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We wanna hear from you. Thanks Stewart Barry to 63566. And let us know what you think about the stories we discuss your team to the financial exchange radio network. This segment of the financial exchanges. Brought to you in part by a leader bank it's not too late to get a great rate on home mortgage. Later back at some of the most competitive rates around call 8776. 917900. Or. You can visit leader back dot com for more information the bank is equal housing lender member FDI CNN Dallas 449250. Joining us on the line now is Paul will Monica from CNN money Paul thanks for coming on. Paul stalked out today about AB InBev of let's let's before we get to the company let's talk about Budweiser beer in general we know it's you know not necessarily the most popular these days in America and I would still be huge brand but it's losing. Popularity to the craft brews that are coming up. What's going on internationally with Budweiser. Yet the good news for a about like earned Indian is that area actually be our. We're being stronger and stronger stand out in emerging markets in Asia in yet South Korea for fault so. Latin America that you know the problem is that but there were. Oh well all. First quarter mean. The lines in US you know they're off to rest of the pack can't. Via sluggish demand in the US even though he mentioned all the rappers. Budweiser trying to cash in that great as well I went and barrel punch. Smaller might record companies in the past couple years they are trying to psyche. Are they able to do anything organically to try to grow in that space or is that not been a major focus of theirs at this point. I mean they they have you don't need you know that rolled out you know a couple of different idea iterations of but writer I think to try and you know BB yeah. I think apathy if it is but it will be years sort of you can marketing for the moment at least moderate views got it to the ball at whatever. Standing BP here in yeah they do that that time where there are also I all of these. You know smaller craft first though I think people called why is the fact that you know a year that they might it might tree or that was. Independence in toward mr. it will now by. Their. Are seeing now also some articles in recent weeks showing that Americans tastes are moving away from beer in general and more towards. Liquor at this point is that something that they're trying to deal with is well. I mean it's not something that they are making certain efforts to really get it. Carter beverages perspective I think that is that potentially. A problem. Or that as well. It you know there are lot of people. Round of particular. Whiskey. That's. A cup warm. Jack and for all you know that's something that they have to content with I think that's reason why all of course the court why. Miller Lite in the US side struggling also even though it's not necessarily. A case where I think all of your companies and portly. Kuroda. Fire up a little company in your neck of the woods Boston Beer I think being on that vehicle and at a assert. Yeah I think we've heard it they're doing quite well also there publicly tricked up or they're you know sales are up nearly 20%. So it's definitely not the key. People aren't you. Just Arctic but why it like. AB InBev obviously was you know a a major merger. Between yet two of the biggest beer companies in the world Anheuser-Busch and InBev back and I believe it was 2008 when that merger happened somewhere in that ballpark. Is there any chance that they make another big deal at some point or they simply too big now to be able to do so because of regulatory were concerns. Yeah I think there could be regulatory concerns I mean I think there's also. You know the issue that you know. You've got you know pot foundation in the business already him and I think he'd be investors chose in. Particularly would be out of question brand in the US to really do these smaller craft or acquisition I don't really think. If I can't imagine that if you idiot that would but apple go out why I. Think that if they were gonna do. Ward he'll be a long time. By companies that are smaller. They're tech. Very good Paul thank you for the time we appreciate it and I have a great weekend you'd hear a call. Absolutely can't wait. Windows stuff another stellar was on Avian just about everything is this point and click here down the list it's it's just this huge list it's it's just about everything and remember. They that they bought SABMiller back in Augusta when he sixty when that deal closed you know it's like it's I think they're gonna have a really tough times. Confront the trend undertow gay U by goose island in now it's a lot less popular than it was five years ago. It'll induce. Who bought. Al's point. Yeah ballas points as well they were bought by. And innocent brands of immediate bigger early on his Molson Coors dying. Blue moon that was years ago you'll and that's just fallen off but I mean Agassi is still got there I'd. I general yeah following but. It trend is just changing so fast in the beer market I don't know these big companies stand up here's a wild idea wise and blood make their own craft brew company. Or the year. Has people I think because people are gonna look at it and prove who like his Budweiser. Joba is so that are gonna put blood handing and it was something. Interesting by the way. Like traditional Budweiser beer they like original but have you like this the stuff that all out no one drinks is actually one of the more complex Beers to make. Loggers in general our review we've really complex to do right and most people don't realize that they think that like traditional Budweiser some cheap beer there's just Ali gets. It's actually really really difficult to make waters more so than a lot of other types of beer believe. My name war nobody else for several blocks and everything you have make in these beauties is really challenging to me as partners yes my personal to your dress that way my personal their presence at this point have either been. You know one of these re the small craft good IPA's or death they don't if they've got just that he has had gotten Bud Light verses. Goose island quite frankly am at a bar and Bono Budweiser Bud Light. Oh lord you know one of these triple happiness if I'm going with one of the one of the cheap guys and don't Miller Light. Always enjoyed it. I'm a and I enough but I'm saying if I go with windows. Yeah I mean if you're out at a bar in Boston something like that you don't wanna you don't drop. You know eleven box for cock tell ya get a spotlight for you know eight books or for the Tucker still bitter about Vlad the station behind here he three meticulous.