Kuhner- Should President Trump fire Robert Mueller?

The Kuhner Report
Monday, December 18th

President Trump says he will not fire Mueller. Do you agree with this decision? Kuhner doesn't.


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1235. Here on the great WRK. Oh okay. Now we're no longer talking about people around the Mueller. Who have behaved in an illegal or partisan and or abusive fashion. Now we're actually talking about the special counsel himself. And over the weekend. Trump exploded. And I don't blame him as well as many of the people in his inner circle. Because Robert Mueller broke bull wall. And why this guy is still running this investigation is now beyond me he used to mean as far as I'm concerned. Fatally compromised. Fatally compromise. Now here is exactly what we found out over the weekend. According now to multiple media reports and Trump's lawyer. Our core re Klinghoffer himself said so here is now what they have found out. If you remember. Trump wins the election. Then throughout November December and early January until he's inaugurated he's part of the transition team. Comment Poppins almost in every administration is a transition and there is documents their emails are all kinds of information that's going back and forth. About the incoming team and the transition and how it's being dealt with. Well those documents. Are in the custody. Of what's called the GSA the General Services Administration. Now. The first key point. Is that those emails and documents. Are not owned by the General Services Administration. They're simply the custodians. They provide the computers. They provide the safe emails. This in this server etc. In other words their job is to make sure that. You can have a proper smooth functioning transition. And that they will help you facilitate that transition but they don't own the documents why because you're officially not part of the government. You're only officially part of the government January 20 when you're sworn in. The president sworn in his cabinet is sworn in so from that time there are these are all still private individuals. Beginning to work in a government capacity but not out a government capacity. Well guess what it. The General Services Administration. Handed over to Mueller who requested them. Over 101000. Emails. Emails. Documents. You name it message is because he wants to now Natal. Trump and trumps officials on these so called process crime in other words I. Now the key part to remember is this. All a lot of these documents or emails. Involved attorney client privilege. So you have let's say trump talking to his lawyer. About look can we do this can we not do this what do you recommend that I do or keep people around trump talking to lawyers saying look. I reach out to this person can I do that can I not do that. This is attorney client privilege. Not supposed to be private. Unless you have a Warren. Which they did not have you have no right to access that and just handed over to Robert Mueller that's number one. Number two privileged communications. All kinds of other sensitive emails and documents. Were you legally obtained by Robert Mueller bare handed them over to him. Simply because they want to give him enough information as possible to try to nailed trump urged transition team. In fact what they did. Violates the presidential transition act if you violates the wall. Which says that emails or documents. Among individuals the president. His incoming secretary of state whatever Treasury Secretary. Key staffers aides. That house to remain private and that cannot be leaked to a government and compete or an outside entity. So yea it violates the law. Secondly and even more importantly. It violates the Fourth Amendment. From unreasonable searches and seizures. They had no warrant they had no just cause. So what they did was we did exactly what they did. Robert Mueller said hey you know what. I'm fishing. I'm fish Yang I got to try to mail somebody on something. Can you land over to mean all those transition documents police. Especially involving the president or people around him come manned an over hand it over and over. So then handed over all of these documents. Without even asking for the consent from the trump transition team or his lawyers. And the reason why you know how they found out because their you're asking us a lot of questions. That seemed to be related to November and December and early January. And it's eerily similar. To a lot of these emails that we were sending to one another. And that's when they realized. They illegally obtained the emails. And now all that Mueller's trying to do is set up for perjury trial. On December rate. December 8 did you email that a person did you not email to that person. And if you give them the wrong answer or you can't remember or whatever it is Bob Boone. They nail you want perjury a process crime. This is nothing more. Then dig deep state again. Trying to sabotage. Undermine. And destroy trumps presidency thus all dissidents. They had no business getting dosing amounts. They have no business keeping those emails. They have no business using those emails and the General Services Administration. Had no old is this handing over those emails. And I am telling you. Flip it if this was done in 2008. When Obama was can putting together his transition team can you imagine. If the General Services Administration. Leaked to an outside nevermind that it's Miller who leaked to any outside entity. What Obama was discussing with his own lawyers. Or Valerie Jared. Or Hillary Clinton or whoever. David Axelrod can you imagine. The absolute fury and outrage. From the mainstream media. And instead of nothing ops sold really nothing. Now. What this means is crystal clear there is no getting around this Robert Mueller committed a crime. Mike I believe he committed several crimes. By asking for an attaining those emails even legally and in violation of the law. Robert Mueller now clearly to me is going rogue. He is showing how desperate he is to try to get anybody trumps inner circle not on Russia collusion. Now we just wants to send them to jail on these perjury traps. He has violated the law. He has violated his oath. He is behaving any criminal manner these are crimes that he has just committed. It is time to shut this investigation down if you wanna continue it fine get another special counsel. Get somebody else because this guy is not up to the job he's just not. Robert Mueller is now exposing himself as they hack for the deep state. Bent. On destroying trump and essentially implementing a silent coup. That's witnesses. He's not interested in getting the truth on Russia or Russian meddling or Russian collusion and now they he's openly broken the law. So we're gonna have a special counsel. Who just broke the law to try to prosecute alleged crimes are you kidding me oh really are you kidding me. When asked. Senator John Cornyn this to me is unbelievable. Told Steffi Stephanopoulos. And even after these revelations. Even after these revelations. The political firestorm George he would just be too bad. It's too much of a political firestorm. My home Newark that my cat firearm he's got to stay you've got to stay on how many laws he breaks it's got a stake. Roll it Brittany paid appears this. On the president's allies in the congress to start and lay the ground work for him to fire Robert Mueller what would that mean if the president by the special counsel. I've hurt I've read that the president's own borders says that's not gonna happen I think that would be a mistake myself. No. No it wouldn't that's the problem. Now they keep saying well if you fired him (%expletive) Then this would look like a cover up it would look like obstruction and whatever stonewalling. This investigation. Is now Europe terribly Pinkett. This investigation now has nothing to do it justice. First of all Mueller is not even independent he is a loaded his team up with democratic donors. He has surrounded himself with a rabid mavericks from purse. This is simply now about getting trump at all costs by hook or by crook. This is no longer about justice but now when you have him violating the presidential transition act. When you have been violating the Fourth Amendment. When you now have them up seeming emails. I search for what is this guy that can stop poll. Can just do whatever he wants in the constitution and and the bill of rights means nothing. Fair enough is enough. Now. If I'm president trump. I would address the country before Christmas. And I would say you know what look you wanna look at Russia collusion that you can look told a peaceful. You can look till the cows come home because you're not gonna find anything. But when you start getting illegal emails. About me or my team and by the way trump mentioned how limited his inner circle was confidential communications. Between them and their free can Lloyd Harris. And you're breaking the law and violating their fourth amendment rights to do it. Walking home. You're not interest there anymore in Russia. Now what you wanna do is you wanna put a process crime you wanna lay a trap. For some kinda. Whatever your statement doesn't correlate to what the email says or whatever and then you get them on a sticky tacky perjury charge. You just wanna start sending my people to jail because you want to send them to jail. While I'm sorry that's not an independent impartial objective special prosecutor. And Timmy what is the biggest crime of all. Is that when you actually think about the special counsel. To special counsel in theory the reason why you point one. He shook their independent. Of politics. They're independent of the FBI or the Justice Department. In this case you have a guy Mueller who's there protecting the Justice Department and the FBI. Surrounded himself. With rabid pro Hillary anti trump political ox hell he even has some of Hillary's own lawyer source. Serving on his investigative team. That's like a fox guarding the hen hoax. Are you kidding me. I believe this investigation is gone on way too long if they had anything they were found something by now. It is a waste of time it is a waste of money. And it is there now simply to consume and distract trumps presidency. That's all. And eventually hopefully try to criminalize his administration. By finding something anything anywhere. It now poses a threat to the rule of law. Robert Mueller did not win the election. Donald Trump did. And it's time for the president to say enough is enough. Mister Muller. Your fired. I agree disagree. 6172666868. Yeah RK EL. Go back. 1253. Year other great WRKO. That was president Tron. When these revelations. And he really bombshell revelations. Came out over the weekend he's got to Mueller illegally obtained. Privileged. Communications. Even attorney client. Communications. Either from himself for his inner circle during the transition. When they were all still private individuals. Violating the law violating the Fourth Amendment. Will you fire Mueller he says no I'm not gonna firearm. I think he's waiting frankly. For the case against real or to just keep building and building and building. An event did you say Bob. You gotta go. I agree disagree Bruce in a reign him go ahead Bruce. We get great show will always thank you Bob. I voted for trump all of the guy you know non sexual way I support him but I'm Sharon had doubts he's an appeal for additional booster. I mean. You may very well have gotten his goes he built illegally but. It means nothing at all somebody does something about it and trump doesn't seem that. The window at fault or the ability. To fight back and I just don't get it. He he won't. He won't fighter sanctions. Concession gonna do what is saying and trump is now suddenly he's not go to fireman. Or. The other that the but everything that you said in the past half while I agree with my 100%. What year rank and file average Americans. They get didn't lose by going all toward they have did not have an excellent father. You know the nightly news every night. They're not hearing about mullah getting illegal. Emails and are hearing. About. Or wars why you so works for Peugeot 100 even any of that they're just rewards CNN and NBC. Or spitting world. And if Mo if if trump doesn't find. Somebody that's gonna appoint a special prosecutor. And bring all of finished a common public knowledge circle and know what. Good. Greece let me ask you this. The president it's in December. Nineteenth 2016. He's the president elect he's not the president. Send you an email hey Bruce. Do you think what do you think China mid China strategic competitor I'm thinking of doing that matter what the implications are Bruce you know a lot about Asia. And then he says you know what look talked to my lawyer. All I want him I want you to give me some advice but I want you to clear with my lawyer first make sure that it's all Kosher. So you're talking to the lawyer and you're saying look yes according to me I think that we should you know whatever make China and economic rival. I stayed there a strategic competitor. I think you'd be very good for the United States this is my honest opinion do you. And the lawyer says okay. Look Ron a secure line secure count common mentioned this to the president. And I just want you don't seriously strictly between us amend some guy Robert Mueller calls you win. And says you know did you speak to the president on December 19 about China. And your sin yourself. Less privileged. I spoke to his lawyer. And it's really none of their business. So you say no. Or you say you don't get lost or you several we talked about many things that I talk about China. I think he does Tebow crying Mia not China no I believe was about Crimea. Thank you just like buddy because your email says China or whatever and they illegally obtained that email from you. Now you tell me as an American citizen what rights do you if they can do that to you they can do that to anybody MI wrong. You know a world assumed that each state spying on Americans citizens. And then before you know it. Bruce's up on perjury charges. Who was a quote advisor to president trump moon another one's gonna go to jail. All Mike caught everybody around trump is going to jail he shall quote can be such a criminal he's got to be impeached. That's what Mueller is doing. Not what trial rightly senses that's what everybody's so outraged. By him obtaining these documents as it had nothing to do with Russia it's all about getting somebody like you Bruce on a quote unquote processed crime. And then the big question here is what does not mule it's safe to me there's certain say you sang this song and and I don't make all this go away or look or six months so what we actually what I did actually get us next month sentence when he. Probably critical and away for a good portion five years wrestle there's life. Five years. Five years Bruce you're supposed to go for five to god you got six months. Beirut splinters in his late 68 that's right sulphide here's a guy like him that's a lot. That computer white and and plush dual let us know right. Yes and then gave a sign off so I at this point Bruce think about it you almost say anything like walking would normally say. While this might point supposedly deal is what were you when you called article I discussed opponents as. Did you did you color or portions. In December 2006 it and then we'll also say. To her pathetically. All world attack what December of 2000 sixteenths a slow ethnic or at desperately. The Russians in August of 2006 and and go home. To me you know I am guilty of perjury. Is so you know some I want you so essential moment or. According. And here saying garden tomorrow. Bruce. This is a man's league this is a worldly matters. This is the guy who understands how the world works this is not about the impartial pursuit of adjustments. This is about I've got to bring down our president it's time to go head hunting. Again. Where is Jeff Sessions.