks are just load it with hypodermic needles. The home so go there and there all hooked on power itself what he'll make these camps and is leave everything. Them the of the needles in ramseys washed down towards the banks in the race ever be so that this planet would cost about 350000. Dollars to clean up why did the money not end up being distributed free to do this we don't know they just walked away they said that did that. They had they didn't give us an answer they walked away I know that the Merrimack Valley. Planning commission herald. I asked that they should get state funding for this one of the diocese let's not waste our money on this was its a shame it's a shame in this adjourned the water. Community 600000 people from drinking this water. It's a sham all these needles gonna end up on Salisbury beach new report. You know remains to replicate the gonna go to Maine all the good wash over the ocean he's washed back on the beaches so what's next as far as where you go in terms of trying to move forward with this now. Basically we get a petition right now on IV city and town on the banks that put this RPO. We're actually going to. Signing have a but he sent petition asking the mayor's managers and elected officials to take action on this issue. Working how'd you get involved in this in the first place what was what was it that kinda drew you to. This type of work I was born racer on the Merrimack for a my front yeah I was a highway in the back it was say. Was the reverend and I grew up watching stuff float by and it just was in my blood. And as is a young man I fished and everything on and I just noticed there's so much pollution every fifteen people. Tyra TV our kids to always and it just it was out of control on the it was cleaned up so. Netanyahu is that we you mentioned again at that gets it he said 81 cards I believe and he's pulled out you know thousands of tires at this point who was at that helps you don't just need to pull out 101000 tires on your own. Non on how we ponder what like accurate copy companies that green mountain 3 AM they'll bring their employees out. So we we actually pundit with companies that like to get back green day's. And you know cut victory here ruled that bring out their employees so we ponder what. With companies and that they bring their employees it would make a day of which find where sites and in cleanup these areas now do you have any events planned coming up in the future try to raise awareness about this clinic that you're trying to do we have the a rally in downtown hero Chiapas GAO product in downtown. Hateful and this is coming. Sundin. Eleven to now you've just been focusing on the Merrimack River for this is the same type of pollution present Ian. Other rivers threaten England as well I would imagine so ornaments or would we like that where we were plotting with the Shaw Sheen river of media there's this Acura is little river as the common and worse we're partnering with all these small little groups that Iraq. Heroes too often cleaning so we're gonna make a coalition of all these groups. To bring awareness of what's going on now even if you're unable to get funding for this hypodermic needle project. You're still gonna continue moving forward with the other cleanup efforts that you have is that correct that's correct. And so what what's the plan as far as you know where you continue on those this year. Basically. You know we do have is couple cities and towns elected contract with slick Lawrence contract of us. They have a great voting program with a bunch of kids in the water with the boats and and they canoes kayaks and so forth so they want us protect those kids so will be out there. Patrol those waterways. Child should want to sit there waterways but the other cities and towns. Reluctant to do anything but we do have other. Other streams and so forth we plan on hitting cleanup are on the river banks gonna ask you that what you will what's kind of your plan for what's next is it just the Merrimack River do you have plans to kind of move into additional waterways we think will pretty much go anywhere were invited rupturing can emulate pocket Salem New Hampshire actually. We actually ski in the key enemy we've seen his few cows on their way for permits the dive on that. So we we actually go on a state if we're invited somewhere it's upon us like that will take action. How do you actually get one of those cars out there and well the divers have been on inspected and enacted they can put if it's too far with the shoreline to put in bags. Raise it up a little floated right up all the surfaces against the Florida. And then just kind of pushed off to the stores and get onto a flatbed and taken away you know go to a vote total work is that right. Now inventory of with a boat ramp listen to ago. And so he says there's another twenty to thirty cars that you expect that there's still down in the Merrimack at this point yes. Any idea how many tires are. Mendoza probably a little bit probably a little harder to detect the sonar another little smaller and I don't know if they reflect quite as well I'll say a funny story in here rule it was a cool location. If we can we need to tie coal that was so when he ties we pulled off 4000 tires. So every from one area what area. One area what was going on there. Basically there was an old mill live at some always back it up in just dump and ties and it was just all on the bottom. In and we have to go back every other year now Christmas and shifting and still coming out. Is that right so we are you still find more each year yes we call we named a tackle because we know where to go find more time to what do you do you think is he can network over beaver used for anything can it be re purpose stirs it pretty much. Don't in any can't be used to this now whenever we put whatever we can pull out of the waterways reaction recycles its walls of its time it is whether it's TVs we actually have everything recycled. Rocky if someone is interested in learning more about. Clean river project and what you do where do today go to find out about. They can find us on FaceBook. Cleaver project on FaceBook on our website Klinger project Ottawa. And look at some yo Bob volunteer opportunities on there never think a lot of waltzes and a lot of positions open to looking for a grant writer we'll look at for a somebody took for outreach sells a lot of opportunities for. And we're growing every every day we get bigger. Very good will rocky thank you for for joining us they were really appreciated and obviously it if someone wants to wap participate in the rally this week and we're just say that Wallace that was an he wrote on its own hero with GE. It's free pocket on Sundays so what can one down. And now we'll of the goes bosses they're the ladies goes bus is reboot oh is that right royal they'll be that they'll be take it all kinds of stuff going on about kids' events going on yelled get somebody with turtles and and so little critters coming out so it's it's a kid friendly event. Very good Iraqis thank you again for joining us and thank you. That is rocky Morrissey and with the clean river project talked about his efforts to help clean up the Merrimack River make it safe for the local residents. Also what continued to reduce reduce pollution. Ian in the area quick look at markets before we take a break here. Doubt turning negative right now off about a 194 points the S&P is off 22 NASDAQ off 87. So little bit of a sell off that is happening right now. Partly led by tech with Apple's shares off about 3.5. Percent. On concerns about iPhone acts sales. Quick break here when we come back we'll be talking about Barclays also. Exchange radio network. The financial exchanges and live on FaceBook so make sure to like your page and watched the guys break down the latest on the market every day beginning at ten on the financial exchange radio network.