Kim & VB - Who is the blame for Roy Moore losing in Alabama?

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Wednesday, December 13th

After Democrat Doug Jones won the special election for the Alabama Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, Roy Moore refuses to concede and the Republican party is trying to place blame


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Every morning. I'm sure. Well we think this is very user indeed they do Sharon everything. On the voice and Boston's WRKO. Good morning everybody is the day after December of the thirteen. Little special election down. Alabama has since. Tweaks. Through this the entire nation like Israel is watching. And other headlines from around the world this morning. About the election. In Alabama so here we go my friends. Oh it's not over. Could it. It's like grandma it's in the first blood the pleasure of smoking and not hurt it at the really good luck and I'm on another blast of so we put a full wages are what happens. Roy wins Roy loses or too close to call Roy thinks it's too close to crawl however. It's not too close to call. But it was it was close to being too yeah I was close you're not that they are off from having all my god this is really going to happen lived there well. If you are watching the coverage last night to it was really. I I did one of those nights where you watch for bad then you get bad you leave the TV on C a sleeping in you keep kind of way he was I don't know he was winning yeah. I it'd seem like every time I would wake up he would be winning. And it would get I'd seen it all they were tiger again. So it bounced back and forth. All night long it was tight yeah I know where that was Colin I really did I kept thinking any minute we're gonna get that surge of you know voting bloc that Scott and push it down and I'll. A lot of my friends. As it got later in the evening word they are also in the same thing there are because they kept saying boy you know they still have a lot of democratic strongholds that haven't communion and everyone almost like this is like Hillary PTS deal yeah it's like Wisconsin all over again they're not gonna comment were to not recommend don't get your hopes up. And then they did. As I continue to it has over and over again everything is it me or what chip out into one thing for you for a I always thought we view Jim is that. I mean roars and I it this is not a passing judgment thing it's what we all do this sometimes where there is something that you fear so much that you just can't see it because you're an Alabama and as a part of Alabama the you know when you don't like you know Michael my god they're gonna do this again. It does cloud your judgment on what's happening because you just know. Oh my god they've they've there are set an 1850 down there. Well no no it's not so much that it was more I not gonna believe this until it's outside after 2016 I'm not believing it until you see the actual numbers come in kind of thing. Yes they were they were telling you there's Truman. Quote unquote metropolitan areas for a but I pass foreign and Alabama that are commonly I mean they're gonna come in big for him and they determined big for him and there was a reason with. What do you believe an exit polls the way that the timeout. It was going in the minority community there was no reason to believe those were going to be big. That said so you've got. I do to ball questions up right now one of which I find more interest in many others why did Roy Moore lose is it Republican establishment. One of the reasons why I say that is let's do the numbers so. Jones gets 671151. Votes. More debt 650436. Votes for a difference of just under 21000 votes. The write in votes were over 22000. The write in votes we were told by people and exit polls also had Condoleezza Rice and horror guys senator Shelby is why did this. So is the Republican establishment to blame immunity is over the number. I don't what the average write in vote afternoon and now memory election is but this one seems pretty high at almost 23000. He lost by 121000. So is the Republican establishment sublime. Is Roy Moore to blame or is just a sexual harassment which. Has won what are. You that if Luther strangers that candidate though you could Taylor dawn votes would have gone down no doubt no question about there is no doubt it. Anyone other that the answer to that question for me is. Is beat Roy Moore is why you that it got to score more and more moral and it's just like Hillary Clinton the reason she losses because Hillary Clinton anything you just or more. We bring you say about Roy Moore it better be the same as you blocked Hillary right and that's why this idea recount is Gerald anything you said about Jill Stein. Had better applied Roy Moore writes there's no recount you're not gonna swing that many. To imagine what. That would do to democracy if somehow 22000. Votes borer were good right updated changed or whatever I mean he's alienated them. If he's even so it last night he was given so much calling for a recount as he was saying they're not all lead but I don't do you think there's 21000. Absentee ballot ballots that still exist out there. I don't. They are all gonna go Republican. There is no question that he was a terrible candidate for a lot of reasons and I do believe that it's strange had been big candidate. He would've won no question about it. So I expect that reading did not swing democratic anymore than it has any other times they just the Republicans had a terrible candidate. So the so that that's one another thing is nice beverage like oh man trump gave her really classy tech's last night will soon be dozens more and I hope he continues of that. I expect him missing just so you remember right back Luther strange in a primary or I think they broke through and Abbas who is by the way the big loser like his program. There was a rejection of him and now. In bands Smart guy you you do with some point have to eat some humble pie and Democrats did this in Massachusetts and point two and ten Ben hasn't it. There's a limit to the cores. That's the bottom line lesson that's it's not complicated there's a limit to the crazy will stomach a lot but we won't stomach all back. He can't do that again well it usually lose everytime the. And that's one of those situations like Jim felt last night I had it I have to see to believe it when the night I want to see it to believe it was Steve Bannon I'm not so sure it's GB and is gonna just today say. Well those women did this to him as did the other Republicans and now we have to we have to buckled up Steve the NN's response to your poll would be a he would say it was the other republic or your quickness and he's got to buckle down your your enemies I think it's a mistake but I think it's what is. Yeah you'll make a mistake if you believe that when he says that that's what he takes from us. Then it knows you can't put forth another more you're you bet you can't have crazy like that. He's of course gonna say it because they're the big evil is the Republican establishment find him as this war going on and it's the swamp and all that stuff that's fine. You can't put up Roy Moore. Just like the masters is Democrats really you can't put Martha Coakley up in half heard do what she did go what he wanted to shake hands outside of Fenway you can't have that. Or you will lose this the only way you'll. Well let's remember though that I think about it again I don't think Steve Bing and philosophy about this will change one ounce. All Steve BM and sees. Is he had a flawed candidate who was accused of attacking the little girls he's just got to make sure we goes to another stage any continues on this scorched earth. Campaign that he's on for 2018. He's gonna make sure these guys are don't have this kind of suffered their closet yeah I mean but I think it's a Chinese. It's not my theory at all Kelly what's her name in Arizona is equally as crazies were more in other ways and he's all in on her I don't think again about getting your club that yeah is gonna change that you can't you can't do this you can't go that crazy. I gotta have to see it if he had won. If you want I can assure you be crowing we can do whatever we want because nobody tells us what to do you can't say that now he will learn a lesson. The lesson for you ways. Don't overreact and this thing and I'll explain why an amendment well. I don't agree with the black eyed sixteen bit warmer than learning anything from this because I think. This is remark Morse fault not his and not his philosophy. TV Boston's morning show depicting the savior utilize so casual. WRK. So to tell venerable courses where they're gonna watch and answerable right now if you wouldn't mind. Who's to blame for a more applause and a Republican establishment be Roy Moore of she sexual harassment which on to force the all of the above. Well I think all of the above played a part but in the end. I think it Roy Moore is the reason because I think that all the other issues in the state of Alabama would have gone away. Because they would have voted for Republican regardless if it just would have been a Republican felt like they can get behind so it fifty there's. And Sarah Mohr 32% so only vote for him second one is there is no remorse loss good bad or other for the Republican party's. Good bad or nothing in the long run. So my mighty before you answer when Regis lobby you recyclers. One of the streets are put out this morning is it is the paragraph from Fox News today after Scott Brown won in 2010. Already use a quote. The race for the United States senate seat formerly held by the late Ted Kennedy is a win that could grind of president Obama's agenda to a halt. In portend unexpected losses for Democrats in the mid terms. Mum banners and so this is what their point being did did Scott Brown's win grind Obama's agenda to a halt. I know it did not it didn't stop one thing not one nothing and had no effect. It was great in the moment but then in the end it meant nothing. We don't know it Doug Jones is what the world maybe they're different maybe his aim I think they're exactly the I have no doubt in my mind that in point one any deceit will be back to being a Republican seat in it will be for a long time and Alabama. Because they will learn down there it just like Massachusetts it was probably and they won't get their act together. And they want very much higher turn around one point oh man I miss those who. Well. I don't think this is a long term change for the state of Alabama by any means I don't think I don't Josie and he's just either not long. I think this is a two year deal and then this will all. You know that didn't have. The seat will go back to being a democratic see our Republican seat. Do I think this as an effect on the Republican Party and my answer is yes. My the reason I think it has an effect on the Republican Party is because I think they that the Republican Party. Again I think will. I think they recognize it apart they have a division in their party and they're going to have to work on this the Steve Bannon wing of the party. He's hurting the rest of the party. And I think that's where the difference and that's where the sea change will come about. Is that I think the people who were in what what some Republicans like policy that harassment or they're going to. They're gonna get in even deeper and they're gonna band together or just that much harder. Against there ST billions of the world. Or they're gonna recognize that 2018. They're gonna face a whole lot of bumps like this is well. I don't think this is you know I don't think that this is a good thing is going to for the Democratic Party is may be just kind of invigorate some people to get out their push. In 2018 I don't think from even Democrats see this as some kind of huge CG II. Think though one net effect for Democrats will be that people that are on offense that are running in places like the south or the midwest where they don't feel they have a great shot right might be more inclined to run. I don't know that that will pull them win. But I bet the only the only net gain for the Democrats is this is another. Thing that is telling people if you're thinking about running this is easier to do. That's the win for the republic for the Democrats excuse me is. Is two fold one as it says like it did anything is possible. I'm as a walk back Jeff deals running against Elizabeth sure anything's possible. So. If Boyd there will take from this is if we mobilize. And if we organize it if we rose breeze bulk loads of money we can do the impossible is that that they did here. And it paid off now. You do you better have the ultimate in insanity. Up against that in some cases. The thing about Alabama is again none of us think that Alabama is the country so it's. You can just. Everyone does a disservice if they make too much of what happened they're just like we didn't point them amass pledged that being said to Steve Bannon wing of the party keeps putting up crazy which I called I mean it's right that it's so that's on the Democrats and Republican side. The only changes that if they won Ben and would feel somewhat infallible. And say they keep talent as we can't lose but we can't lose well now you know you can lose and you'd better be a little smarter. And they they will because otherwise they will they will employ all right Andy we'll take everybody down Wyndham and so they they will have to straighten up a little. Well I think it I think what's gonna happen here is that the day. Establishment Republicans are gonna say you you're gonna straighten up because you're hurting the party is a hole. I mean establish or Republicans. Say he suffered the most yesterday. I think because they hate did they look bad then we. They lost that seat. They get their delisting banning. That was not a good look it's just not a good luck they had to go against their party. They went against her president. Mean it's not a good luck. I am on a roll like at any point you guys going Geddes who is from overtime in the back you go right ahead 'cause I what I tell you yes well what was going. He's a Jones yeah what I tell you this morning that the presence as they some nasty you know all I'm nasty but I denied to use him to read about Luther strange. Just out in a minute ago allow. The reason I originally endorsed lose this strange and his numbers wanna mightily as I said Roy moral not be able to win the general election I was right. Roy worked hard but the deck is stacked against them. That would Ahmadinejad and do you need really get out your cheers because neither of those for that reason only I am I minutes. To say the Dow Jones is gonna win in his seat that has never ever gonna go Democrat OK but but it there blog peoples are coming including even Fox News. This is also equally predictable and this is only gonna get more but he's right. Daddy's that is his accurate weed is you'll ever put out. Other than that stud the last line that in the deck was stacked against rob Roy and how Soledad I'm pretty sure did all of the dealers are sitting on his side and I'm pleased that you had whiny the dealer Rasheed on five and you some out yet. And took him ten or are these cards. Plays talk about strange right is what some of us were telling people like. The primary is important you think if you just it doesn't matter if they win their. And now things can change in cedar again and that's a listen you've got to pay attention. You've got to get involved in you've got to understand what's at stake. Didn't know how that Luther strange who's gonna win there's no doubt that. Anybody else out was gonna win oh yeah no doubt that with other jurors they've got to download over a little on the absolute right or am I gonna absolutely and I think Mo book mode rooks will win in 220. So try seaweed is right. But for everybody that wanted to quickly celebrated emperor while he showed some class and grace last night it. You'd listen this this is accurate but don't overreact to what he did last night he was gold. They had listening to remember this about the president with friends like the president know what needs and while there are because that's who he yes I would the president is the old memories are in now if you're out with them. And then hear his enemy and if you're living in case you may not always and you don't win. If you're not there are literally is our yes all there is there's no saying there's nothing in between but what is. I keep you write this down their actions BB gives you that you need to live by and this is another one but this is also allows for Alabama which is that water does find its level trump did it really quickly Alabama will do wouldn't when he when he. Massachusetts did it two years later. After brown won water finds its level. And you wind up being what it is you all are Alabama is still a Republican conservative state in the you'll elect a conservative Republican again and a couple of years trump is this and need this is no surprise pole unfortunately what we're doing is different is the -- is very hot streak that water water finds its level and I and I believe that with the country. Don't what that level is. Is we like this. It's all show in the way he. That the country wins even though everybody says this isn't true is it that we stay up late to watch a result of an Alabama election in where in Massachusetts. Then that is what we want in that's what we got last night. So we're. People think that we lose but we win with that because that is what we want we want you crazy show would not eat all sorts of craziness skies our ports for God's it. Headlines in the paper today saying literally front page of the paper word I think even he could put an appropriate. Scroll you. And the horse you rode in on. That's on the front page of the New York Daily News today. Because we want that we want to circus we want crazy but just not too crazy that he actually wins. Well I I would say that. The country is tiring. Of crazy. And I I think that's not either item based on I les. No I think the Tet idling it's based on one race I think it's based on all of what it just keeps coming down and I'll left and right eighteen is going to be and yeah. It's like I'm so little but generally want that now you know why it's going to be that why this guy who sits in the White House scenic shirts that way. He's the one who's imposing that on every once he's. Now he's one old one doing it. Well I'm not saying it's going away and say I own the artery is tiring of it I think the country was to see something happening. Now. They want Russia they want to do is going to be more money spent on that is going to be more television is going to be more risk into stuff that we never felt I understand why you think that's because dean nation once that. Do that is because the president and the people in Washington won it I think if you were to pull our people were listening right now and you asked them to call they would tell you. I want these to calm down. I want them to do something frost I don't want this shell I don't want this crap I don't want the get Roy Moore is of the world. Al there with all the allegations and all the BS. I want them to do something for us for once I think the president is how does it look the country he's borderline schizophrenic last night is 1 trumpet in this morning is another trump and that's the country nursery borderline. I'm not about as a medical diagnosed just talking about these. He is a chaos guided from one native the next you know which I guess people that are hiring of that I think they thought that was Accuray Anaheim for. The first six months because it looked like he was gonna throw everybody off kilter that everybody was gonna fall in line with him. But nobody's falling in line with it just continues to be chaos. And nothing gets done I think people are tired. Clinton but nothing gets done is what you should root for that's the best DC there is heavy users on the gets done you end up losing money you want government and a local people who are losing their health care that. That's a yes. Did there are people losing their health care. You are tea all the employees so Boston. Knows we still got to go by the rules to. But this recount provision but we also know that god is always in control. Part of probably this. Campaign. It's we've been hanging in an unfavorable and I'm. My whole life. And we've been. To put in a hole. If you will near remind me of the passage and didn't solve important. I waited patiently for the war that's what we've got to do then that's what we've got to do is wait oh god. And let this process play out I know it's late and we can't wait to have her body weight 11 o'clock. But the votes are still coming in and we're looking at man but got pledge you this goal late games played journey. You for coming tonight we got over. So that was right or last night and she did not continue he hasn't yet this morning there was to some of his. And Bob followers here. Supporters at his headquarters. What what does that remind what does that make you think of that feature it well. Here's here's one thing that I'm not gonna do it comes to bring more Hackl play that record it's not I'm not gonna knock his religion. We not only not Kim got a good humor and irony would that is that is as southern boys and eighteen you have to file after Lee's Simon thing but that's OK now I is soaring over we're gonna go to Missouri we're gonna keep track. And someone dead. But Dick. These that is the essence of the south will rise again it's like right. It's all par you'll. That part of it I think is you know that that part of it is ridiculous and at last night you know he knew he knew it was over I admit that what I'm not gonna get sucked. In terms of knocking at LA but you say that I don't like Rory more because he has a religious convictions I don't care about his religious convictions that is freedom in this country. I don't I'm not one who's gonna vote for someone who's religious convictions come before. You know there's it's there's separation between church and state my estimation and to push it in such a way that if I don't believe the way he does. Then I'm not worthy which I think that's how he sees it. To me that's not right but that's his religious convictions and that's fine. Noted but nobody's who are not nobody is it's more of nobody even the president is saying you know fight justices David Steele in a ruling it's over right and Roy is Roy is that. Right that Robert dole from 1866. That's gonna need some weapons and it runs right. It's all our. And we knew accurate arson we knew that's how Roy approached everything because we watched them throughout this entire campaign. As he. Steadfast. You know even though he had it even though there were there were cracks in his armor. Biden did by virtue of the fact that gives you. You said things that didn't make sense related to those women but he stood fast and he stood fast last night even saying. Not only. Is this election's not over but we're all gonna go home and keep fight. I guess you know that's who he is that's how he gets. Look at our bathroom or what are you supposed to say. Ever won and again if you're a god has planned for all of us and sometimes bright and we thank him when the moment global fine but I'd. They did keep fighting thing is right where it did for not in this fight despite the right to your analogy go to Massachusetts is play is obviously now out of run for governor. That's what are the dead and I think Roy is not on Martha's female one to issue and as old as Roy to be she announced. She got these kind of warts on catalog awards and achievements and that was doubted our government is usually get it it would go out with a Republican governor of yeah results right Roy's all. Nick is in Weymouth the morning neck. Take you there. And nick is not there. That's totally believes in Waltham this morning good morning late. And I'm going right I don't think they could say that's OK I. Tiger election arrogantly. I'm I don't really think the order however it matter what we do and I'll tell you why. With a straight you Republican are you would go there are early vote Republican proposal. Now I Obama then leave leave the truck I could get Libya would what are biggest supporter now fairly short solar. You're out there were people aren't but all in all the ideas. But he watch sports according to a national Democrats had nothing to do with this election that was the whole point slowly over the last two weeks in pompano. And everybody you know you got in that they do you call I really got three credits hagel is spiritual path. Georgia is going a lot I can't do it offense should wait I do like the the Democrat. But that now I don't know would have hit the Democrats really why Walter has press saying. OK for a Republican guy so the Republicans and Democrats don't attic so that I Soros. In a while it's sort of putting a little and you are Kabul it's got to be something else. Who brought George Soros money into Republican. Italy I don't know since this there's times and we can talk about the Coke Brothers or their sorrows is at his. Thorough way our guys I need backing leave their strings let's market Greek votes a 100% of the time of the president I'm gonna have called BS on its market Cree easily conspiratorial here when it's this I think he is usually it's OK okay one that the fish rots that they had which is Hillary and then save the other but George Soros is largely our moral law to know why the Republicans laws like. Roy Moore is one at a loss. I mean S girl's Republican I think Q half to just. Recognize that all candidates. Are great there was I mean this guy was not a good candidate. Doesn't make. The stateless republic and that doesn't take away from Republicans values this guy was a bad candidate. Primaries are important to say this again people don't pay much attention but there in Massachusetts react. We have Ed Markey is senator some of us that don't have these next earning voted in the democratic primary to trying to Stephen Lynch to be the nominee and we told you elect. Did this guy is probably gonna win whoever wins this thing you might wanna get the right guy which was lynch. He lost of course there's the machine picked out it was old and tired and born and would do whatever they said. And you know when it is the same down there in Alabama like. Bantam Ben and one that. Martellus Bennett won the battle will see what happens in the horrible would it. This is that this is just a bigger battle this isn't the whole war yet but this is a big loss force Steve Mann Scott is in Weymouth this morning glory Scott. Good morning do it yes very tight so although secretly wants a computed one packet. It is yeah. Good morning Madeline as Eudora and it's always a good morning no matter what Dole's dole is he's like that's probably only got about a minute left yourself still tried from a second talking a minute erratic no no not at all. Started talking simply tell them what little you can make but we stole 5149 I'd say we speaking community being argued gem we know you're blue. If this guy is in July it's only admitted this second lake George so I've got to third but ninety's things are now tied George Soros. Let's not we don't skip to the next one. I can't believe one blue and all sparkly did you get this guy who comment on it now now you know he's the political opinion of the country did you hear him what he's such. I did yeah he's from there I mean he's here he's right or what I wanted to. I cannot explain that it doesn't validate it. Steve he says he's proud that you know we have a state that's awesome rednecks and to be ignorant assists and are you kidding me well I'm more on he has. All states that are on I want you make him more of Charles. Like partly as an appealing and yells his microphone funny campaign for Doug Jones DM yeah alignment. He's not the moral compass of anybody you just let his usual Charles Barkley stuff which which is what debate about whether that's right. Morning show quit killer beat me. WR KL. What do you need two things through more things food that you want as your revenue purposes. Number one is secretary of state down their sit down voter turn out. Even higher than predicted that what is even higher mean in when he 1740%. Why is person a special Election Day which is on December the twelfth. Not a terror on the pier 60% of registered voters and Alabama so yeah I'm gonna sit this one hour this one's not that important Amazon does when out. I mean it's arguably the most holy election in their lifetime. Yeah but I would argue that the period you just heard the secretary of State's it was higher than they thought so would a lot of people did go they did think it was important. I think they just have voter apathy down their period. No I wanted uses. Cutting their voter apathy I think that's a red state nothing there I think that. Most Israelis stating again the brown Coakley election I think with just over 50% like it. Mark my whole point and that is what would it take we asked him what would it take you to not over what would it take for those 60% evoke. What did I do I guess here is that part of it is I think a lot of people don't vote they'd be said I don't want a vote for Romo were more but I'm not voting for Democrat I don't it will period I and ideas and I zoning and people that are although I mean realistically what is the point of going to the ballad writing in a different republic. But they idol bit again blow up an aristocracy yummy and it has ordered deadline for two hours or fur protest religions seem Jim percent of people didn't do didn't vote in this election that is unbelievable to me. I couldn't begin this this read this also were I think supports what I've said do you. I think we're caught the bubble here I think a lot of people are quite tired of this I mean if you didn't go to vote in Alabama for this. I think people are tired of this site show I think they want the world and all of this to calm down. And I think fit their lust interest did bin. I think I think you wanna do it another thought if that's. If that's what you want in your way to make that happen is to just sit it out while that's an interesting stories I think that's I don't you unfortunately. Advocates completely valid choice I think it there was an important Democrat running up here I probably wouldn't vote. I think that he doesn't have anything to do with that because again I think they had one of their higher turnouts. For a special election I think people just. They've they've had enough of all of this. Here's your children voted. I disagree with your take on that I just financing to present number of extremely dangerous thing and I'd love the fact that they're applauding themselves for having 40% turn out like wild. Less than 50% turnout you go on we're awesome that's a weird one secondly. First were yesterday that the senator Shelby interviewed Jake Tapper and to being pretty consequential is over 22000 voters followed his lead or somebody else and so there is that right. Second tweet right after it from Jed harper Jake Tapper himself latest exit poll. More closed strong would late decider is those who decided in the last few days went from 5637. How those two work in tandem so one is the Shelby caused people to not vote for more. And then the other is that the league decider is voted for more I think those are allowed Italy to senators are just people that weren't admitting they're going to be all right I agree I know I whining that happens in these is there is that analysis of morale paralysis of analysis. People are gonna whether you believe exit polls regular polls any kind of pulls in any kind of stats. They're gonna over analyze this to the healthy that's the personification of I don't know whether Richard Shelby's interview meant anything out of Condoleezza rice's thing Manning. I don't know if Roy Moore is wife's comment man any kind. How are you could've been undecided in the last couple of days but according to exit polls are large I think. Exit polls I think we've driven this would prove this in 2016. I mean you know if anybody gets all excited about the polling and they get beat your proximity was gonna win by eighteen points he didn't I mean if people get. So excited about all this polling pulling a brilliant yen means nothing. People can say whatever they want to a pollster and most of diamond situations like down there I would argue. People didn't admit they were voting for more I think a lot more people did and what the polls show. So I want let's talk about George Soros excrement now we're not we're not that I'm not into it that's the number of things about this. And that's not one of them for me that's of interest if you guys want to believe the you can be pushed drummer George Rosen that somehow George Soros. Controlled everything that happened. Back in the primary to yesterday however addict I'm not interested in discussing and Roy Moore a lot because Roy Moore was an awful candidate. And they ran an awful campaign right up until the last second when one of the spokesman went on TV into the Roy Moore thinks the probably gauge of current are committing a crime by being nice early yesterday and yeah our said that the one of the best times in this country was when there was slavery. Now this doesn't know the media are just. I like you dropped after Mike draws what was the other one if you're on able to swear yourself in on any Christian Bible then you shouldn't be in congress right he is Martha Coakley Martha Coakley. Her age showed that the reporter down in DC after a multitude of I don't care about people comments. It and it was is as it went just snowballed on air in it did withdraw and end here's another question I would have for those who think it's somebody else's fault. Moore was out of the state is it turns out over the weekend yeah he went to the army navy game. Did she. Eighty let's closer aren't you the final product not object on that I have Martha Coakley got can't criticize because. Over the Christmas holiday that your she went on vacation I'm not gonna criticize veterans are on the army knew before forum. I'm not. I am because I was more interested in being woke and I hear Jim Brady was more it was largely. And our soldiers our troops are defending our soldiers cheered them up. This one time he's running for office so we was warned just in that. Then going from being in the state and telling people why they needed him in in say they think the word was out why these I don't think he needed to be your hurdle before board are. But I just think that I don't think you'll need to be it was put owner regardless goalie from Alabama that we check out what the army you lately I bet it'll make you pay. You may think that and you guys can say whatever you want but the fact of the matter is people criticized Martha Coakley for not being in the state for three weeks before the election. This guy the weekend before it's that there was this was there is no different journal all of them. The difference is she went to DC for a fund raiser with people from Hollywood he went to the army navy football game you went to a game the army needs all. Garrett who it is he's running for so those are huge differences here they're not huge differences that's in your estimation they are not huge differences he wasn't there while he was there. He was there in a box cheering for some some guys on a football field. Okay I wasn't fundraising with the people from out of state I would argue she was fundraising decision to come back again. And raise money so she continued trying to win. OK he was actually anything related to phones are one elevator alone are not optically the same at all at the end of the day they both suck I don't think I got really good about my point oh please tell fostered that didn't cost Roy Roy other things caused Roy including the comment yesterday the company ms. white tonight before. Interview the twelve year old girl interview maybe did maybe didn't I don't know. It's just one of the new and that's though that there should be what he does. What it signifies is that Roy Moore our number one was running from the people because he did not want to he did not want to tip to face what was the reality. Of who he is and what kind of candidate he was so he did what he could stay out of the state and stay away from people. And I mean you print that over and over. I just really directly lead somebody wants his sorrows at the smear campaign. So while we're volume here is very smear campaign like that's a fact there are allegations which the Washington Post ran not. The guy and I'm not say his name and where you guys are desperate. What is about Republicans when they lose man they're bad losers innate they'd love to blame anybody but themselves sometimes you look at him this is one of those times what a numerical. How is it that we got to the point where we were literally saying we we got to do this we got to both Roy Moore. And now that we've lost maybe we look at ourselves and go yeah let's not do this again let's feel a little bit smarter about this. And let's let's not put ourselves in a pickle like Roy Moore again that's all there's so much more Roy than just the thing. The allegations were there one that did get him in for sure. But those are things of Roy Moore that we all should look at ago yeah I don't think the last time make America great was in 1865. That's the crazy about religious figures are about that they be you're saying that in your preaching that. But the people in Alabama if they were given a candidate exactly like Roy Moore again they would vote for him again that is that is OK and I'll talk about. And save and learning some things we're now 97 hates taxes to give the people of Alabama fine Democrats 1% less of Corinth and Metafiles. They could be the issue here Bibi is that. It's the it was that right yet there it was that it was the issue related to the allegations. That's why Roy Moore is not a senator this morning it is not because he thinks that an eighteen what ever the country was a better place. It's not because he doesn't like gays. It's not because he doesn't think that you it's not as up and do with the Christian Bible and you put your hand on it. To be sworn into office it is nothing to do with any of that Paula really OK I pupil not because that's who they would I open. Or I don't care believed there was a sizable. Minority in the Republican Party that voted for the he's gonna make us look like the bad stereotype we don't want to be anymore. There's no question that is that's what else are vote for a mentor to strong Thurman Trent Lott's view of the Republican Party in there is some in the remote members who are we getting a week from Matt at some point. If we bring him in. A not only does that stick on us as our image for all sold. For the next couple of months the only thing we're going to be able to do with a party is debate whether or not gonna keep this guy and we don't want any part of that. There is a number of there is the total package of Roy Moore it is not as simple as to. You guys always wanted to be as simple as we wouldn't have lost except that you lied about us. There's there's this win of the Republican Party that wants to do that every single time but that isn't reality the reality you gotta look at presumptive why did we lose. We've been telling the Hillary people that they ought to do that forever we'll do it now what more yourselves. There's a reason why you lost in it's it it's him he is the reason and we enabled Roy Moore to get to this point and we've got to deuce. Full search. I understand that I agree that that I again would save if you put Roy Moore up again in Alabama. And this time there were no allegations from those women Roy Moore would be the senator this morning hi people were not offended by who wrote war is. At his core and his values in his beliefs in Alabama. The Republicans down there would have voted for him. I really believe he will run for something again. I bring you think he's on I really don't think he will run out what exile he bottom line dirty tricks works at 603 what's what's the dirty trick. I mean again so the with the exit polls if you believe we're not 53% down their think that the allegations are credible 44% say they're not credible right. That's an interesting number if you believe it whenever. I told you all on some you have to make up your mind as to what he does. Just Republicans right that's across the board yeah supports over 53% of Allah Albanians they don't believe they were dirty tricks they believe there was truth is there's a difference dirty trick is what bush did to McCain. Back it in South Carolina which was just awful he grows in that nobody's anything.