Kuhner - Evans joins legal effort to protect “DREAMers”

The Kuhner Report
Monday, December 18th

Kuhner calls for Boston Police Commissioner Bill Evans to resign. 


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It's time for him to a girl. To me there's no question about it I always thought this guy it was a completely incompetent inept. Police commissioner I am never a big fan of this guy but now when you start siding with illegal immigrants. The so called dreamers. And you're actually joining lawsuits against the trough administration. And the federal government. Demean. You are now violating your oath to uphold and defend the law. So this is now. To me this is incredible I swear only in Boston. Our guest Sanford sick all San Francisco always well. But only in Boston quickest guys being hailed as a hero for thumbing his nose at the very laws he supposed to Walpole so. Boston Police Commissioner. William Evans. On Friday. Has joined illegal effort he's now part of the legal initiative. To try to protect this so called dreamers the beneficiaries. Of Barca. Those so called children. Who came to this country illegally many of them now by the way or not children. There intertwining some as many summer as old as 3536. But let that go. Lab back. And so what he has now Don listen to this. Members of the police commissioner are such as Joseph blow off the street. He has joined a brief that was filed in federal court. So pouring a federal lawsuit. By the trustees of Princeton University. Bill Gates is Microsoft. And then immigrant Princeton student base so called dreamer himself. That is suing the trump our administration and the US government. The US department of homeland security and the acting secretary of VHS. Why. Because they say that it is illegal for the federal government. To defer. These so called DreamWorks. They say is this was a federal policy initiated by Barack Hussein Obama. And that trumps called out and protections for Dhaka. And that you know only if if there's not something done by congress within the next month or so. Then like everybody else when doc expires their work permits expire then they should be then. Is eligible for being deported. And so what they're trying to do now is to prevent trump from enacting its policy. And essentially either gonna turn Boston officially into a Sanctuary City. But more than about they are now gonna shoot the federal government and try to prevent the federal government. From deporting this so called dreamers. Now according to evidence. This is why he's doing so he's horrendous loss of one. Simply put. Our law enforcement agencies. Must serve and protect every one in our communities. And without their mutual trust between police and the immigrants in our cities. We can't possibly provide the type of safety and protection to communities dessert. Whatever and said in a statement. We are not proposing protecting people who are here illegally. And have committed violent crimes. Upholding this policy will benefit the whole law abiding hardworking immigrants who contribute to our society. So basically he's trying to justify the unjustifiable. I want you to think about ports. Whether they're hard working week is he relevant. Whether they're quote unquote good people is he relevant. You have the commissioner of the Boston Police Department. Whose job it is to uphold and defend the constitution and most importantly. To uphold. And defend the law. Telling lawbreakers. Not only can you stay in Boston. Not only will I do everything in my power as the commissioner of the Boston PD two up protect you. But I'm in fact I'd go out ensure all the federal government on your behalf. How does this guy still have a job. Dot Timmy is the question. She's openly violating his oath. He's now telling every illegal immigrant third dreamer. Come on down to Boston. Because here federal immigration law will not be enforced. Even though I'm the police the head of the police I'm supposed to enforce the law I will not enforce the law because I don't agree with this particular law. Well sorry but who died and made you president. You don't like the law get elected to congress and you change the law. But you don't suddenly now speak out usurp the authority of congress or you'll catch usurp the authority of the president. Suddenly now you can't a sharp immigration laws because you feel like it because I'm Bill Evans. I think I'm Smart are run marathons. I read this I mean this is lawlessness. And the fact that the head of the police. Boston Police Commissioner is encouraging this defending this poll showing that government are being part of a lawsuit to do this. Buddy you could go oh. Now they're just a flip it. OK it is look there are so many lies about the dreamers. First of all the overwhelming majority of them are not well educated that's a lie. Do you overwhelming majority of them are on welfare. They're not hard working OK I could go on and on but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Whether they are a drain on the system. Where there they are on welfare. Where there are many of them are in their twenties and thirties and are not little children it doesn't matter all belongs. The fact is it's not just 800000 that were talking about it's their parents. Their moms they're dads. Because of chain migration. They can also bring in their uncles their parents their first cousins you're looking now at an amnesty up three to four million at least. At least. At least. And as the trumpet administration showed in a devastating slide regarding extended chain migration. They finally chain migration. It costs the American government 300. Billion dollars a year. To bring in people who are low skilled lower educated. Who simply have eyes that thing going for them they happen to be the second cousin of somebody who was naturalized. In fact as their slide show. In theory. One person. On chain migration can bring in a 120. People. In theory. You can bring in the parents you can bring in all the uncles and Lance. The nephews the nieces the first cousins and so in theory it could be a 120 people. So this is gonna literally bit we're not looking at 800000 so called dreamers were looking at three to four million at least. At least okay. But even dot lit dot go. True story. The Christmas season. People go shopping. My wife grace doctor grace shopping with tickets. She went to a local mall near where we are in the Foxboro ranked American. And so she's in the car it's a Saturday Saturday its parent Dow ammonium. Look at the shopping malls. So she's trying to find a parking space. It was five left in the seventh. I Ashton is crying in the car he's thirsty he's thirsty neighbors crying in the car mommy I'm hungry I'm hungry. So graces circling and circling and circling because now the kids are hungry. They want to eat they wanna drink Ashton says yes to go to the bathroom. He's crying in the back seat she cannot find a parking spot for life dependent on. So what does she do she stopped off at a local call seat. She parked in the handicapped parking section. Quickly ran him. Took cash into the bathroom. Got each of them a bottle of water and a quick sandwiched great said Jeff honestly I was in and out within five minutes. After five minutes. You think they gave grace a quote unquote amnesty. A mom. Shopping for Christmas where a seven year old and a five year old. Quest to go to the bathroom David searching in driving around in circles for twenty minutes that kids are crying in the backseat. You think the local police officer said all of it from an amnesty. She comes out in fact it was six minutes later. On 150. Bowler parking ticket. On 150. For using I handicapped parking spot. Because we don't have those fake decals like a lot of people Lonnie BP do but let that goal got much into getting fake details. Let's just not the way I am. So as great set. Jeff I do norte park. There was nowhere to park. It's coming I don't know sitting there for half an hour an hour and it's not as if there was a handicapped person that needed to spot. There was nobody gonna go okay put the car and quick quick caution about let's go let's go let's go she's out six minutes later blank you a 150 bucks. Now. What if I don't pay the tech. There where you pull a Bill Evans now I'm hardworking. You wanna talk about hard working people I'm hardworking law abiding hard by the way they came here illegally but the law abiding but let that go okay. Law abiding hardworking family heart and and and and and and and wife and an husband. I'm not law abiding. I'm not hard working. So welcome auto get a break. Because I'll tell you what happens if I don't pay that ticket I got a fine. I was gonna get even worse. Now what if I said you're by their logic well I don't wanna pay the ticket because I don't think it's fair. OK can I get another ticket I'm not gonna pay that one either I don't think it's fair so after a while not about some serious outstanding tickets. You know. I really need an amnesty. Because I'm really reluctant to call the police are pricey real violent crime. Because they're gonna look at my parking tickets. I'm gonna look how it's overdue and how long it is is speeding tickets and you don't it's not gonna build trust between me and the police. Because you're off by sea or rape or murder. And our gang banger. And I don't all we've got parking tickets we didn't wanna pay him speeding tech it's man I'm just not gonna call. So by your logic and definition. Union amnesty. Notice. They pick and choose. What laws they want to enforce what laws they don't want when force. And they come up with the most ridiculous reasons. They are here illegally. You ought to problem without blame their parents their parents brought in here illegally. Now you don't like the law changed ball. But if I got to pay a 150 dollars. For my wife and two kids. Perhaps using a handicapped parking spot for six freak in minutes. On a Saturday he Christmas shopping weekend. Then I'm sorry none Annan now none I don't know. The law is the law is the law because you wouldn't give me an amnesty that I can guarantee you. Enough is enough. And too mean this is the ultimate issue. You are the head of the Boston Police. You're job is to enforce the law it's not fair to subvert the law. And if you can't see that or fuel wanna see that then you have no business. Being the police commissioner of Boston. It's time for this lose off. It's time for this loser to a goal. And sold at corner country poll question. Sure as the French would say sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. Should. Boston Police Commissioner. William Evans. Stepped down is it time for him to resign. Now that he has formally joined a lawsuit. To protect the dreamers from being deported. If you believe the answer is yes he has violated his oath he's got a goal pecks the letter eight the 68688. If you believe Powell Sanctuary City now Sanctuary City forever and other words and all. Break any laws you want as long as is on behalf of the illegals. Faxed a letter beat the 68680. You can vote online at wrko.com. William Evans. Should he go oh I say yes what do you say all of your calls next. So the president okay okay. My voice and Boston. Jason in middle Borough Europe Max thanks for holding and welcome. Hey Jeff Lipton. I didn't let Billy Boise State because there are. What can you are federal funding all right up there for you know our immigration immigration supporter. Are you don't get you can watch all of the Cox target laid off all the cops start picketing. You don't know federal funding to pay your good across the deep pills or else. So they're busy just keep on worry is so they can lose all that federal funding. And then maybe the public's gonna finally get upset with a Billy boy. And let them watch all the critical part. Under his watch. Jason you know what that's a very interesting point. Maybe that really mean you know I call on inspector close always Boston's inspector Clouseau and maybe it's better to keep inspector Clouseau exactly where years. Court. Jason thank you for that call dill in Walpole white picket is very upset with me or with grace. Yes yes Jeff hi Gail hi I just slowly you know and I and the severely handicapped person who drive. Who depend Solomon handicapped parking spaces for access. Due to Stewart and six minutes isn't very long time if handicapped person he is circling looking for a parking place. And no parking spaces are fueling. Far between to come by and so you you don't think it's fair I don't think it's fair either take great. Who is not handicap what should run into the story you'll only tickets for a few minutes. And deprive that I handicapped person have a handicapped parking. Well Gail my understanding is there was likes there's like six of those handicap spots Albert Hall. I think now all of them were empty. I don't know all there empty I know Gail I don't know about you when I go to the mall everything useful but those handicap spots are. To hold her core. He need to run faster. Do you think I should be deprived of that handicap parking space because he needs to defeat. But Galen and you have at least three or four other spots. Really good young Communist and I think until let me ask you this I mean a 150 dollars for Arizona handicap spot for sex and MS. It some are gentle little OK okay fumble obviously Gail OK you're right. But how come the illegals then they don't get deported. Oh I can't take it back I can only speak to what you did you were talking back grave moral well I yeah but I'm descend so I got through the law's the law when it comes to the corner man and his two kids. Six minutes at a handicap parking spot. But when it comes to the dreamers. They should one be up for those that broke the law. I can't speak in I guess like I just totality of it just fortunate to right. And it might see pertinent I tell you this much it might see a person without a puckered. Tell our in the cap licenses and IB port them to the police. Gail is that you who were you the one that reported grace no. I wish I reassured those demands those the mall and Mansfield. No I haven't had shopping for a week and a half okay well. The judges want to make sure wasn't you that accept jail have a wonderful Christmas yeah I knew I just thought they are handy I will do all we learned our lesson Gail believe. Mean. I'm 617266. 6868. Arch she in eastern mass coed Archie. Eight yep great challenge is always thank you thank you weren't. He. He kept. That it would have met him. Well typically upbeat dumped beer someone else is gonna always thought that there so I think it questioned GDP renewable. It's not gonna manage yet you get a relay with a client and at the plant probably the way it looks. The more you talk. Is that there colonel oh all the illegal an income and crying it couldn't see in the country. And then you gonna have ten comedians ever really goes continue to come and did it coming in outlook there right. It happened and now more than ever not. And at the border quiet and not necessarily you all let it get that commitment to the trailers and all that. But anyway what's gonna happen is it gonna have and certainly becoming an anarchy said it appeared they don't commit a crime there's going to be happening how being. And we're ranked our show look I think you're right and and and thank you for that call look I think what they're gonna have to concede on. Is the illegals that commit you don't serious violent crimes and murders rapes whatever MS thirteen. Yeah dad they got a goal. Yeah OK if you're really incest. But what they're trying to do now they're gonna do would talk a first. And then with the relatives of Dhaka but Dominic they want to keep most of the illegals here and give them amnesty. And if you added chain migration to about you're looking at 3040 million. That means goodbye USA. It would bankrupt us period full stop. But it would guarantee. Democrats' one party rule. Forever or at least for a hundred years and the corporations. Would have unlimited supplies of cheap labor. That's why the Ryan all Republicans won it that's why the Democrats won. But god forbid you park in handicap parking spot. We tool kits or crying one's got to go to the bathroom the other one I'm angry I'm hungry you can find parking anywhere else mono 150.