Kuhner – Should retailers pressure their workers to say “Merry Christmas?”

The Kuhner Report
Monday, December 18th

Kuhner says no. What do you say?


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Through 38 here on the break WR Dave poll okay my friends. Let me ask you this. Should major retailers. Beat pressured. To say Merry Christmas again. I wanna give bright Florida hot Pippen got our our very popular story. And basically as you know since trump won the election we're now saying Merry Christmas again. And now that Christmas is about a week away. A lot of the major retailers whether it be I don't know Persia a target. Wal-Mart. Whatever all the big major retailers. A lot of people are still telling me Jeff you know what they don't say Merry Christmas. All a lot of them continue at the cashier or whatever they just still say either happy holidays or the one that frankly I really can't stand season's greetings. I'm a what does that mean when season three links. Like I'd rather you just say bonds have a nice day just we'll see what what Ellis season's greetings anyway. The point is now very nonprofit group. Dedicated to combating political correctness and they say protecting religious freedoms. Say they are now fighting back with a new an issue. It's called bring back Christmas and their goal is. To urge in some ways pressure retailers. To return Christmas to its rightful place in American culture. And so the group is called we celebrate US. Say that their mission is now to call law be pressure. The big retail stores local governments and others small business establishments. Who have been saying Merry Christmas. To or urged them to say Merry Christmas. And they're actually listing a putting out a list of major stores. Who do have a policy of saying Merry Christmas the customers. And those that don't say Merry Christmas the customers. But instead say either happy holidays are as I said seasons agreements. Now. Here. Is what I don't like. I don't like it when local governments or whatever take down nativity since. I can't stem. I don't like it when major retailers or go out of their way to not celebrate Christmas. Because to me I think you're just being politically incorrect and frankly are being installed. However. On the other hand I always say Merry Christmas when I go shopping wherever it is a go Merry Christmas whatever happy new year. I don't like the idea. Of pressuring. The cashier. To say Merry Christmas in return. Look I always say Merry Christmas. I don't like happy holidays I certainly don't like season's greetings to me were celebrating Christmas but for example. If somebody at the cashier is not a religious. Then if they don't feel the inclination to say Merry Christmas I honestly don't wanna see them pressured into saying Merry Christmas. Wanna say Merry Christmas also Merry Christmas. So if you does wanna say happy holidays or whatever your Jewish shopping Monica. Or whatever it is to mean honestly it's up to the cashier it's up to the pallor wherever it is it's up to that individual person. What I would say if I was let's say running part. Unlike in the past where somebody says Merry Christmas and they give you a dirty look. Or they give you a look like you have six cents. That's what I don't like. It's the war on Christmas. Yeah it's the antagonism. There V. Dislike of Christmas. We are almost being discouraged from saying Merry Christmas. That's what I've never liked. This intense hostility to Christmas or to say Merry Christmas. But I've got to tell you one I go to a cashier and I say Merry Christmas. I don't want that person to feel compelled her pressured to say Merry Christmas back to me. Either you want to say it or you don't wanna stay and if you don't wanna say it's a free country. And I would never wanna do that to somebody who whatever an employee of up to speak and went RJ or target or Wal-Mart or whatever. Toys 'R' Us yeah that's a big one lately for in the corner clan you're buying a lot of stuff at Toys 'R' Us. Now what I have noticed. Is that less people do say Merry Christmas in general. The customers say it much less often than they used to. And the people the employees the cashier's. They also say it must look much less than usual. Now I don't this is a Boston thing. I don't know this is just in Massachusetts. I had an office part of the growing secular rise nation of our society. Well but I have noticed. When I say Merry Christmas. I'm not saying I'm the only one saying it. But I'm one of the few that says. Are you waiting in lines are very long lines now. For example at Toys 'R' Us. You watch people pay for their gifts. Happy holidays. You know have a nice day have a nice weekend all the best whatever very few people say Merry Christmas. I on the other hand always say Merry Christmas. And usually when I say it the personal 'cause they backed him Merry Christmas. But unless prompted or less you know you say it they will not respondents say Merry Christmas. So I'm noticing that the term or the saying Merry Christmas is becoming less and less the other thing that I've noticed is. When I go to these retail stores to do my shopping. It just. I mean there's a little bit of Santa Claus senders frosty the small man Enders Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. But I haven't seen a Manger. I haven't seen an activity seen. Our cross forget about it and even Merry Christmas like just the words Merry Christmas somewhere I don't see. I just don't see. And so what I'm noticing is they are taking the Christmas. Out of Christmas. And I've got to tell you I think we're losing something as a society and as a culture. Because what's gonna increasingly happening it's if this is just another hallway day. With no religious or cultural meaning to it it's eventually gonna fade in fizzle. And what it's slowly turning into is just commercialism. It's just an excuse to buy gifts. And that's another thing I'm notice and I don't know about you but in my household and with my family. It's almost like the over commercialization. Of Christmas and now people are starting to rebel against having to bikes so many gifts. Even among my own family which is not social pressure to got to buy you a gift. You know doctor grace again after kids against. My nephews against my niece is a gift ever like if she's becoming too expensive. I'm buying everybody gifts and start to break the bank. So even the commercialization. Of Christmas. I think is causing people to have a lot of stress and a lot of anxiety. And so when everything is said and on how well we just returned to a simple Christmas the weight used to be. People saying Merry Christmas. They go in midnight mass or whatever it is they go to mass they spent time with their families and friends. There is a wonderful dinner a beautiful. Christmas tree yes for the kids there's a gift or who it's something nice for them some chocolates and candy. But it's a boat. Jesus. The birth of Jesus. The celebration of the birth of Jesus and the love of family in France. Call me crazy 61720666868. Double barreled question. Do you think major retailers. Should be rusher and they're telling their employees to say Merry Christmas. And number two. Do you feel bad Christmas is becoming increasingly commercialized. A secular rights. In other words is the Christmas. Being taken out of Merry Christmas. 6172666868. Is the number Suzanne in talks Berry. Thank you for holding and well. Hi Geoff how are you I'm good how are you. I'm carrying in that do you or does it feel he and I love the great. I did Caylee feeling a Merry Christmas to aren't you Merry Christmas all the best viewed your yet thank you. I'm okay. I don't eight something about what you China route taken their credit notes. Our I would Christie he's still a day. I'm recently you know make this quack. Commercial OSHA and what I and that got station. There were those route. They had been under witty exchange. Merry Christmas skiing and it went right and every Christian message and I recited. They'll I'm not. You know why it didn't surprise me already but it yeah. Okay okay it would not read it in the advertisement okay. But up 41 thing to write them and document per job rate sheet said. Particularly. Merry Christmas to let me ends and in the end corrected track. And I think I try to like Allentown awaiting have you okay. And you know what capital you can say something right now okay there is totally out to lie you can say. What you want to say eloquently that the country aren't that came up who product you don't. Pool that you kept. I agree with you agent and I agree I agree with to a 1000% and thank you about call your completely right look. This is what I'm against OK look I ultimately believe in freedom. I really do I make constitutionally. Stomach does a libertarian when everyone a call me conservative whatever you wanna call me. I believe in liberty Emma classical liberal. I don't wanna force somebody to say Merry Christmas if they don't want sooner Christmas I don't. So if you wanna say happy Chanukah right away what a Jewish employees work here. Happy Chanukah I say happy Monica to them god bless you have a great time in on great really honestly however really happy onyx. If you wanna say Merry Christmas that's okay really I don't wanna force you say Merry Christmas happy holidays whatever all the best Jeff whatever what I don't like. And this is what really gets my gender got. Is when I get lectured to like your sister. Well don't shoot Shea Merry Christmas. You should say hoppy hall voters could somebody may find out offensive blank off. Would all due respect blank off. Number one I have the right to say it. They're doing a live in a free country or not that's number one number two and I don't like the stand on this point but now you're forcing me to stand on this point. We are Christian nation. We have other faiths yes. We believe in religious freedom and religious tolerance but we are historically until this day a majority Christian nation. Well if you're a majority Christian nation don't tell me I can't say Merry Christmas. Now you would never tell a Muslim but to say happy Ramadan. You wouldn't have the guts to say. Pritchard and a lecture us. On one of the holiest days of the year for Christians not to say happy Christmas our Merry Christmas a body. Okay. That's Chris the phobia. That's anti Christian bigotry now of their being intolerant now they're being insulting. If you wanna say Merry Christmas. We hear that they. Listen to that made less than. That I own my. It's. Think Kyle can you hear the backers think I don't think I'll you can hear it Britain turned it off leagues like the that they called that eight lead in Waltham go ahead Lee. That the current site in particular might call it our way to election if he isn't the schools. And that's it that's what we have to do an equipment I do this turned out Iraq a country route get a get a lot of government run schools. That boost out of this unduly put well we're all. They're all. Here. You know they just try huge chip on our economy but coming up culture our art choosing the trying to Canada black culture and that's way to do it is from what it. And why can't continue to go to schools. What should be stuck out to let's say they're going to be a lot of work behind the cast investors and you're gonna you don't all the time because that's what's happening. And that they can actually threw together. I would be very surprised because I've seen. Every day I can tell you I think. That bit and for a long time and I tell you it's getting war not batter they don't teach and to bank. There's no kind of plot or reason as what goes on is also accept it because it's pulled to boo and just scary we apple and I elected in the school. Not at the ballot box checked it. Lee thank you for that call jockey in grove and by the way you are completely write a bottle some of these cashiers they counted thank the lord to machines are there. Because. They can't do basic addition. Or subtraction that can't do basic math. And I'm thinking you guys are worried about whether saying Merry Christmas or not he's shy about teaching them eighth grade math I just basic math. Because from what I see I'm not impressed. Jockeying grove Lynn go ahead Jack. Our good afternoon Jeff so I to arm in world was always discs are disheartened by the kids not really. Knowing what Christmas was all of borrow and a few years ago I started a tradition in my family. And for our Christmas party for the family we'd buy a yacht I get a nice birthday cake they're happy birthday baby Jesus. And I have the kids carry the cake out of the candle and we also a happy birthday to the baby Jesus tribute to remind them. What the holiday is really all about. I went to this bakery and but so and this weekend to pick up prior to pick up parquet and it was beautiful they do a great job. And as I was waiting for to take to come out there was mother where their little daughter probably four or five years old. In the little girl was looking at all the cake behind the glass and she says about me that once a Merry Christmas that would says Merry Christmas but none of them had any riding on it. She was just talking to her mother and I have so little girl as that you're you know what my cakes says she goes no I citizens happy birthday baby Jesus. And she looked up that means she should watch. And I think that's what Christmas is all about it's about the baby Jesus she said are you sure are you looked at her brother she goes is that. And a mother just shrug their shoulders. Dotson and not north side judge that's increasingly common. And jock I got asked is how are you with gifts in terms of your family you guys big into the gift giving. Well it's I'm on my side of the family we'd kind of toned it down this fire is. The that the kids 181920. Lead we're not doing that anymore I'll my wife's side of the family she continued to buy for everybody. Jack that's that's me in a nutshell you when I should get together my friend we can commiserate. Thank you protocol. Are trying to tone it down but you know the Italians I call on my in the office. Hot mic in. Yeah I yeah I. Are ya ya I. No one of them is gonna ask for a new car one day I'm dot by the ABC and these guys were they go to on TV tonight general what she's always wanted to not a truck. And I'm like. You know what ever happened to a scar for what now you can if you Obama 30000 dollar truck you're a loser. Where did they really like is seriously. The note what's next why or how it's buyer mansion for Christmas I got ya okay I'm up against that I've got a goal. Everybody. Merry Christmas. We're going to be back tomorrow Obama be saying this all week public draws the moan about crazy. Say Merry Christmas to all Lemond bouts. Mary Chris menace. He's been presented by. Only financial service.