President Trump Update: December 14, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Thursday, December 14th

Tax cuts for Christmas! Trump believes he has a winner with the Republican tax cuts. Kuhner says it will create millions of jobs and bring higher wages and there will be an economic boom. Do you agree? 


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The troops on trial. We Jeff could there. Win win win name when name. President trump now believes he's got an historic winner and that tax cut plan Republicans came to gather. They have now come to a tentative agreement. Which they will put two way vote early next week and at the heart of the new tax plan. They are gonna slash taxes the corporate rates gonna go from 35 to 21%. They are gonna cut taxes for small businesses. Proprietor ships the business written will be one. The top rate will go from 39 point six to 37%. But there's more. Apparently families that make 75000. Dollars a year especially a family of four. You will see a 2000. Dollar tax cut. And for those of us in the Blue States. Will be able to deduct our property sales tax or forgive me property taxes state income taxes. Or are the Koppel be up to 101000 dollars so they didn't completely get rid of the deduction. But that kept some of it. My friends this talks bill also will knock out you obamacare mandate once and for all. And that will allow for unlimited drilling of oil in Anwar. If it is cost. It will unleash an economic boom Mike we have been seeing since the 1980s. It's going to create millions of new jobs. It's gonna drive up wages. Bring back trillions of dollars in cash and capital that corporations and businesses are sitting on overseas. This could ensure. An economic growth rate of four even 5%. Something we haven't seen in this country and over twenty years. Trump gets this past got planned he will win reelection. Running away. And yet. For middle class people and working class people like you went on you know high tax states Blue States. We're gonna see a tax cut but may be only several hundred dollars. If you're in the red states to even 3000 dollars. I wanted a bigger tax cut. And hopefully will be able to give us one down the road but when everything is said and done. It's not Reagan's tax cut but it's damn close. And that's the truth on trumped.