Kim & VB - Omarosa was fired. Will Robert Mueller be next?

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Thursday, December 14th

With news that Omarosa is out at the White House dropping yesterday, the bigger pressing question is whether the hammer will fall on Robert Mueller and his special investigation


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Jim and DD Boston's morning show. WR TL. And we'll. Do. Did you think if this state division that we still wouldn't hurt from foreign war. We have heard from a well and we heard from hidden meaning here for an things. Think when you mister Jones. Did this I did not expect anything different from them this is exactly are expected to play. But again it is it is years. US stocks like nobody's listening I think health and it's an excited modules fine for five seconds despite his nobody is indeed been doing back there and him. Mike Huckabee said maybe maybe you may be over it's going that would be another data just does that mean to me it's just so said that. You know the guy is no he's not he's just such job. Or loser. On this Alabama appreciation day I mean come on can't appreciate. Alabama. To more. Hey good morning everybody shows six good to have you on this Thursday morning. Let me just say off the top no matter how your day is going on whatever you're gonna have to deal with today you know I'm Carlson. Listen. OK so what do you what. What happened on. You're elected he's had any doubt about. I've reading so I knew. Half the world's ocean has dragged out kicking and screaming the other half says the changes has to go on to other opportunities well. The president Saleh out of of the world because he treated her our best wishes now. I was her job if anybody can just give you just debris because I might want to apply. I'm trying to figure out what the job description I don't think you we. You can apply I don't read disqualify you don't own job you adult you'll know what for all your Caucasian a hole. Well all right. Well our job as a drop like star yes a long time in. Ever since yours on the show when she won and they've had a roller working relationship and she fit a couple of bills by being there but everybody that got to the White House at some point asked the question what. Is she doing. What did she do what is her yeah isn't the answer apparently was always jump on that she's okay out divide your weathered Oregon. But at some point don't leave your apparently news. So no idea what not a weakness there are technical title was director of communications for the white house office of publicly he's on. Views. I did she ever give an interview. Yeah I numbers are anywhere she gave a bunch interview yet she did she went out actually she would outspoken and never play for months but that yeah I've Arabs wish I was there liaison to a few things. But in like two or three of those events she got into trouble. I I have copyright and long time I see you're in lines you know trump comes out yeah sitting in the room because. You goal from the Rome that she easing for some reason and you move. By all accounts she if she had total access to the president to Kelly got their and then he said no. Not you or anybody else has total access to him and. This made her angry so that she caused even more problems which I think just became a real nasty you seeing between she and Kelly. Well wedding thing I mean there how would you like to go out as that tiger remembered. You stormed the white house with your wedding party that's not even the four or five worst things she's remembered for her life so I mean she's like this is who she hit the. And families she got that done now edited out of it donated in the average retiree carries. Does anybody out this story that they told a year Don in she said. She showed Robinson I need to see the man directly and they took her out of there right tonight I don't doubt that one and then I'm guessing she was. I assume she is one of the what do they say it is like forty people have his number I'm guessing she's one problem so I'm guessing she was texting him and he was Sam that's going to be his ways are going to be over time. I would imagine that is exactly how it all transpired I think you've pretty much nailed the whole thing. Doesn't there have to be video though of them lose really. Holding her by the arms taking her out of there and don't you desperately wants you that video. I don't know if there's video mean I don't think I don't think anybody would be video weeding. Do you Secret Service in her I'll be there may be video in the building as we security video of every inch yeah White House and out on me and it doesn't mean they keep it but there has to be. That's number one number two. So she I mean just from Purdue would brief moment. Let's put it's not so wish it literally screaming. Out if you are playing. And. Where does Kelly today. And I know spend days before Christmas but I don't care. Well she's dry when she now seated him at that I think for him and he wondered on when he does have to run that bottom. Any as saying look I'm taking a route that I write and diet of a trump how. How do you prove it Ers don't Jenin in the in the constant soap operas this is another one where it yeah I would like to know a little more what happened here. It's crazy you know and well I mean like that. Again I read different sites that you guys do so like the board that things are different where that she was. One of the mean people that would like poke the president in two tweeting Saul why boy aren't. Incendiary things that he tweets and that's sort of plays into the narrative about he had been calming down and he'd been better on Twitter and any panel explosion over the weekend. We all know how people we all had friends and our lives he's gone yeah. It's this happens in athletes all the time when they make a big music like I known I know your body but manages to Hossa got to go and you're always like. As he's my guy I love them and sometimes it works sometimes as an idea always is he might that was one armor Rosie to trump trump. Gets a kick out of I feel like to have around I think she was the one that's an idea mister president that Kirsten Gillibrand tweet that's gonna go well Florida I think that's and Kelly was like all right that's it you're done I can't anymore or well. I think she also probably was constantly trying to skirt Kelly because he was the guys in the door and she is another no you know I go way back in you don't get out of the way. And I think friendly general Kelley said now why I think it's more of our first generous toward hammering at some point Kelly says what what what is the upside here what are we right wing and right eye on the ball. I don't visit Gillibrand won in particular but maybe. I think she just says stuff and then trump likes what she said in any I don't think he's running his threes buyer. But stop would come out of her mouth let me Healy said hey that I'm Rick Perry repeated day pressures are like Fox News for the president the time right it's like this seemed to last night it came up that doesn't judge Geneen goes to the White House and does her show in person for him sometimes. Like I'll save that yet it is I I'll tell you would you like aside they were shown some video last night some of the stuff that she has attended on behalf of the White House. Over the last few months and she she's done nothing but cause problem problems at those events. And got me do with people and I am I'm sure that again general Kelley sort of like really. Is that really who we wanna be sending out their who's doing that kind of stuff on our behalf of. In our third hall. This would be a huge story in this administration it's the sixth or seventh story of the day there were bigger fish to fry yes today which again may be is the best time to do it man we think we're gonna tax cut. So let's hear her I think people more significant have been I mean are we all sort of going again you really took this long debt. To get her out I mean what what in the world that she did I think drugs secretly like your theory is that picture of here's my staff on day one and I think he's secretly wants as many out as he gets like she's in that is pleasure it's like I interacts. What was the show revenge on ABC will get a whole concept is the girl has a picture up from 25 years ago all the people that get her to follow and additionally just. And is now one might want a not yet how has got a picture under his pillow it came up at a proof another one that on an act. Wake up with Kim in DD is unbelievable it's infuriating Obama. Boston's morning show WRK you know. So we put up with Hillary Clinton's election. Will Robert Mueller be fired or should he be. Know what will is the whole thing now what do your part we're sure it's that so. I did that once Missouri's it's not surety but we will discuss surety. But currently to tell it manageable when his will he be fired before for mrs. investigation. I know is it 52%. Yes is a 40%. Pretty dire early voting. No this will not be fires at 52%. Now. So this all comes out of yesterday. I'm not how much of this she saw and how much of it Europe is of interest Hubert. Deputy attorney general grosans time I was in front of congress yet again. And we answered questions and talked about straw and these investigations and everything is going on whether it be another independent counsel to her. Com and it. Was glaring we obvious as you watched it that the Republicans. On that committee. Were laying the ground work for that and they were to the way I put it is. This was an opening statement in that trial where you're you're giving your broad overview of your case that you were there are going to prove to all of your witnesses were. Yesterday's hearing rose sign was that it was laying out the case to the American people as to why smaller he's going to be fired. And now they're going to go about trying to make you know that's what it felt like him that's what it seems. Present Stein. He defended Mahler and pretty big you know he tuchman is character talk perfect innings in Vietnam combat that. He spent most of his life in public life he also explain the fact that while they do know that FBI agents. Certainly a political points of view the issue is related to buy yes. And while this whole. Situation that. Has now come to light which Kurt really last summer but stark are Starker when his car. That was an that was an issue of bias that it was in you know unfortunate. He said that he is not believe that there are people on this. Committee. And working with Lawler who has shown by yes. Beyond. So here's how big this is the money I'd write day it was early and it was asked multiple times in different ways but this is Jerrold Nadler the congress Democrat congressman from new York and he's back in for the rose in time and fought finally gets to the punch line and Rosen finances. So explained previously I would follow the regulation. If there were good because I wouldn't. Active through no because I would not and you see no good cause so far correct. Have you seen good cause to fire special counsel mullah no. That's it that's always gonna throws size there and currently he's I'm going to be fired. Though the whole point is. What would it take for you to remove him I need good cause do you have good cause now the Republicans. Are screaming and I'm wondering what you think six on 7266 exceed sixty. Is they're good cause to fire Robert Mahler. Well I don't think I think actually. In my in my estimation no one listening to our radio show and none of us can actually answer that because at this stage of the game we don't know that much. At that much is being divulged if you're just gonna base it on the fact that those too bad that guy. Has come and gone and he was fired last summer than my response is no. Because I think that most in the investigation really got heated now under way in September and he was already gone. And by the way but I don't there's you know it's true though did anything he didn't act. Act on the bias in any way that affected the as far as we know we don't know I mean not Abbas knows. Well Jim Jordan lead the league he's the big. He's a guy you've seen them will light jackets off he lost to wave his arms and more agreeable. I'm bombast and and salt while back in his chair like he so exasperated and you're not see in the world as he sees it. Qinghua United's it's rock first it's four seconds. Page to a very lesser extent issues only there briefly. But the there's there's a series of geez while here's what we've just learned in the last couple weeks of lowering. The implication being how much more that must be going on and you're telling me no. So let me know when you do that and so. I did a good thing I army Rosen signed I've told you this forever I thought he was excellent again yesterday outages and ripped I don't get on what he's getting to be an expert at this though is they're often enough this is hard to do what he did yesterday and he did I thought he did very well one of the points that he made was. They said are you going to appoint. Of whether I'm one of whatever the legal term whether it's an independent counsel a special counsel a special investigator to look into all of this stuff. And how they Hillary stuff was handled. He should you do understand we have an inspector general it's looking into this right and they said great you're expected to and you understand he has a hundred million dollar budget that you authorized him to write. He gets cleared by you to have that position he has a staff authorized by U his sole job is to do this. If he is doing it right now that's how we found out that's the only way you know about Straka is because of him right. And yet you're tells you want me to go over that. His client which is a good one in this is how prosecutors in this or keep telling you will all this stuff is. Whether stroke Straka had bias or whatever there has to be some sort of factual it's movement. In in rose's eyes as he says time and I mean I want to wait for the inspector general's report and then so Jordan but yeah you're always act. Okay well flipped cars and rolled back and he's waiting for it. When that comes in based off of that he will then make determinations going for I don't anticipate. That he's going to get that reporting all care reform I don't anticipate that and I don't think anybody does which is why. You have this thing going on but. Question here is can the Republicans be loud enough long enough that they cause enough doubt that people go OK you've got to go. Well I think that if these guys are true to their word their prosecutors who might have political views that don't have biased and they're not going to be bothered by that. They're gonna do what they think he's right in American about that kind of pressure. Talk about being prosecutors. An act. You know we knew we had a lot of Republican gesture and a committee who were screaming loud beep their chests. And we are Republicans were not and I go back to business you said just give him a week or so of the tree dowdy who has certainly been a very vocal. Republican. Straight dowdy he says that he's defending this whole situation. And he says a much more of a prosecutor at heart then they in a member of congress and it's a hard job and it's a thankless job. On any given day you're gonna irritate somebody he says. So he is supporting. Smaller and this these prosecutors thinking that until we know we're seeing something like I just said you actually definitively know they had bias in your. Investigation he thinks that they should stay in place. It's a thrill much evidence do you need their quirks and let Hillary off. Any. I would be good if hey here's my point is so good and I know you're not only to hear some of the but let's talk about it let's discuss this. One of the words roses signed you in his Ramallah was honor and honorable and old so let's not. Do you think Robert Mueller is on. Do using brought grosans sign is normal do you think Christopher raise honorable. Do you think Jeff Sessions like what I can continue just warnings out or or I'll stop there and I will say this. In the Roy Moore race. One of the words that we heard a whole lot it also comes up in the meat to stuff periodically but one of the words we heard a whole lot as which. How is what the Republicans are now setting out to do to the FBI how is that not a witch hunt where you were just. One by one trying to pick off the credibility of people that have been there in some cases thirty plus years yeah. And have been in most case once again hold you back a little bit. Morris or Republican right yes Mueller was appointed by a Republican right. I don't always had a long career and has been ups and downs and then some of it's been weird and some of it so orally on agree with some things he's done. Do you think Bob Mueller is an honorable man is too important question because of the injuries yes. And what are you basing your removing him all of them. Because to me that's everything. I in the straw case struck have to go that one email is debate the idiot one doesn't bother me at all that when I. I get the that sex Elsie put 88 and headline but. We've all said that about everybody we work and at some point or another and we text and it. The one that is the do troubling one is when she says Gary they are here god put you there an easy guy and I'm going to do what I torrent. That that obviously makes a leap and that's that's where you're gone. And I thought Mike Montgomery all immediately I thought if it came out and then Meyer Muller fired him then you're saying well okay maybe he might he'd see way there but. He fired her when I hear all books are just like that couple right. Right that's exactly right he thought UAE I can't do that this was because he was caught it right it be different if that your right if he was fired last week. But soul because it Italy did now mullet look. You know it was force one of the things we'll do so and Bulldog after the break to preside for example is to Poland rams name on our list of callers. If I'm gonna go down the list of do you think they're an honorable man one of the people ominously he was Michael Horwitz. A look at name up during the break up cause your going to tell me depending on what he's report is. Whether he's honorable enough so that I'm going to ask you now before his report comes out or whether usery isn't so you better get working on it. Because if the inspector general comes out and he clears smaller. You were then going to tell me he's just got an outer give I was wrong I Stein I would have said that yesterday that was said to Jim Jordan. As you're flailing your arms I am asking user do you think the inspector general and honorable man because I know how this has been done in the past. And I'm concerned that what is happening to other men that I nor honorable he's going to happen him. Six or 7266686866. City is our tax line. We'll take your calls during this conversation let's talk about who's honorable who's not and we think all of this is gonna go. You Archie now. Boy so Boston. 635 bucks back everybody 8:30 this morning we're gonna get when he asks tickets to the Museum of Science can play passes. Over at the box office that's at 8:30 this morning has given way to push you grow gift certificates with the idea. Half an hour and kind of nine you know we don't stick around and you're never meant to yes could just tell you something folks. If you don't the horseshoe girl they were here last week I'm still talking about to be false but they brought in to our spectacular. You don't wanna miss your opportunity. To head of the horseshoe grow we're giving away those tickets coming up in the car car for Denver meatballs I believe all. I'm Hugh Elliot in that I loved it is because there was just it detector it was so spectacular giving an excellent. Some people think Jim and I don't get along off Aaron that we don't like each other in early. Alina. And sold what happened within the altitude quick story Europe into his own people that are educated get audit. Yeah is it so. Why are you witnessed this right. So so what we brought him a couple of the intern items that are you gonna present at all just one half from me sponsor. Kind of jerk takes half a meat Albany cuts the thing down the middle. Cut to a couple minutes later as a lineman want to take whatever and if you put the rest in the kitchen design busy doing nothing some of its advocates hooking you with daycare that. Smoke like he's standing man and I know well. You know if there's no one's gonna have the meatball I'll just take him before anybody answers I take that half of the meatball him. I would have taken that except that I already did the calculation in news at that right there in waves over money and I'm lucky to I knew that that was going to happen. And our I'm really happy when kids are all right wow I would I don't know I thought it was just that I was the one getting myself and I we let me out that half of the people. I was striking out because we kept our about the start meatballs and you get sale just have a half a guy why he wishes to have to 7007. Happen to have a the other half of the half. How you are so I want to shock people think we don't like each other. So portion grill folks we can't say enough about and really honestly I was there are coming back this morning I know customers and I come across all the time here but I'm a friendly guy of callers thought. All right we're talking about which are about whether we think. That there Robert Mueller still gonna have a job come 2018. Because yesterday. Reza stand in front of how senate committee and they are pushing hard to Republicans to get him to fire. Robert Mueller which he didn't seem to bug yesterday as if that was even you know something he was entertaining at this stage of the game. So had to park should mall or be fired today in most of our textures and future and but. Will he you know and I continue to maintain now he will not. Again for currently Rosen signs phonetic editor would you earnest and I've IC no the only reason I would do it is for Cowen as it should be for cars or cause. He doesn't see any call us and so currently know he also so I'm waiting for the inspector general's report from. We know the inspector general wake up strokes he now is he said. I need to see all of electronic communications from certain people we'd be in this investigation stroke with one of them obviously. I'd does you have Muller's. I bet I assume he does. So for those of you leaders dry doesn't bring us CA hangar where Mahler but again I would if I would have this or that about called me and then Kobe's turn out to be no difference I don't know. So for those of you gorgeous may be joining us and you haven't heard this whole this whole bit of background here. As you know in the last week or so Republicans have said that we needed a second special counsel to oversee the Moeller investigation. From the far right. There all of this in light of these these texts and emails that come out and yesterday we did that was brought up. The dirty gross instances Stein said look don't you understand the inspector general is since he's essentially that person right. That's what he's doing and by the way you would. Dissent it. You've appropriated their hundred million dollars forced him to do this. And in fact he's he's found. You know these emails he has he is the one who brought this to light last summer so you already have your special. Attorney. In place and we're waiting for an in his report. The point at a special counsel is win the person who's supposed to be investigating this hoster recuse himself because he's personally involved in which is why Jeff Sessions hired Bob Mueller or Robbins site fired or. Well Bob there's there's no reason why the inspector general. Can't investigate this there's no personal connection between them the way there was between sessions and trump night. Rosen signs should go osu is 60% through seven fire more and roses Stein now. Again how many bids for some of your taxes I wonder how many people you were fired because I know at some point you were glorified sessions so you would fire the attorney general you were fired the deputy attorney general you were fired the special counsel. I don't know where you are the enemy FBI investigative Armenia head FBI director Bo we know whose wife is sold my guess you know logical and I was wearing a limit on who you're right I. I'm assuming if if this this report comes out from the inspector general and you don't like it then you're gonna what human fired as well and for all of you who have issues saying well they have personal bias of the need to go I feel like you're all perfectly comfortable with DeVon you know as being in charge of the house investigation on Donald Trump. And there's you don't feel that there's any personal bias there that can affect that at all yet again in all of these cases Russell as at as to what I understand my agents have political leanings and maybe he might as. You couldn't you can how they biased towards something but also do your job when I mean. Well I think you know what did he say I mean I understand that they have political views that their bias cannot get in the way and that's what I've always stroked it right this second what's so what happens that it's that you do it's not dangerous but if you play that game they know OK there's a fine line. The second it crosses over. You're gone. He's now doing a desk job in not doing what he was doing because he crossed that line with that email that is I in this the firewall bright and the reason trade guarantees on board with not firing him is that a streak Audi knows we're gonna play this game and yeah. Through all my emails may be are not. The train got he's a prosecutor colonel you have to ask and I can't just really don't do. He knows that he is he had. The entire time he was a prosecutor heated political views. But if your professional. And me you know than most of you can do your job effectively limited Paul Paulson right and good morning Paul. Torre camp you know I think Mark Twain said about about that she wouldn't be beeping you know I. I don't need my friend and not an odd and you know agreement every statement shattered or better. I'm not been to the idea that we can only be friends or people who agree with the all our tradition. Bullish. But to the smaller issue you know. You know certainly didn't are all honorable typical Mark Anthony speech in nearly cedar but. I think the only knock against smaller that you can say is that. The gene pool of people with some. Personal biter but he picked the team that was bowl streak chock full one personal. And I certainly think that's workable and to be removed already at any. Honorable centered just think one other thing that you're not me should've. Your prediction he should have known better out the deck so that this. Whole quagmire we're in right now would be a little let eat. And we would have less the issue wit the inspector general to be finding guys like star who need to go and probably need do. Not cabbage you ought not just be riding a yes. I'm sorry what did you abuse your power like that should be terrible and it should be out there. Paul do you have any proof that he actually acted on this bison anyway. Two I have proof on it. No I'm not my idea my act just his information is pretty limited ship. Right so you'd soon you have well again Bure had a dual edged sword you're limited information gives you some ideas first off effect similar to regular merely tells you one thing absolutely huge cross eight. While you know. All it was win some interviews that didn't go all the way than they normally would going you know that's kind of all right. Visitors at the legal or not different matter but it is kind of off wake up with Kim and DP. Boston's morning show. W mark can you know. It's 648 here demarcate you know and we're talking about Robert Mueller should he be fired or will he. Be fired those of the few questions. That oppose it will be fired and do you think he should be fired. I do. Premiered there which are tax I think. Lap because every day we get to where in the show do we get to the point where OK we've reached the moral consistency arguments it's on sentences so the limited information. We got about Roy Moore schori was a child molester but your listeners of course wanted to more proof yet there are definitive and Robert smaller school often needs to ago. Again and that's absolutely yes. That's why I said to you before is what's going on with the FBI there and the DOJ and the Department of Justice is it is a wish. You through which all around and Roy Moore is case almost every day I heard this is aware child. Usually Fermi witch hunt implies you're not after just one person you're after a multitude of the bid feels like a McCarthy type thing where you're just start to get people vulnerable moment you're going to an average guy which he's which he's always just. And you're taken down a large group of people that seems to be more in tune with what's going on here. Then where was it remorse cities now. I mean Roy Moore falls within the you know the umbrella of the meat to stuff and one hour busted just in general which turned from men were morons get that I got this is get every one of these guys do and just. Terror away at their credibility while things instead it's very risky in this sort of stuff is that. No matter what happens you have to happy Department of Justice you have to have an FBI and it would be nice if they had a little bit of credibility. But if you terror all the way then there is not and I mean are people on watches and he's in. I think maybe everybody in the FBI needs to be fired and we start over how possible Moussaoui. Jim why and why should we do that there's no proof that all of those people. Have been. So incredibly biased. I I. What I think is unfortunate about it is that you know there are a lot of really good people who I do think our. Because of their political views because their political views not their political bias their political views in the past. Are being labeled as dishonorable on the from carrier that's unfortunate and and Robert lawless not somebody who if Robert Mueller has not done anything he's he's years of service had been. Proving to be positive. More so than negative and at this point nobody knows what's going on. Again you got you got a couple things but so 857 Salina and no disclosure you're structure congress. What's more important UAE 570. Gives him out the second you hurt or hotel congress about it. Bird like I what what is ultimately important to me is get him out which they got about. So it in now congress knows about it but fine I can really much that's your big if you think that because Mueller didn't tell congress say by the way I fired the guy or kick them off. Debt that some fire able offense view bullet I. I can't argue with no not this close from an inch is he is he a long held accountable for not a gigolo alert them really -- ask you on this point you know you're super you're used visual art to let people know of things that come his coma he did with Hillary during this is why. He did that second one network it. Because I told you that I would alert usually here's my letter and then all hell broke loose again breaks winner which I would argue is why you don't do that. Well that's batted status that it once did what we're doing right now pardon the expression but different strokes for different folks I just played that doesn't bother me that much Mahler. I if the other thing is again how I will forever rescues that every day that goes by it gets worse and worse and that's how does this play out. What do you think happens if Robert Mueller has fired. Yeah I'll tell you what I think happens is Robert Mueller then goes on I don't know what ever show idiot right. And says OK here's where I was act. For what right for AB your C I think it's also much more likely voters fired by the guy that he might be more interest in saying I was going to yeah. I think you know if you're about a cure we're about optics which clearly this factories because he didn't tell current. What optics of Mueller being fired and then coming on saying I was about two weeks from getting him right. You Bjorn won the battle but did you really win the war them anyway. How far let's just see what Mahler hands let's let him finish in by the way Muller I. I finish I was gonna say it I think we're not so far from that I don't know I don't leadoff. You know I hope that we're getting we're getting to the end of this and all that beat. Let me presented in report form to congress. Yeah indeed I assume. I assume it will be similar work homey did although I don't know how much are written thing human. And then there's gonna be this document learn that his any like all of these reports like at the Penn State. I'm traveling I did born here to here's Brian Stewart right right to flaky right bodies have nose and I don't think you read Amendola this is crazy this makes sense. I'm asking is because you know as he's gone along here and of course obviously charges have come out new indictments and so and so forth. Would we if there were going to be indictments more indictments would we begin to see those trickle up before we get that full report do you think. Or do you think will get a full reported that their could be indictments of follow. I I don't know I don't know I mean are we waiting for a full I am it's so old. It's also like the mystical thing nobody exactly knows even what it is we're waiting for what. Everybody knows one of these it's happening like Roger Stone so we we don't know yeah stuff. Roger Stone supposedly were on a book and he's because he's convinced that Mueller is going to indict try it out. But there are still likes to make sure that he is in a position to say told you so and if it doesn't then he wins anyway he's he's drunk guys are of course he didn't because global blog but. Solid stones very clever it's putting himself in a position can't lose either I told result or Mike I was always in the clear and his stupid stone can't lose now. Yet in but that doesn't mean he really believes that or that that is gonna happen if you're all in law and you know struck was ideologically. You know he he needs to go because he was biased but Roger Stone is your late. Fair and balanced point I'd I'd Lake Powell why are right you know called one more than a quarterback calls to the U wanted to. Have you heard this theory that it's a CNN screwed up with the dates on the Don junior stores that are of this issue mobile. And you're just theory that. Whether recessions or whoever was. Purposely put that document into the congressional inquiry we have falls state to see where we go because there are only be a number of people who would actually area would be known as in chess. And if it ended up on TV they would know was giving it to him and obviously leave the allegation abuse that it is share of the at a Buren. Yeah hey if you're out media put any cream at what would you be surprised by that because you're trying to figure out where the leaking is how it would be don't be surprised what they would surprise me is if they did that in we didn't know definitively no we don't because if I did that. I would want everybody to know how clever I was in that this is how good I am my job well except that they are not finished with a. Right maybe maybe they're still plantings maybe they're still waiting. And you know what a reveal. What's happening. DB is six on seven DB some like that redneck cousin who tells you as its principal is rubbing off and you like best to just let him do what he's doing tough. So you mean it's only big because you think there Robert Mueller should see this Theroux who. I have never I can what are my redneck that tendencies are and I used to drink a lot of mr. Pitt once upon a time I have never. Had a triple anywhere near my leg instead let him continue doing what he's doing come on charities are gonna. Rick is in bash well good morning her neck. Good morning hi out there on we're good Greg titles that are red net charge that was thrown and yes I understand you as a letdown there's more to him after after I don't know actor's vacation. It made about an eight native naturally and we are now. What comment did not drop the agent. First of all he wasn't fired he was reassigned yup to a much more level position but yes right agent guard divisions sorry that it. He's not a no longer field agent actively investigating chase which great command should be either. Secondly. I'll be ready to comment that. Well it is biased he didn't react out of biased I guess he did when he investigated. Hillary. He did not order under vote. He did not Moran director. He allowed her to be interviewed in the presence of Cheryl Mills. They're supposedly. Treated Cheryl Merrill there's there's an attorney he's are all highly suspicious and a daughter I OK I agree we. Know for a fact what went on there were also don't know what ought. Whether Komi authorized any of that analogy there is some stuff we don't know about it but I generally agree and my question to that would be how does that affect Muller's investigation how does that. That doesn't take you want Hillary re investigated fine I oh okay go ahead how does that if the how does that compromise most investigation of trop. Well it did it it. Compromise the investigation of Hillary progress she wasn't sure then we'll run that right right he'll freeze or go ahead and Danny so if Hillary get. On one lead it's always been hard Rick is that how you go from struck his dirty corrupt or bad guy to smaller therefore is as well right right. I don't know you know it in an organization is that the FBI. Even in in specific high high profile investigations such as this is. Obviously the case manager. Who oversees appeal agents were Straka was. He should had a handle on that. Did you issued a immediately record recognize there's. You know this is not a way the FBI good progress on axed from retired political move I think what the FBI numerous times again. Investigations. And different I couldn't believe when I heard it. This is the type of dynamic that took place. All you never interviewed so he. We looked at their lawyer you don't interviews someone in the presence of more people. Mean he did in the first that is the focus of the investigation which Hillary was you're obligated to give her her Miranda rights should be remembered. Warning does she could not incriminate yourself. And. But again Rick you don't know you don't know for a fact. That all of that actually didn't happen or how that all transpired there. But there's a lot of that I tighter tonight and that's one right so the here's a lot of smoke I hear it from a record she was not yes. Yes and there was no note there anything you buried. Am cannot be used again but the record the record rookies who who me dec call once it she's directly he just made it or did call me give either test or definitive. I think you've -- personally I Dickey got an actor Brian he's artist I don't but still how did call I always wonder I still don't know like how was it Kobe wasn't presence there and what did combing Null or not know when it came to. He's just say to stroke. You have had Hillary and we're good you can tell us that shot the overall question is how how are the guys that smaller residues smaller when he appoints him on his team does he should have known this this is a little lot. Did this in how would it look again I'm not the guy just he did. That's that's the only weighs that against them.