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Join our brand new tax club by texting the word batteries to 63566. To send your first and last name and get involved today you're listening to the financial exchange radio network. Well Monica joins us here and talk about a couple social media stocks today and Paul thank you for coming all with us. What we're doing well let's start first talking a little bit about twittered the stock has been on an absolute terror this year. Going from the low twenties up into the low forties now some nearly doubling over that time period. In the last years since it in the last 52 weeks it has more than doubled is this one that still hasn't upside there's just getting too pricey now. Yeah I think that's a great question it is hard at the heart are the value on a lot of traditional metrics and they really are should just. Don't becoming consistently profitable in the past where it where profit but I think what could hear why. Not as we counted as is. People like Jack Dorsey strategy. Really a briefing live media they export and news. That is something that help. People were engaged on Twitter again if you're a girl picked up. Revenue growth as well I think that the reason why the stock a lot of people me included. You can written all. That you would invalidated by even being routed via a quicker. Paul just let everyone that I talked to has a love hate relationship with Twitter as as a platform they say why I love the ability to get information quickly easily and directly from the source. But they hate all the crap they have to read through and ordered to get it is there any fear of fatigue of people using the platform are we seeing any cracks. In the armor there. I think that's going to always be a bit of a concern. I think the bigger issue with the birds Twitter is that that I think he. People are finally can they realization that what beyond. Twitters something that the media. Our president was that a lot like these athletes Levitt are in which hears that. Twitter the type thing where a lot of casual people about other people's tweets that they. I'm mom yeah is on pace she never gonna be what. That's I think Leo a big difference there I think it is really a platform that has that. A certain feeling in terms of what the the growth might be it and it really trying to. Become like FaceBook and have billions of users I think the better strategy to twitters to make more at a dollars from the hundreds of millions of users and add by increasing by Padilla. About a year and a half ago. All kinds of rumors that Twitter was for sale you know pretty much up for you know anyone who wanted to buy it they ended up not making a sale of the company. Is that completely off the table this point. I haven't heard those rumors are returning now obviously with the stock price in what way has it that Twitter be much. More expensive and difficult acquisition. And I. I would argue that you know Twitter like being in the position we're. They have relationships with all all media companies that doesn't wanna get boxed into today just one that media company that decides to. Acquire so I would be very surprised if Twitter were all the sudden soul to archer. What's been over talk a little bit about snapped chat and this is a company. That really is that a challenging. Start of the year I think they redesigned their platform that all kinds of backlash against that they're facing increased competition from Inkster Graham. Where do you feel you stand on this one. Yeah I think that would ensure their chat is that you know the stock has read about it a little bit lately from it's one of those than that partly because and a deterrent. Researcher but don't short selling permit actually about the that they think the worst right in in that you know the engagement that they have from. Millennium goals and gen YI users is a reason why should you know be interest it in the stock in it out to try to note for eating just about everything. I have to like that. IKEA like cereal commercials acting like something. Or what I personally think that. Hachette still faces to be chosen one it's very easy for it to grant to copycat and went. Continuously they've done that have gotten bigger user growth at me like that China's current enter here but it all fell to eight. The most if they think in the world. And I don't think that you know Evan Spiegel the phone. It'll be chalked up Chatzky you know and so the controller that company you need to Cheryl partners built he'll know what that company. He essentially the CO oh and I think most peak successful tech companies they have we have the top not and it. That helped but it now clearly at the gates child amber a question Mark Zuckerberg they aren't. I think given Eagles make no mistake by trying to take you know role. You know Twitter is a company that I was somewhat wrong about a I didn't think they'd be able to bounce back as quickly as they have here but. One of the things you point out is kind of made them successful in doing so in that they're kind of integrated into the fabric of the Internet now and the people. You know they quote the the tweets and CC and an article even if you're not on Twitter. FaceBook literally built itself into the fabric of the Internet with using the FaceBook login as a way to appear create it awed and further apps. Is snapped doing anything to try to kind of make them irreplaceable in the same way. Yeah I haven't seen anything. We hear earth that has become the case and I think the the big selling point for Chad is. Happy about the yeah. The liberties that are on it and sharing pain and you know there's been a bit back ash you know from. Some people who don't like dead yet it changes and I think that's been. Part of the problem that I still worried that if your what it chat but nothing that she went out the guys. Uh oh this is a company that is clearly going to attract appetizer dollars for the foreseeable future win you have. Based book out there and Twitter awed by the way there's as little thing called YouTube by Google so there's a lot of competition. In the digital world offer for at all. Are good Paul thank you for the time have a great weekend and we'll see next week. Paula Monica from CNN money talking about Twitter with a ticker TW TR and snapped with a ticker. S and AP.