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Join our brand new tax club by texting the word ferries to 63566. To send your first and last name and get involved today you're listening to the financial exchange radio network. This is John Mooney and today Vietnam markets are mixed against the Dow was down a little bit the S&P 500 and NASDAQ both up. And joining us from fox. This this is Liz Claman Liz thanks for joining us. A bar you guys hours you know fantastic let's expected that might be a little more excitement about the Chinese tariff cuts but not too much today. I haven't yet this could be sell on the news yesterday was that big rumor you're getting closer and close to stop. Big gain for the doubt the past stacked via team and I yesterday Russell 2000 missed all of that capped. Yesterday's other board record close rope but. Now we know we know that the Chinese are moving and here's how we now all that's about it. Bet they put me. July expert. On the promise to cut tariffs on US cars imported into account. 8% from want into 25. We've never seen to date action around the counter sports about the vehicle. No question net and Liz markets seemed to be in a Tug of war here between. Not liking the higher rates. And liking better earnings cutting you see the shaking out what what's your observation. It's funny how good news is is we're not so sure is. That rates surprised that it means that we are out we've all been out of urgency Oakley situation but. Healthier and stronger and therefore. Favor should be rewarded. Which could cost a little bit more to borrow money but again it's really the benchmark that you as the benchmark for all were like mortgages. Auto loan. It won't stop people get little anxious thinking it went across the board as to be a little bit of rush to. Champion on priest I'm sure a lot of your listeners have been doing now too but I. I honestly these solid earnings as a very good time. As an investment going on now the US companies and I want. Deep rough without a contract for it straight record close he missed all of it can mean that it spent a lot of money and time and get their customers from US. All that reason though things are looking better the economy of course doing better low unemployment rate. Demand for things like oil is going higher that's another byproduct of what you talked about that is a potential negative right. But you have an and I would also I put all those sort of scurry down a little bit not so much demand but we've got to situations going on with the oil number one. Venezuela about the collapse. But Dora just got to he's you know obviously has to respect dictator but he just got quote reelected. If you want to believe that it was a fair election but. That. The oil market. Was cute and it is a total and utter that. Coming up aside we have read these sanctions and old sanctions coming back and play against Iran which could very well think about 2.5 million barrels of oil production off line. At least one comes to US consumption or ability about to open market. So demand is really good that we are your absolutely right going to look at what a the most expensive summer driving season we gave them a long time. Young incision your point that I about Venezuela this and all kinds of talk about the Iranian situation which we understand. It's very possible but what's going on in Venezuela is the number one issue concerning oil in the world right now would you agree with them. Yes and people don't talk about it yeah I know I'm sure but you know they talk about and Fox Business was the first started two years ago is that we've about it. People dark. There's starting to honor it now being incidents parking because that's out the door is open control over these people prop. Those vouchers they vote. And it is worse than any am I goal. You know it's student body president race Bayer free chewing gum for all but it's it's. Rented in the big debate won't account nationalize any US operations that were there in the oil world. They operate huge. Oil rich state went and and the Venezuela. What was propped up constantly by album and now it is a complete and utter the bent into. Hill country and oil are on merits of the. Yeah I mean and it's really sad because they urgently and desperately need that oil income. But it's a matter how it. And don't want whatever that Scott has been stolen by the government and talk to somebody in Miami and says on a regular basis. The wealthy happily of Fedora cronies come flying into Miami don't want shopping sprees you with that money and then. You've got your people are people or show oh how the world is standing by and watching just awful. Very sad Liz tell so when you're gonna be on enough Fox Business next. So I'm on a 3 PM eastern every day and here's why that is to be beaten. How important our trade except final hour turned that yet. How the markets open there what happened in the middle of the day of president trump the sort of paper comment at all matters. But it how to market closes the to keep money into day. We're going to be watching so many issues first of all yes as you brought up the tree in the auto game. They're also very interesting story developing in the auto world. President trump is big on getting rid of regulation. And he had wanted to is the auto companies that they. Part of treaty. Out by the way those those type restrictions and eight goals that they had to reach port for cap based standard fuel efficient and the President Obama. Clinton and bush should always that forget it street does it have to worry. The auto company. Topped lobby firm has come to congress that. Don't get rid of those auto company we action liked them. It makes a aim higher patent. We believe that climate change Israel. On the work and actually be looking into we've got the California. Treasurer and gubernatorial candidate John Chiang she is. A very interesting guy he's running for office and talked about the California standards because he's got a company is saying we of their higher offer but. We should a name for what California wants to do I'm companies. Or watch the market there's going to be a space launch. During our hours the world work we got a lot going on here. I'm gonna be watching no question about that this we miss you so much in Boston I woke up with you every morning on channel seven when he did the news. In a battle legally huge step in and help my my old co anchors. There are just missed the job at all John. Good front yup the fact I worked with his wife but do you guys have time. You guys have come along way against that Comcast owned company yelled here that don't want the one that runs Jay leno's garage against your business reports. Right that's right speed the other guys site you know it start I jumped from Boston the NBC he perverted you made a top stock market I'm grateful to them for that but that went box call. That's where an attractive business is better. I don't topic if this is better and so chopping block a couple of them for all there are no matter what is the parent. We were there can't we with a baby on the block and everybody says he had no chance. No chance they'll tell about it because it started right at the height of the financial Christ yeah out of that in 2008 and today. Actually number one. And I think that where beating in these speed in the final most port our treatment very gratified that spoke it took eight years we've effort gave up. And that don't give up if you flickering you really believe that it now is that by living proof that work. Great advice you do a great job and like I said everybody thought that you had no chance against those guys you'd be amazed about the event and come back to Boston more often. I don't of course are. OK. Adamant channel fifty. There it says the Liz Lemon from a box business thanks I'll be tuning in 3 o'clock this afternoon you've got a. Aren't over yet to get paid. Young. In money talks and and bundle in that business in your in the old TV business right. You know fox I can credit due to them before they do it to you date women rated the best talent for CNBC and they wrote big checks again and that is they guide to Neil Cavuto. They got. Trish Trish Regan. Maria. Maria and and they you know they pay what Emery on in the mornings. Which your actions morning solutions weekends is that we can chose to do so you know fox paid out that's great talent in. It's really paying off for the right now you're talking about the auto makers in that China deal. GM is up over 1%. Today up 3849. Per share. Tesla down and tests like to take consumer reports story tussle hurt them they're down seven bucks to 76 when we come back. Be talking about retirement plans and individual retirement accounts at the next on the financial exchange. The financial exchanges alive on FaceBook so make sure to like your page and watched the guys break down the latest on the markets every day beginning at ten on the financial exchange radio network.