Kuhner - Amb. Bolton says he’s shaken by revelations within the FBI

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Friday, December 15th

Amb. John Bolton calls on AG Sessions to investigate Hillary Clinton again and to investigate the FBI


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While 36 here on the break WRK oh okay joining us now usually does so at 105. But we're lucky enough to get in today for 1235. Is former UN ambassador Fox News analyst. And a seasoned observer of the political scene John Bolton ambassador Bolton thank you so much for coming on the corner report. Regret director actor yeah ambassador I've got to ask you are you obviously served in the Reagan administration Indy George W Bush Administration you've been around the block as they say. The stunning revelations. Hillary Clinton who might Aberdeen were able to walk out with five boxes containing documents. There all dogs. Gift blogs. Our call logs schedules. One box with the apparently according to Fox News Muslim engagement to documents written on the box. Then we find out the call me in his draft speech. Admitted that it was quote unquote likely. That's five foreign governments had hacked into Hillary's private email server. And yet. The fix was in and he exonerated or essentially months before the investigation was completed. Have you ever seen anything like this in your career. Be complete corruption and politicized nation of the FBI. And is it time now for a new investigation into Hillary. An investigation into the FBI. For. Essentially them now declaring themselves are acting like third or fourth branch of government. Well I have never seen anything like it and each revelation. Really I have to say I'm I've been strong support the FBI I've worked with him when I was at the Justice Department on a whole range of issues that were put them. But I think that State Department on tanner intelligence and other matters that Diana's private citizen. I have great faith. In the average FBI agent I think they're patriots I think they're not political. I think they are untouchable but I have to say. I am very badly shaken by all of these. I've revelations that you've been describing because it reflects a politicized nation the FBI. It does not only sustain its reputation. But I think get a call that the question of faith that most Americans have been Indiana. Integrity of the FBI itself I think the same is true of the justice. Department. I just don't understand how it's possible for somebody saying. To happen but we know. That there is an ongoing investigation now what I suspect is the answer is it Kobe made up his mind what the outcome was going to be at Hillary's case. Even earlier than we already suspect. Because I think he just decided he was going to interpret the relevant statute to require. That's specific content when we note that in fact what happened it was gross negligence and that's the most if not what you can put it. But the fact is now. Even. It in the current administration the Justice Department does not seem to realize. That its reputation and the reputation of the FBI which is part of the department. Is being called into question I thought as the deputy attorney general Robert side's testimony Wednesday before the House Judiciary Committee. Was oblivious to status and I think it worse arrogant. Is dismissal that there could be any. Politicized nation. In the smaller independent counsel investigation. And apparently no willingness on the part of the Department of Justice to go back and look at it Hillary email case again. Or any of the numerous points that have been raised about their current Arab Asian and possible corruption there. So I hope that the attorney general Jeff Sessions is. Prepare me to do something about this because. Because the revelations we've had debate I do think it had a corrosive impact. Born our faith in law enforcement and that's not good is not good for the country is not the true conservatives in particular. Because this is headline news stands between us becoming got. Third World country in many respects. And I think what happened under Obama that politicize nation these. Critical institutions of government has with I I also feared his politicization of the the officer. Ranks that forced our. Admirals and generals it military. Has had some of the same fact so it's a very serious problem. Ambassador. We have the original draft. And he's exonerating Hillary before he's talking combing now he's exonerating Hillary. Months. Before even interviews Hillary. Or nearly twenty of the other key players involved. Regarding her private email or the use of her private email server. He apparently admits even in the original draft. That is quote unquote likely. That five foreign governments. How actor private email server and stole god knows how many of our classified secrets. And yet obviously the fix was in. And so it seems to mean you tell me if I'm over reading this ambassador. That they saw their job. As not to do a true impartial objective investigation. But a sham investigation. And their job was to clear and exonerate Hillary. If that's the case only instructed justice. And if he obstructed justice shouldn't go to jail. Yeah I think it's still a lot we don't know Barack I thought percent this is mostly all about the greater laureate James column. And how he was gonna take credit for. Handling this investigation and coming to the right result that's remember at the time of its famous press conference with the summer 2016. Everybody and I mean everybody. I thought that Hillary was got a win. Sort of line behind this was sort of Jim probably job interview. As to why he should stay on an FBI director of Hillary Clinton administration. I think he twisted the statute. In a way that required. A specific content that's. As relevant for one section but not first actions. That would involve the kind of gross negligence and Hillary had been involved and that's. At that point that you make about the likely availability of the emails to hard governments is is very important if you had a situation just hypothetically. Where somebody had been grossly negligent left classified material on their desk or something like that. But there was no evidence that anybody had come into the out sister tried to copy the papers they're the harbors in the building who loses secured building. You know you would still have gross negligence could you could say no harm no fat may. But if you felt yearly certain. That's our government had in fact gained access to the classified information in Hillary's emailed the venue would have to say. They heard negligence had consequences Syrians. Negative consequences for the United States and that is an impetus to prosecute. So that changed not just sort of changing happy to glad in a drafting sent. It's a very substantive change and it reflects where I think commie wanted to go now if there's more there that this doesn't have to instruction. That he could be at risk. But you know until the Justice Department in the FBI opened up on this war congress is never gonna find out. Ambassador we know the point demand for the FBI. Was pierced rock. He was also the one that first initiated the investigation into his so called collusion. Between trump and Russia. He's all sold the one that essentially. Got Flynn on that so called perjury trap. He we now know some of its text messages have been released. With Jimenez mistress Lisa page. In those text messages. He openly says that trump is a quote unquote menace. That we cannot afford the risk. Of Hillary losing and trump winning the election. And that we needed quorum quote insurance policy. To prevent that from happening from happening. His mistress Lisa page even Texan back. Saying almost like he's Superman. You're the only guy protecting our country right now I mean just the arrogance and hubris to me is unbelievable but let that go. This suggests that means more than just these are rabid partisan Democrats. This suggests to me that they took it upon themselves. To do something. To try to bring down president trump. And yet when Rosenstiel was asked about the trump dose yet he did the FBI pay for it he wouldn't answer the question. When asked whether the doce was used to go to the Pfizer court despite on president trump again he wouldn't answer the question. And so my question do you is this. Where Peter straw and Lisa page part of a conspiracy. And walked within the FBI. Whereby the FBI now went rogue. And essentially threw its weight behind one candidate in order to defeat another candidate. And then when that candidate shockingly won in November IE trump they continued with their attempt to sabotage the president MI wrong. Well I don't think we know enough yet to answer the question but it certainly the case that a lot of Americans think that and that's why you mentioned earlier again on gross stunning testimony couple days ago. He was displaying either complete lack of awareness. Of what people are concerned about where exactly the same kind of arrogance that we saw struck and others. What it is a reality of the bureaucracy is that somebody like struck or. Many the other people who have connections with Hillary Clinton's campaign. Are not gonna say in a meeting at senior levels of the FBI. We can't indict Hillary because if we did. Tribe would win the election we can't have that that's not how the biased manifest itself. It manifests itself in much more subtle ways. And and you can imagine how that played out like the edits it CoBiz statement. That structure is reported to have made. So the so rodents I've testified he sees no bias. In the actual conduct of dollars investigation at biases right out of it. The bride is evident and and they the proof is in these email this is unacceptable. For an FBI agent. Particularly at senior very senior FBI agent if he's got political views that strong it's his right is an American citizens to hold them. And he should get a job outside the federal government. Because what Rosen side is doing is he is now participated. In undercutting. The people's faith in the institutions of the department of justice and the FBI. Are not saying. What obvious everybody outside the government. That you've got people in that investigation who had a best interest of making it turn out the way they wanted to politically I think that's clear and it's just shocking to me. We've seen this in senior FBI agents. I ambassador I know were up against time but I wanna ask you one final question. Do you think it's now time. For Jeff Sessions to step up to the plate. And order a fresh new investigation. Into Hillary Clinton since the original one was clearly a sham. And do you think it's time for him to order a second investigation. A Montauk and special counsel. And second investigation. Into the corruption and politicized nation of the FBI. Yeah I think the answer to both those questions is yes and you know it if it turns out. There's no politicized nation then OK so be it I don't think that's what's gonna turn out and I think if you don't root out. The politicized nation if you don't get rid of that root and branch. I think people's faith and our judicial system and our in our in our law enforcement system. Is gonna be hit even harder than it has been already this has enormous consequences. I you know people talk about. Looking at Hillary Clinton does it work Third World country where the loser. Of an election goes to jail I think it's even worse than that now we have a country where the losers tried to put the winner jail. And and I find that even worse so look this is this is something that's going to be painful for a lot of people. It may turn out to have conclusions that you and I don't like grit that. People on the left felt like I don't know what the conclusion you gonna date. But I think if we don't put it all out on the table. We suffers a country. By having these doubts left I'm resolved you know during the period after the Kennedy assassination had the Warren commission. It is very painful process for the country to go through after Kennedy's assassination. Has not put all the series is dead but it was still an enormously. Important thing to do and and I think. Think something like this trying to reestablish people's faith. Indeed. Political objectivity and credibility of federal law enforcement is is highly needed. Ambassador very quickly if Jeff Sessions won't do it if he's not up to the job. Is it time for him to step down and resign. Yeah you know I I've known Jeff Sessions for a long time since he did even just. Brutalize it treated so unfairly by the Democrats what it does not native beat district court judge back during the Reagan administration. I think he's capable of stepping up doing I don't know why he's been so reticent. But you know this is a moment where you you know you're called by history to do the right thing here I think he needs to do. We have been talking with former UN ambassador why he's not the secretary of state is beyond me. But let that go Fox News analyst John Bolton. Ambassador dynamite stuff have a great weekend and thank you for coming on. My pleasure you emulated have a great weekend. God bless you 6172666868. Okay. Your calls next I promise WR KL.