President Trump Update: December 7, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Thursday, December 7th

Democrats vote to impeach Trump. Have they turned on democracy? 


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The troops on trial. We Jeff could there. The battle lines have been drawn. In an amazing vote yesterday in the House of Representatives. Democratic congressman Al Green introduced. Two resolutions. On impeaching president trump. And not only were they two resolutions. It he forced the entire house to vote on those two resolutions. Calling for the removal from office the impeachment of the president. And it wasn't even on a legal issue Horry legal technicality. The resolutions said nothing about obstruction of justice or even cold morning with Russia when it came to the election. Literally the resolutions were number one. That trump is a quote white supremacist. White nationalist. Meal not seat and a big hit. The second resolution said quote unquote his hatred and bigotry has incited more hatred and bigotry. In other words they wanted to impeach the president. For their crying. Of allegedly being a racist or inciting racial hatred and bigotry. They weren't even willing. To put illegal fig leaf and what is even more stunning. 58. Democrats. Voted to impeach the president not five not a 58. When asked Nancy Pelosi said now is not the time to impeach. Not that she disagrees with impeachment. Just now is not the time not yet she put it. And so and a vote of 364. To 58. The house shot found the two resolutions. Calling for the president's impeachment. But the big news is that nearly sixty Democrats. Voted to impeach the president simply because they don't like him. That's the only reason. If you if being a racist is a crime. Van Washington. Jefferson. Jackson. Lincoln. Theodore Roosevelt Franklin Roosevelt. I'd LB JL Barack Hussein Obama. They all Bill Clinton they all would have been removed from office. Being a racist is not enough to remove somebody from office you don't like pepper cirrus racial abuse you beat him. The ballot box. So what fish shows my friends no question about it. Is that the Democrats now want to get rid of trump simply because he won. In other words. They are now revealing their utter hatred and contempt. For our democracy. For the rule of law for our very constitutional. Republic. They are now saying and we've now crossing the rubicon. That we will overturn the will of the people and a duly elected president of the United States. Simply because we disagree. With the voters on the decision that they made. In other words. They are now doing some thing that has never been done in American history. Even during the civil war. When Lincoln won the election in 1860. The confederate states never said let's throw overthrow Linkedin or overturn the election all they said was you wanna keep Lincoln you can have bumped. You want him to run the national government go ahead. Worst is seeding we're leaving bye bye have a nice life. Lincoln said no and that's why we are the civil war might point is. Even the confederate states didn't do with the Democrats are now proposing. What they are now saying is this. We no longer respect democracy. We no longer re here to democracy. And we will no longer accept the will of the people. My friends this is a liberal fascism. And trump now knows. That the Democrats are out to destroy him and bring him down. All costs. Which means the 2018. Mid term elections. Are now even more important than ever. Because if the Democrats win the house or god forbid win the house and the senate. The president will. Be impeached. And then we will have a constitutional. Crisis. May be the most serious. In our nation's history. And that's the truth on trump.