President Trump Update: December 11, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Monday, December 11th

CNN continues to publish fake news story on the president. Over the weekend, CNN apologized to the president after reporting, Trump colluded with WikiLeaks. This story is not true. Trump wants to know when these journalists will be fired from their companies. Do you agree? 


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The troops on trial. We Jeff could there. The media in crisis. Okay my friends last week. Where's may be the mainstream media is Waterloo. And everybody now knows that. Three huge stories now discrediting the mainstream media. The first was obviously Brian Ross of ABC news lying putting on a false report. That trumps. Then nationalist campaign advisor on national security. Mike Glenn he says I've been speaking with the Russian ambassador while trump was candidate trump. It turned out the only time that Flynn met with his yacht was after president trump was elected. Meaning it was president elect trump and Flynn was is incoming national security advisor so where was the election collusion. Ross why did he was suspended. But not fired. The second big story Wes from the Washington compost. They sent out there reporter to cover trump in Florida on a big rally in Pensacola. And he weeded out they photo. That showed in half and the arena. Where he was boasting ouch from could no longer drawing big crowds and that the event was a complete bust the problem. The photo was stake in three hours before the event began the actual event. Pat who the rafters. You couldn't find a spare seat. Anywhere there wasn't an empty seat to be found him. The Washington outpost was forced to apologize for this story but that reporter. No consequences. No punishment. No accountability. Was not fired. And then came the big one from the Clinton news network or is alike but called the crap news network. CNN. On Friday were Jake Tapper. Put out a story breathlessly. For hours. Where they had everybody darn lamb and Wolf Blitzer. Karl burns. Mean everybody was saying this is now the smoking gun that shows that trump campaign colluded with WikiLeaks. And wink wink. WikiLeaks is a tool of the Kremlin. They claimed that on September 4 2016. I email was sent to each from which they said provided a quote secret. Read view. Of what Rickie Lee WikiLeaks was going to publish. About a desks that Hillary Clinton and the DNC emails which shows there was collusion going on behind the scenes. The problem. The actual date was not September 4. It was September 14. Out of one before the for ten days later why is this important. Because school days before. WikiLeaks. Actually then published. All of the leaked emails. It was everywhere. On social media all over the Internet. On most new sites in the country and around the world. In other words the email that was sent to trump. Was simply an email about stories and about the emails that have already been published. There was no collusion. In fact the exact opposite. CNN was caught lying. Again. And outside about half hearted non apology apology. Again no consequences. It's time to say enough is enough and the president himself. Called out CNN. Roll it to Britney. And then CNN apologized just a little while ago they apologized so thank you see it and thank you so much. He should have been apologizing for the last two years. He has completely right. It has been two years of nonstop. Attacks. Fake news false. Misinformation. Directed to bringing then candidate and now president trump down. This is propaganda at it's absolute worst. CNN. Is fake news. And if they wanna regain any credibility. That reporter needs to be fired Brian Ross needs to be fired and the Washington Post reporter needs to be fired. But they won't why. Because they're simply doing the beating of their masters. We no longer live in an era with their free press. We live now in an age of propaganda. And state run media. And CNN. Is the worst culprit. Trump is right CNN. You are fake news. Shame on you and that's the truth on trump.