Mark Hibben (Seeking Alpha, NVDA)


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The company to video. Was the ninth best performing stock in the S&P 500 points and team returning over 80% for shareholders we are joined by Mark Cuban from seeking alpha right now. So disgusting and video what they see as you know continued potential growth for the Sox so I guess let's back up and just talk about seventeen. Was it all the gaming industry for and for Nvidia that really drove a stock price Lester are. No actually I think the the growth in the data center was. It was a big mover for the prices. So you had. An abortive what do they story of the data centers and the lines as star. Over a 100% revenue gain while. You've done that well and that kind of invidious fiscal two he. And what are you see you know looking forward so looking forward turn eighteen in nineteen what are the key potential growth there is this company. Well. Gaming is still going to be very strong you know that there is as strong belief that in Nvidia's management that gaming PC gaming bill has an awful lot of growth potential. Did it better it will continue to be strong. And automotive business is actually expected to pick up considerably. Sometime around the 20/20 timeframe when respected he's the first production autonomous vehicle. City do you think that they could have a pretty big play and that a lot of their chips to be started used in this Thomas did those who are the other. Big players that can be providing that sort of technology to stars. Well internal want to be a player. And Google media players well although they're not really artwork. Now it Nvidia has positioned itself in the automotive industry as being. Really the principles hardware supplier for but on this vehicle platforms. And right now there isn't anything that's really competitive to what they're offering and others in what they call it that Xavier crisis. Well play devil's advocate for me for a minute I mean the stock is got a price to earnings ratio over fifty which you know isn't unheard of in the tech sector. Where. But but I mean looking out of what you know what could be some of the challenges that they might phase two if you take a look from the other side of things here. Sure sure well they've they've got competition. Anti. Makes you can use as well they'd be competed fiercely and in the PC gaming space. Indeed want to be a player in the data centers so far they haven't been terribly effective there but there's certainly potential. Intel is competitor. And the other headwinds I think in the near term. The whole critical currency mind saying. Probably. Is gonna taper off sometime this year most most people don't expected to conclude your forever. Was that a big revenue generator for Nvidia. Well. If not really sure if we're not really sure of the revenue generator was. I hear different numbers my home number my own estimated it was about 15%. Gain in Europe which is not trivial no. But but if so why don't wait you know they would still be on. Yeah so I mean stocks traded about 250 right now do you guys have a gap tristar that you looking at them for referred you know next couple years. Yeah matter of fact. 23 Q is the current price target and we'll we'll see how that worked out. I you know I I think they have an awful lot of growth potential. I I sort of see them as just sort of the perfect site technology company. Yet they Martin capped about a 150 billion which is not just enormous but it. There's still big enough that the camp brings substantial. Resources to bear on any kind of technical problem on all but they're Longoria told them but really he's a couple. Share share. Well very inched saying you know certainly one of the best performing companies last year and and not having to better year this year either Mark Cuban from seeking alpha talking to us about Nvidia. Again ticker symbol on Nvidia and VGA and that was mark have been from seeking alpha.