Kuhner- Should Chris Matthews be fired for sexual misconduct?

The Kuhner Report
Monday, December 18th

NBC has a real problem with their on air talent. Now, Chris Matthews is being accused of sexual harassment. Should he be fired?


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Well I have to start by saying am I feel butterflies out here in the locker room. That's after. All Bullock is soft ball or softball prince mapped. Youth he may be the next major media figure domino to fall. Far from these sex abuse hash tag meat to a movement that is now gaining steam but before I get to that. Okay big accidents a appears to be an accident in May be terrorism related. And what's going on now in Washington State and Amtrak train. Do you re old. 83 people from what we're hearing were on board at least three people are dead multiple fatalities. Did he ray olds. Right. It derailed on the highway bridge just outside of Seattle. And it fell right on tough IE five. So al-Qaeda was threatening to hit our trains. People on the train were complain that there was lax security. So obviously everybody is now concerned if it could've been terrorism related. However initially they do not believe that is the case. We're gonna be monitoring the situation I promise. If there are any new interesting developments will be all over that story. 6172666868. Is the number. But back to soft ball on soft ball Chris Matthews so. If you remember. Jury in the 2012. Election. The man who in 2008. Said whenever he listens to Barack Hussein Obama. He gets sick quote thrill up his lack. Well in 2012. He had such a big thrill. Then he turned himself essentially into the media is number one surrogate to defeat militants Mitt Romney. And the fact that Obama and his cronies and the media waged with they unleashed on rom on Romney. Where's that he was waging a war on women. He and the Republicans. Were haters of women why were they haters of women. Because Romney said that it woman should pay nine dollars and 99 cents if she wants to have Arab birth control. You go to cards hey they're a you really need you don't even need insurance. They will sell you the pale birth control. For essentially ten bucks a month. That they should not be paid for under Obama care or bright the government that people should not be subsidizing. Anybody's. Birth control you wanna take the pill. Or sperm aside jellies. Or whatever your rent no that's your business it should be on your dime or in the case of Sandra flock. However the hotshot boyfriend pay for. Date if the lover boy knows how to roll around in the side he can be able to chip in for the ten bucks a month. Because of that. He hated women. It was a war on women because they had a constitutional right now under free birth control. In other words nine dollars and 99 cents a month women just campaign nine dollars and 99 cents a month so Romney according to Chris Matthews. And much of the media the Democratic Party was a hater of women and he was waging a war on women. Then they went on about the binders. If you remember. Romney hired a lot of women in very prominent positions in fact paid them as well as manage some instances even better. But that didn't matter but he had such a great record of hiring and promoting women because in the 1970s. When you would send in your resume CV. You were also asked to provide a picture of yourself. Both men and women wasn't just women both men and women. So Romney said in one of debates. Well don't you looked at the binders so I had binders and and I had to receive via their resume and their pictures and then we would you don't now are down to four candidates to interview the candidates and you get a job. Binders. Because Mitt Romney looked at binders of women did they mention the fact it looked at a binders of men but that you looked at binders of women. Sexist. Chauvinist pig pig. War on women. Unfit to be president of the United States. Who led the charge soft ball ensemble. Chris Matthews let's scroll ball it's horrible. Now I want to think about this. Okay. I meant. Who has never look at another woman then Enron I notice because his aides have all pulled. How I should know all sexual skeletons. In his closet whatsoever. Too warm in. The Mormon. Doesn't drink alcohol doesn't smoke doesn't even drink soft drinks doesn't even drink coffee okay no caffeine. This guy who doesn't even look and another one. War on women. Because he hired him. I had used binders on higher. Or pay your own ten bucks a month if you wanna have sex they are every day all day all night it's up to you. You pay for your own contraception okay called the great. And now it turns out. Back Chris Matthews yup holier than bow Mitt Romney is a woman hater war on women. Is now has been accused of sexual harassment. And in fact cut their pay out of his own pocket does settle a sexual harassment claim. According to the daily caller. And this has not been disputed by NBC. In 1999. The softball on soft ball hoax. Paid out to an assistant producer. A 40000. Dollar settlement why. Because apparently has a really dirty mouth when it comes around went. He made numerous inappropriate remarks. Inappropriate jokes. Commented about her looks relentlessly. She felt almost like he was propositioning her. Any way to settle the whole thing 40000 dollars. Now. They wanna know is this the only settlement. Or were their other women that have accused the MS left BC host sub ball the ruler the guy who's drooling on TV all the time. There he had ever a sexually assault that arouse other women. I as the immediate inquiry not only does and it is getting it. As the media inquiries go. And the more they. Ask. MSNBC. And NBC remains silent. They will not say if there were other women. Or other sexual complaints or whether they were our other settlements you know what that means if enough 48 hours. You what that means there were other women and there were other settlements. But now you can take to the bank. Silence means yes. Because if the answer was no they would say nontraditional onetime deal. There was a one time 1999. Deal. But in 1999. Now. This is what I find incredible. About liberals in general to be candid with you and especially the democratic media. Feet arrogant. Sank two more only utes. Finger wagging the whole year then bow. With this guy yelling and screaming. Barking. On the year. About Mitt Romney or other Republicans. About how this guy is a threat to women and existential. Threat all my god he's gonna put women you elect them. Go back to the dark ages. And this guy Scott filthy mouth around women. This guy's been sexually harassing women they cut the pay settlements on behalf of this guy. You know phony you fraud you. I mean really. That's what I find amazing. Is they sheer hypocrisy and double standards. How are you stand there night after night proved. To a spitting on a guy like Mitt Romney. Who. From they dug up as much Thursday could look I'm I don't like and he said never trump Republican I think he blew the election in 2012. I don't want him to run for all Orrin Hatch's seat if he does and you talk I don't like commitments OK I don't care for he's our Ryan all Republican are global it's. But facts are facts. Spiritual wanna vomit from everybody says this about if this guy's your brother in law you just won the law. This guy. I mean when you're up in New Hampshire and over and Britney were you Derek can't remember. Yeah I mean former Mitt Romney H who worked on his campaign they began to work for trop and they were talking what the difference between Romney and trump. To like Romney would almost whisper and not to a setter. It was and all that kind. He's always talking about it he's calling and he's on the phone with fans whatever and once they go check this guy never looked at another won't. You wouldn't look he doesn't look at another woman. This guy would like Mike Pence. He wouldn't sit down and have dinner along with a woman out of respect for and Rahm. If they could turn this guy into the second coming of Attila the Hun. Who hire women who promoted women who paid women I mean treated them really well. If they can do without him they can do what anybody. And the same people who were casting stones. Who works a publicly extolling the guy. Led by this guy softball softball. Now you find out. When he's around the woman he has the mouth of a sailor. When he's around women. All NBC does is cut check after check after check. Settlement after settlement after settlement. That's why nobody believes the mainstream media. You guys have no credibility what so ever on anything. Really you becoming a joke. Now. Notice something else. NBC as a major problem. Because the left kept going on above Fox News Fox News Fox News Roger Ailes Bill O'Reilly run down the whole list. Well I'm looking at the mainstream media I'm saying guys I. It's you guys shouldn't be throwing people in glass houses should not be throwing stones because I'm looking at NBC. You've got Matt Lauer. Gone. Mark Halperin who allegedly groped and assault that over twelve women gone. You now have eight top senior executive vice president. I he was apparently having sex with women they got him working for him he's now gone. And now you have the head of NBC and as a Lackey. Desperately trying to cover up what they knew about Matt Lauer to the point now that their purpose built deliberately stonewalling. Any kind of an independent investigation. They wanna keep it all and how aux. Now now we got this are human resource is guy you know that we hired. That we just recently gave a race to step. He's going to be investigating. Whether anybody knew about map flower bowl won't but he knew mold and all all week. You wish we'd done under the rug baby. Announced softball softball. And I'm telling you it's gonna get worse. It's gonna get worse. Might I felt his throwing up my lag about it that to office and noon. That takes on a whole new connotation now doesn't it Brittany. I can just see him now what is exact I attractive female assistant producers. That I got this thrill up my leg here. Going all the way up. Can you oil. Well right into the crotch area a little. Little pension their could to relieve that pension. After work let's let you and I let's meet up for couple drinks let's meet up for couple drinks. All short yacht a forum to raise the forum for Tip O'Neill when I would pork chips drinks. 6172666868. Is the number. Now soft ball on soft ball. How I got a guy. How has now been shown that he paid out a settlement to at least one female accuser. There may be many more NBC is trying to circled the wagons. Will Chris Matthews gold now own. Will this be the end of soft ball on softball. And does he and frankly much of the liberal media do they all Mitt Romney an apology. 6170666868. Your calls Max you know it is something warm hello listening. And now maybe it's soft balls turn to fall all K. Chris Matthews now could be facing other sexual harassment accusations. I it's come out now that they had to settle 40000 dollars to a female staffer. And I assistant producer in 1999. Soft serve basically he engaged in sexual harassment. Now there are all kinds of stories coming out that it could be many more sexual harassment accusations. NBC is remaining silent. But now there is blood in the water 6172666868. Are you surprised about soft ball on softball Chris Matthews. And do you think he owes Mitt Romney an apology. Tom in New Jersey go ahead Tom. Take Jeff. Blessed Christmas to you your family important to extend that to the wonderful Kelly Campbell I will I will thank you Tom. You bet Jeff and Jeff I think. Catholic in name only Chris Matthews may have another problem comic. I think president former President Obama is going to pursue. This sexual harassment claim against Chris Matthews. So can they. Go easy on her rapped the president is that it got the leg thrill. Like it could be added the big proponent comment against him (%expletive) Well let me ask you are you all surprised by the news. Now of course that's what the left really does state project oral beard defects. And abnormalities. Against conservatives. That's how they shed blood letting go to confession or do something good they just push older evil on someone else and they feel better that way. Tom you're I think you're completely right. I really do. I because I look at them and thank you for that call. I mean I look at them and they're going on and on about Mitt Romney or remember our what was her name. All I'm drawing a blank now she was that the big at the march and washing then she was with one of the I she's going on about trump. Our issues going on a boat trumping. You know him and but she's gonna. Marshall a crazy on stages and she goes and all that stuff that she was going on and on and then you find out that she was a victim of Harvey Weinstein. But it's almost like she's personalizing. What Harvey said done to her and projecting that onto trump like that's that's what they do. Know what I can mean how you stand there. With harassment allegation after a what a settlement claim after settlement. And then you stand there and you destroy guys for waging a so called war on women. Who's never done anything to a woman except give him a job. How do you sleep with yourself that night thought of the year yes say hell yeah. And soon yeah it's. My home. Nasty woman I'm a nasty woman elected putt trump ever been anything dumber are referring though it was all Harvey Weinstein. Well malice is saying they would solve ball ensemble. Romney never did everything to a woman. Softball on the other hand I ya ya this is an ideologically saved from decades ago this isn't as he put it's not the mid 1970s anymore. This is the 21 century and mr. Romney net apps apps apps. The war on women the blinders the bartenders. Are ya ya I Jenny in New Hampshire garnered ten. I'm good Harry you can. Kenny your break it up army either the cell phone connection is horrible please call back. Glenn on route 24 in the car go ahead glam. The yeah Glen. I don't know what. Are you bill that actually. No liberal. A quarter and I'd. Drag yeah but I don't I don't have called. Bat. Bank debt and okay. So you don't shoot bank by Chris Matthews and a rock. I don't believe. They have no morality. And the lip and it blew that one right don't stop it. Quite a bit of. No glam look and operate as a thank you because look look let me be very candid with all of you Chris Matthews is a scumbag. And the reason why I say that. I used to cover him when I was in Washington for ten years at The Washington Times we want to do well a media monitoring every show. And then I had reporters. Who used to cover him back in the day when he was Tip O'Neill chief of staff. And I'll never forget George archer ball telling me the story they Tip O'Neill on tape he was drunk as usual. Saying something utterly obscene as he often did. And so he's about to leave to file his story and guess who chases and right chases them down the Capitol Hill building. The Sam Rayburn building. But softball softball Chris Matthews. And he grabbed Archibald. By the throat. And slammed his head against the wall. And so I'm not gonna that you leave here unless you give me back that blank in tape. That those assault assault and Archie who called a march Archibald Archie. Managed to replace the tape with a blank tape as he was being chased down the hallway. By Matthew who didn't see yet so we actually gave them back a blank page. And The Washington Times then got the exclusive about Tip O'Neill will always sell kinds of obscene thinks there's front of the guy was hardly ever sober. But that's the kind of guy. Chris Matthews it's he grabs you by the throw. There he's like I kneecap reason henchmen. And sold Tip O'Neill would get drunk a much getting baby that you getting bruised up quicker it up in his office you know who poured in to the ranks. Chris Matthews. You know became chief of staff apparently nobody could warm white crests. On the rocks. Comrade Jerry Europe next go ahead Jerry. Normally are common you itemized plan that let you. And does owe them my friend. Have always feel. It is thought that a bit. Jeff what you brought to about a fly in the wallet to capitol grow. We listen to them yuk it up truck. Oh yeah that you. Jeff is more that's gonna come out about Chris Matthews this is different only the beginning. Before it even better you know the harsh farm. My sources tell me G out. That is many is 25. That it is being congressman a bit of resign over the next week to ten days. Because of exposure. About sexual assault and sexual harassment. Then I mean that's become through a very good to. I believe you because there was a great story out Gerri look it was a big story out of political all of the daily caller as well. That at least twenty members of congress are now petrified. That several news organizations they won't say which are apparently working. On these claims of sexual harassment and there were big settlements. And they're afraid now that they're gonna be named in being part of a charge fund. Were our taxpayer dollars were used for these guys to pay settlements to women that they either groped harassed assaulted molested whatever. So it's going to be at least one meat could be its highest point five you're completely right. And I will bear chewed the best they at the Hanover street chop house. That the overwhelming. Majority of these members of congress will be Democrats. And not just Democrats. Liberal Democrats. Feminist Democrats. Democrats who are the biggest amounts when it comes to women's rights and the so called Republican war on women. Anybody want a pick me up on that offer because I love a good state. 6172666868. Mort your calls but for.