Kuhner - Trump brings tax payers a very merry Christmas!

The Kuhner Report
Monday, December 18th

There are enough votes for a tax cut! Kuhner believes this will bring many jobs and tax payers will have more money in their pocket. He also thinks this sets Trump up to winning re-election. Do you agree?


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Complete news in the room lives and insults to the working people can we say no more. He's the co owner road course. Never read. Chris Smith's. I'm Mara god straight from president trump. Who you okay my friends are tomorrow the Republicans are poised to vote. On an historic tax reform bill. I've looked out there now closely over the entire weekend. And I got to tell you. Now why no why dole liberals are thunder struck. We're gonna get a good job all so what's it gonna take to fire Robert Mueller. I'm not there explosive revelation over the weekend. This time he has even legally up paying documents and emails from Trump's transition team. How this guy get how this investigation keeps going is beyond me. A lot more to discussed trust me when I tell you this but first. Mary Christmas. Santa Claus is coming a little bit early for most Americans. So tomorrow. The senate Republicans. Aren't the house Republicans. Are poised to vote. On an historic. Tax cut bill. According to everything that I've seen in the media according to all these media reports. It appears that trump is going to get all 52 Republican senators and almost every single house Republican. Which means if the media reports are to be believed. That this thing is going up costs and pass easily. And you know. It is a very good bill. By their reaction of his enemies. Liberals Democrats the mainstream media. Looking and listening watching the Sunday talkies yesterday. Looking at them you could tell his media rivals and critics were thunder struck. There were absolutely thunder struck in fact they didn't know which way are how to attack the bill. On the one hand Paul Krug demand from the New York Times. The concede well the middle class is gonna get some relief. And then by the end this is going to be a disaster for America. Then they said it's gonna blow a hole in the deficit. Then and they said well against too much to the wealth cured of corporations. You know it's not gonna lead to an economic boom but it mainly to an economic boom but the deficits going to be to life in other words. They don't know how to what packet. And the reason why is this because deep down. They were banking on this failing to weigh obamacare fail. He repeal and replace of obamacare. And now president trump. Can no longer be said that he can't work his will on congress. Or that he can't get anything done or that he can't pass major legislation. Now. He goes from being just a talker to endure. Just somebody with their real tangible achievement. But it's not just that. Vain all bad this achievement. Could potentially guarantee his reelection in twenty point. Because this bill. If it is passed and implemented in February of next year I sit supposed to. Will unleash another 1980. Style economic boom. Barring a foreign policy disaster. You're gonna be looking out economic growth GNP. Growth rates are now off 45%. My friends if that's the case. Peace and prosperity is back. If that's the case. We're going to be talking now about the roaring trump economy now already the stock market has broken all kinds of records. Already we're seeing 2.2 million jobs having been created in the last year alone. So clearly now the economy is starting to heat up. But this talks bill is gonna supercharged. And they know it they know it. And here's the problem that they out. Those very same critics like Paul Krug man. Who are trying to claim that this tax bill is gonna blow a hole in the budget were the exact same ones. That praise Obama's historic deficits. So under the dear leader. The national debt literally. Doubled from ten trillion to twenty trillion. And it was the likes of Paul Krug man and all these Democrats and liberal Talking Heads who were running around saying deficits don't matter. Deficits don't matter deficits are a thing of the past well if deficits don't matter. What's the problem. By your logic what's the problem. So you cheered on ten trillion dollars worth of debt now suddenly year old boy. Again deficit hawks it doesn't wash. It doesn't wash and it doesn't fly. That's why they have no real ground to attack this because it's. This bill will cut taxes for everybody. If you pay taxes. Your tax bill is going down so for example. You're gonna have seven rockets so they want to do for they're gonna end up doing seven brackets. So it's gonna be 10%. 12%. 182%. 24%. 32%. 35%. And the top rate is gonna go from 39 point six to 37%. So when you crunch all the numbers. Yes we're not gonna have a more simplified tax Cortes I wanted however. Everybody's taxes are gonna go down if you look at all the brackets. The corporate tax rate which is the linchpin of this is going to be a 20%. The business tax rate those that have proprietor ships which is half of all small businesses. Their business tax rate is going to be one. What that means in plain English. Is that small business medium sized businesses which are the engine of the economy. Are now going to be given a huge ball a huge jolt of electricity. They are now going to be supercharged Turbo charged. Now on top of this this is where right think why we're looking now a potentially. A 1980 style economic boom. Currently right now if you're sitting on your corporation let's sale overseas. And you want to bring your capital and your here a year your profits etc. back into the United States you are taxed at nearly 40%. This will now slash that packs from 4039%. To be exact to fifteen point 5%. Corporate repatriation. Profits. In plain English again. Trillions of all worse trillions with a T. That corporations are sitting on overseas that they want to invest. They wanna spend they wanna build factories they wanna build buildings they wanna build manufacturing. They are now going up pour back into the United States. So what you're now going to see is America is going to be open for business. And this is gonna lead now to massive economic growth. A huge. Spur in hiring. Wages are gonna go up because as. I demand increases. You're gonna see more more people getting jobs as more and more people get jobs obviously their wages are gonna go up. So what you're gonna see now is soaring economic growth. Much more hiring much more job creation much more wealth creation. You're looking now what an economic boom that could go for 57 even ten years. On top of that. Standard deductions are gonna be doubled. From two or if you're a married couple or you live where two people drink and come from 121000 to 24000. But there's also other sweeteners in here. Drilling in the Alaska national wildlife refuge otherwise known as and war. Is now going to be allowed so we're gonna have even more natural gas and more oil that's gonna be coming onto the American market. This is gonna make us more energy independent. More importantly. Gas prices are gonna go down. Another benefit for consumers. Furthermore. The Obama care mandate. It will be not a doubt in 2019. Sold the linchpin of obamacare. Is now gonna get knocked out it essentially now will put obamacare. In a death spiral. Obama care effectively will be on life support. So if you look at this from a job point of view. If you look at this from an economic growth point of view. If you look at this from an Obama care point of view if you look at this from an energy independence point of view. It's win win win. It's win win win. Now for us in the Blue States the high tax Blue States salt survives. All of those deductions for stating Tom I'm State's sales income property taxes. It's capped at 101000 dollars but they did not get rid of that deductions so that deduction remains up to 101000 dollars. What that means in plain English because they're gonna be keeping that deduction. Even those of us in the Blue States are gonna be getting a tax cut. Frankly not as much as those in the red states. The red states are looking at maybe a tax cut of 2000 dollars say your family of four making 75000. But here for example in Massachusetts. Were going to be looking at Libya for 500 dollar tax cut. Frankly I wanted more. But at least my taxes are going down. The bigger point. Is everybody's gonna get a tax cut. Everybody's getting tax relief. And the economy is going to shore like a rocket. And so now the Democrats will no longer be able to say that track trump can't get anything done more than dot. With a rising shoring our economy and is back. It's going to make impeachment almost impossible. It's gonna help Republicans in the mid term elections. And as I said barring. Some kind of a foreign policy disaster. It's gonna be very tough to beat trump in 2001. They were rising tide lifts all boats. Vice president Kennedy once said and this tax cut. Is going only to a huge. Monitor. High tie eight of jobs. Growth. And more manufacturing. And so my question to you is this. What do you make of this historic. Tax cut a build his vote for tomorrow. Will this now do you believe. Make America economically great again as strong promised. And will this now bearing the Democrats of any chance of defeating trump in 2020. Is this the key historic victory. That will finally make trump politically invincible. 6172666868. Your calls next. So the president delivered a very. This is good news for the American people while we're gonna get the economy roaring back again and improve pay and increased jobs and make America more competitive. In the global economy as well simplifying the tax code and giving everybody and every tax bracket paid. Tax cut so this is good news anyway anyway you cut it. Christmas. Is com name early. That was set Texas senator John Cornyn. On I believe ABC's this week which Steffi stephanopolous. And you know you could tell you know it's a really good tax cut. When dare Steffi he shaking his head doesn't know what to say me. Doesn't know how to criticize it doesn't know Ottawa pact did. Because they told us straw was incompetent trump couldn't get anything done one now. He's gonna get not just something done he's gonna get an historic legislative accomplishment. Then they said well it's a giveaway to the rich well small bit businesses are gonna benefit tremendously. We're middle class taxpayers especially in the red states are gonna get at least that a huge 2000. Sum even 2500 dollar tax cut. So it benefits working middle class people. And they know all but the corporate repatriation tax is going to be slash. That each trillions. Of capital and bowlers ash. That corporations have been sitting on for years it's going up or backing him. Hello. More factories. More buildings. More hiring. More jobs. I lived through the 1980s. I believe when trump says let's make America great again. He really means let's get back to the 1980s. Peace and prosperity a booming economy and a strong national defense. And this tax cut is gonna give it. And it couldn't have come at a better time 6172666868. Okay lines are blazing. John in Malden go ahead John. Fairly large gap I'm good how are you John. Bet you won't try actually up here at least the Democrats say those sort of make the average people rich. Meaning Republicans. Or all urged Democrats Benoit Pocahontas and worn by Britain. And so on so on. That's not a for. No high now a good job judge of that call your completely right I mean a as the chief is gonna get more money in your pocket. What are your Bill Gates is gonna get more money in his pocket jet base those is gonna get more money in his pocket. But you know all these ultra cool words democratic. Or rich people. They're all gonna get money in their pocket so what's he complaining about. You know the big lie to the Democratic Party is that they're the party of the poor the working person through the party at the corporate rich. There in bed with the big tact they're in bed with Wall Street they're in bed with big business look at all their big donors. George Soros billionaire. Jeff Bezos billionaire. Warren Buffett billionaire. Bill Gates billionaire. Guys relax. Everybody's gonna get to share and get a check a chunk of the pod everybody's gonna jump on the gravy train. 6172666868. Know what bugs in them. Is that if this thing passes. You're gonna see 20/20 five million new jobs I believe created. You're looking at our economic growth of 44 and a half 5%. China is not even getting that number anymore. You're going to see prosperity. Like you have not seen in decades. And how do the Democrats run against about. They can't and deep down they know that's why they all of these sour faces yesterday they don't know what to do it there were thunder struck. They thought he couldn't pull it off. Bearing in New Hampshire go ahead Aaron. Good afternoon Jeff thanks to pick my club my pleasure. You know you are on time and we were talking about how loyal they don't have never seen a written economy. And and they don't know what it was like two lives through real prosperity. So they have other really don't Obama and the end of bush. So they only have a certain perspective Republicans and conservative because of that. You'd think that if trump kept us on in the economy boomed again in the eighties it'll change or what else perspective or Republicans and conservatives. That is such a good point. Even Britney was nodding your head up and down like you nailed it look this is gonna change everything. This is gonna make Republicans again the party of peace and prosperity. Which it was under Reagan. And that's why they got Reagan Democrats. That's why there ought to get suburban voters that's why even got a lot of young voters. What trump is actually doing with this he's gonna rebrand the Republican Party. And I think you watch the ripple effects of this Aaron I think you're completely right I think millennial they're gonna say war war war wall. I'm in my parents his basement with that fading hoping change. A posters on the wall. And under trump. I'm getting a job. I'm getting a good job I got money in my pocket I can move bottom my parents his basement pelicans are buying my own car getting my one apartment. You mean actually own a home I get married I don't believe it. And before you know it suddenly it's no longer millennia older socialists. Suddenly easier to see millennial Zyuganov love capitalism. Win mean win mean we mean. Jeff in Chelsea go ahead Jeff. Thank you Jeff what got I've practically your rate of 47 years old I've seen that the Reagan. Revolution and at that and it took him from what you're is that what you're saying you're right on about but. I hit a weather rain on your parade here because because I I love can't because I don't I have to the right of Pat Buchanan. But here's the thing. The Democrats had in these there's sleet and that is black lives better to see how does the illegal. These cadre of we authority in this country the it would snap their fingers and you'll see. Fire bombs going off in multiple cities. That is there is targets of violence which is which is what we do what do what the Communists have always used in many countries that they've infiltrated. Jeff Flock you're right they have not they have been using that tactic now for many years. Are black lives matter is essentially an Obama creation I agree with you. But over tax cuts it's gonna be very hard for them to gin up or frightened their base over this because. Look even in Massachusetts I hear all these moon bats OK what are three aces and their coexist bumper stickers and like hole punch cards all the parts of all my golf Obama bowl the deficit all Michael all the tax cuts I'm like guys relax. You're all going get more money.