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Thursday, December 14th

With the new Star Wars movie causing a lot of conversation listeners tell stories about their greatest or grossest movie theater experience


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She's crossed his morning show. Kevin DB MW RKL. Where should grow. North Reading them and guess what fifty dollar gift certificates are slow and amendments that UK. Some ongoing wolf they have there's a lot of things on here I can get there's love in all I can have. They have humongous salads there and you're in Munich. Well but even your traditional salmon becoming its with a little bit as Sam ever top you get that they're sure. But they're not your view should your crazy to do edited my opinion because it's just pulled pork. If your vision of brisket some people are more hopeful pork out of their pursuits phenomenal. Yeah a minute did they started as a barbecue place and that's still wide gulf war. But as you saw where and when they came in their their burba and if so what can we all wrong yeah. They've gone way beyond that if I right they are rarely does again so for me if I'm sure I've mitigation. He what he hates when I tell on this from when I go there the can I get the pulled pork what you do what you can almost you make your own even though you're not Google's agreement to Roman did you soap pulled pork. Pizza this far yeah and then you were you'll be asked by the time because you will not just album opens. How anyway so what are threading right they are writing and torture robot come if you wanna put them up you should here's the deal. With the win this event coming tonight the latest Star Wars thing people are in planning this for months I've heard PR people to drive and in today's and I think it's the first show like if they're gonna have an event and it's going to be memorable for some people I'm not one of however we have all had memorable. Events at movies. Give me your number one story and if it's great and it's believable are just to be quick on his gym is never heard just won't make. For those annoying Brookline but Coolidge corner theater on sit near fifteen years actually fifteen is like 25 years ago. And I'm seeing some nothing movie that did just because it's this summer and I happen by as I want a similar. I'm sitting here in the movies like twenty minutes into the movie in this woman comes in there's maybe three of us in the thing I'm sitting fifteen rows up. She comes each got a big tub of popcorn she's holding some beverage arranged and another bag in her hand she's got too much for her if she starts coming up the stairs. There's three of us in a seat theater that seats 200 people I said she's coming right form I know. She does she comes right forming and as she gets to the step where I'm sitting she goes what's in their beverage. Hot off the top why. Because it's hot apple cider which started out at the Coolidge corner theater in it goes right in my crotch all. I go wild and she dropped everything this huge double pop which took all my god I'm so sorry and she immediately starts patty would both in my craft. And I'm like yeah really it's okay don't worry about it. But I had scolding hot beverages are trying to write our black writer and a lot of the reason why we we are it is I can't tell you the movie that was I don't remember he got to be able to talent but right that really happen to me of the movie I will never forget it and I just to Derrick bird. Two hours going wow and then knowing that I'm gonna get on the TV these giants but yes in my clay yes because it's got. Are these last remaining and it happened I. All right let me go and add is in Salem he's gonna type of our 75. Anniversary. Good heart again. Good morning the I want to I believe with this so many shares and never three out of the golf what the win. And people were dressed up as scholar. And that the bother and red ink well all of them. I'm sitting on the dot and then the Miller movie. The guy next to me dressed up and read Bible I achieve just dump those dollar at a meeting might blooded pop got awarded Diet Coke gumbo them again and and aren't. And I had just brings new meaning to our trying to please god let I don't give a black. And he did in this case are all are also I got to ask you and I mean don't to do how how how far that no longer just go off lights. Right right. Right did I completed would diminish what did that way all lie and a and I'm gonna tell you set the bar on as many have been set I hear the guar now one of them. Let me say this to all of our listener asked to be don't leave us because I have to I have to hang up on getting give me a couple a little we know we're gonna gotten a puts on hold. And then we added will continue to. Where was that anywhere near that yet adversary. Where are you what what where were you when you saw which of the town and you went. We were in the UK and actually it Bobby. There's another big body about those anymore and what has been spotted the wrong movie in the bid out but twice in managed. And everybody would regularly on the stand what's happening. And everybody rushed out and imagined said you've got the raw moment played by twenty minutes. And amended and the almighty god he showed up and I gave everybody a pretty good crowd not remotely. So you didn't really knows you've got to keep on the greens you don't seek to show and then you got another moment that bullet why he did. It's the wind up this you have already done so much not just because we all want our bid thanks -- an unfair let me go to John John Venezia none natural. Hey John. They how everybody was born and we're great thank sir. But yet I grew a little place called Claremont new here where we go to a movie theater watchers and the magnet. They're both not balcony. And I under remember what particular earned her mobile 630. Law and AMOCO. We are watching a James Bond movie where he is that we wanted to look even. My buddies that work done there brilliant during the bringing cheer a bit more each student with you know. So we're on the urgent itself in the whole scene boy your seed dumped here and over the balcony circle. And who believe in it landed right on a parent or one of the steep and high school English teachers. Key is to grow up. Oh yeah I know I knew that was the worst on the second he says he's still. A good blow on dignity teacher come up in that was there British group. Well grow. Bigger or that good yeah obviously or somebody broke on a we're running into the restaurant where he took care. Up lock up up that or are. You know. Like Claremont, New Hampshire. Robin museum what now I'm stuff yeah. Mike Brown my kinda keep. Thinking about myself being there and how gross that would be. That is light is here and you're instantly in like he says it's in the lobster so you're gonna suck being the area developing could prove that I think you're ahead. From that they feel like that's from Cooney is that where he got the idea. Made me who now just try. National registry right yeah because that's the stories he tells what did you do and then when they're criminals trying to chop the handoff on the blunder. And singer Paul about the story from that a product or announcement he Gupta right Josh is our guys and that's our. I live out a good story Joseph is it an answer and get boring job. Good morning who don't want to make this one out. 1978. I was in the Marine Corps station making a little North Carolina and no one has paid a Friday night but they had our own problem which showing deep broke. And every one on the base wanted to go and see it according to a track I was awake lying outside they build a completely out we were also written a feared doc couldn't anticipating the greatest dirty movie ever made. All the all the Marines and 18 out of book itself but all in one about five seconds. In order a tiny bright spot the medal that got bigger and bigger guy in the ballpark right drove up fell. They had that turned the lights on announced that the more we must cancel. The place a lot did and they were ripped all the cheers I'll say why. For Casey appeared it would shut out of for a week. All. Did you are in the running joints that I just get a doesn't matter of that really happened or you just never really good imagination but I don't think Doug I mean I don't know I know I could add up. I is I. Go into dirty movies with your friends are saying I can't believe we're that they you know how often you're gonna see them have become certain items are like I was I was out I don't think I am I right magnet. Let me go to George George's inaudible you know hey George. OK you can reach her can't go ahead sir. Special source love your show or my first noncallable here and thank you Sarah bet on. Oh I remember was received in 19641965. I grew up in Boston. They're more wouldn't change Bourne movies was coming out of the station on quandary was like the second movie maybe or didn't grossing Zune and you there was actually. If you are sure to put it trench coat sunglasses on you go to sleep. It true that I can boast it was a boat it was skaters all of the downtown area of Boston are supposed to speak and you'll care anyway. Thousands of people channel that was all kinds of slight through Houston chamber it was a crazy there are never that she's more they'll. Hey let me ask anybody flash and I thought that's really got to know George they're lashing and has is that I don't know. Is that person sorry it was just crazy and the other big men well our budget I didn't realize how bad habit that was the Disco night it commits keep. You Barkley did not realize what was coming their way. And that they had a big problem and mornings with Kim and DP zero am on top ordinary market I mean well. Crown or some mornings it's DB into. On the voice of Boston do you RT yeah. Not a hundred tell stories forum. Tag was exactly my movie experiences Y Mets Adrian Barr bulbs and two weeks ago Coolidge corner theater same one where I had an issue. I was the last one to me here at the meet and greet I was taking a photo was our. And I fell through the chair and landed on top of our. I will never be able to watch a movie that has a renewed again because I am so embarrassed by what happened. But she had to act I mean that can't be all Batman Adrian or boost whole life I. All right yeah closer are why should I want issued a move. They're they they're two out of me David Autry went on something and who's to you know cult following night. I don't even know this the reincarnation of Peter proud. You know they does that bring a Bellevue I went to see that. I'd read the books I knew the ending as I dreaded plot. As I'm watching the movie the couple in front of me kept making out heavily or blocking me. So about twenty minutes to go in the movie I just pop my head in between him a citizen and to daddy dies. I. Least I got here. Another guy says today it says that there was that there was a movie theater in Needham that had a balcony and the dean team more thing happened all the time there. And that must have been if that is their regular thing Lee that's so gross. Days in Boston heyday morning yard WRKO. Our guys you know we aren't sure you don't have. I hide the photo I you know the ball in the early eighties I looked up enough there recently hey yeah like I may. And I I would look I'm a lot series like it's my daughter would almost three. And god. I I. Yeah our poll accurately Hulu and and yeah what about who despite took him up I'm. In the middle will be. Daddy I don't think he would so it will be a minute. They. Are out here yet had a goal and you he said he did it to exit or so will be. Source are up by got. And I give it to luck and keep it in the pot but. So all of literally get a hold of my wife says did you like the more court shinji is I looked up on top. I'll start out I don't know who. Are still married and I am 41 years I get to the kids are. You hang on and talk alike yeah may we may be able to trying to even it is sort of maybe we got to see this is more likely to my savior of their day I would have absolutely don't like him I mean do if I bet I would have taken and is but I took my daughter King Kong an average reviews and I got to go to the bathroom. Your old Burnett. Bank and I can get a hold could feel like I'm not leave it. Portugal like that were grossed seven goal but it's not easy to get a kid to do it and I've been I mean I know the popcorn things a little bigger but Stephen's. Body was gonna say kicked it old. On the I'll always voters on son is in the North Andover based on. Figures are you doing it's absolutely on topic. And I don't I don't know political lives but it was seriously weird. 19831984. And Syracuse and you're able to screw your boss and my girl from like welcome to our viewers what to. There are so we went out to dinner and Janet wearing bright note are the title and we weren't okay was scored the better to try to go to move up nightmare and country. So in the middle of downtown Syracuse which is not a great to be a you know this may be a good people were the only people in the beer except per another guy with that trench coat. Let's go to fill with ticket looked like he actually a longer period reportedly Gilbert or impaired you know. Two or admit what you've moved me yeah at midnight in the masters most. Of the police car. With the doors open no police no people around. What the lights flashing by special happened all the people. Deliberately looked the torque our new partner parking lot in the attitudes toward the artwork. But walking back to her apartment so we get there about 2 or 4 o'clock in the morning. Did not gonna do it we'll stay here in the you have to Tibet oh Africa explorer apartment. Don't doubt that that David serial rape. They all walked in that chair acute attack in people but I only got. You know that the movie was bad enough in your pocket to get to watch labor and come back you are now possibly we got it was in the movie where you're stalking. Oh my gosh. Shot that's a great start is big goodness that turn out I obviously okay boy that's unbelievable yeah. Is it again I don't know many good reasons or not but that that. Have you ever been any real change allegiance. But who else and that's it and it's weird I never thought oh we are following our I was like me and somebody else you know our media guide dog and a couple where I've been like. I actually am very concerned about this individual yeah what might or might not have. Happen here yeah that's a god that I heard that Adam knocked on my door 4 in the morning not horrible why well why if he was stalking them why would he. Because the guy opened the stories I don't want any part of this I'll just I'll just rolled the dice it it's just Turk maybe or an imminent but as a gift actually hit it anywhere near true that Geisel lucky to be alive to calling heights. Mary is in the Seward hey Mary. Welcome maligning good morning very very sweet story that they bought the movie ET. And we will aren't. The vacation and that my husband wants to execute the PT and I thought my three year old daughter was not and you know that. But he did very much understand that went eat he would die hanging. I can static crying so had a had a thicker out of the theater but when they get out of the theater that night. And we looked into this guy that Dodd had. Honestly I somehow aligned themselves that they looked like he eats he claimed there. And she now that it's her favorite movie and it's going to be 39 next month. That's great that's. Those are those are great little remembrances. That's for sure I got one that eighth and they tell his story will give the textures a chance to treasury and analysts are god knows. So hook up yeah as a Taurasi is yeah. The beat it Star Wars phantom menace for the first up the middle set it free movies and can't came out when I was in high school senior high school now. And my girlfriend at the time. Says to me she didn't tell me what we are who says to me I've got this fun thing we're gonna do. You know this weekend we're going into Manhattan has it that the Brooklyn were gone in a Manhattan for the night plan on staying out all night. It was a Coke that's fine I've no idea what we're doomed. We get I get into the city meter tells me and she got tickets to the premiere for phantom menace the midnight for first midnight showings they're theater in Manhattan. I now. Have never seen any of the Star Wars movies I never saw the first three and I mean I see them now but at Sharma hadn't seen them. So unlike OK you like this is at it that's saying this is such a big deal right shore like not really my back boats and we're standing in line in the middle Manhattan amongst the crazies in the outlook. Every we were the only ones that were dressed up as caricature one thing. We get into by the time they get everyone in and seated and calmed down to the movie does not begin until 3 AM. I'm like now if you know this movie it's three hours law. So the movie lasted until 6 o'clock in the morn I mean having no interest in this movie at all mostly it's. So not only did I get booed by all the people that you noticed I was asleep when the movie ended in the lights came up. I then went into school on Monday morning. And was vague jackass is that got to the only one that seems Star Wars and tell you what happened and I like erotic as slapped yeah it's yeah. There people are cult followers that I can imagine they would you look at that article why wasn't a star or seen either she just got these tissues are so there's that whole thing. So the two of us at lake I think should I don't even know she stayed awake for public we had no idea what happened in the movie. Nor did we knew we need to character's world. So like I literally was like for the next month of my life the jackass that didn't see Star Wars while I did Texas too and I mean I feel like giving up women in general is an overreaction to giving up that woman I yeah. I think I you know that was unnecessary you've gone to those midnight premieres I've never been to one. I've never got my kids went to one my kids went to see one of the Harry Potter movies at midnight phantom menace was the last of those in the Star Wars movies and I've been seeing that bored me to tears yeah I'm just not in these things and right I'm not like I hide who know Berry Q I imagine you've never seen stores before I'm all. I don't I know you all don't know be as you door I know why this is a big deal they found this kid and then that. George are being shows up and I guess I'm just I would feel like I checked out I was like I don't get why it's 3 AM I don't get I don't want again not a bad movie Laker. If you if you didn't know what it was about hours. Five point eight and it was on his story because of the girlfriend obviously I'll have bad credit come over and over again got under evident. But I. What slip of the suffice to say that was the last early days. How they did not because it went for a number of mid another day will do the worst date ever had that pretty bad. I blew off. That's the one time you actually wish he did lead with somebody. Goal that you love ball and out she's also the girl that left the prom at another guy had a little milder here John is and over a Martha's Vineyard pay down debt. So which story. OK. They're trapped in your own movie theater not most rich people in your base wants your own room. So haggard now. On the vineyard had this great movie theater column right next to it. There's an apartment building or to apartments that actually lead the same staircase. I used to bark and out there and our great thing is the manager of the movie theater you all are. Lot of us just go win so picture you know the bar closes at one every once trumps you invite half the bar back to your apartment. Which is actually your own movie theater. We bring the couches we slide them right across the hall into the movie theater we pulled obnoxious off. We were all men there and there'd be like twenty people and we newborn in our own movie theater and home. The iron I am jealous that would be really fun bed but that's something you'll remember forever right. It was race and that sodomy popcorn on the project are at it it insane. That's that's that's all the recipe of like out Austin set up to a bad our movie left. That could console. Awfully wrong when that he's fine all I'm all for our summer would you they had for an act. In all it was just one of the perks and they did their forehead throughout. Multitude of drinks that they are vying to run the course of the evening however a people would legitimately just paper that experience and out tonight at three time winner plays on the go on the flip side imagine your leg omen on making no money tonight there's only this one group and then they end up drinking and I like. And does work or why parents. Don't fit. URKO. Boy so Boston. 95 yards of the large scale we've been asking for your craziest movie stories because we're given away. Gift certificate. Hit it very well. What's. Gift certificates to the horseshoe grill which is located north spreading fantastic place. They've been here on the show they are sponsors of our show we very much appreciate it. And the food there is spectacular folks fifty dollar gift certificate by the way this will be the only day in the next week. That we give them the way this holiday season they've been kind enough to give us a number of the gift certificates and will be. We connecting some of her opportunities in other contests. For you to win so if you are not a winner today. That's okay you'll get another chance John. He's played in Arnold hey John good morning. John bear. Impulse I am gonna hate hear oh he does not like she wants premiere was the first question. There are additional net. I'd be out. Expressed. People that you size sort of not quite high school and I accept my hat and girl that was probably a little bit out of my league so every week so. But she agreed to pilot there with me. So I had a friend of attack and who's the manager of the strength they have their frequency now that was and also do what Barry who argue Barry's seat belt and. And about age or they would probably a twenty RHI brass rail. Now how loud kind of impression so estate into the street and CET lat. And my friend was gonna let us sit in the balcony which was close to the public probably due to the nation building. Well we go out and about today will not go far as we go up to about any and that first episode about any. Cheap trips. And that's got chain reaction which he stepped up well down all the students. I understand it's going well well well on every step out. Now she's articulate eminent death. I'm excited to be so tremendously Larry. And I equip all the laughter yeah. Somehow you just describe themselves. Jack shot seriously going over to let me know. I I got to anybody you can believe this I'm never married are no different. I didn't such a boatload rush hour when jets cut up means there has yet to have their little rabbit so I don't know what it. I'm not a a and you said your daughters now would you please this odd one of Bab. So I think you're just send your daughter's dry. Oh yeah yeah. I mean there comes a time and it's no matter how good look him or how much you're in the woman you can't. You can't accurate. Stated in my lap but you would think he's in which it. By the rams those are my god let's did you met I don't all rock I don't know if if if she's not seriously hurt I think just about anyone bouncing down a flight stairs kind of funny if they're not our listen but women mayors smoke and hot don't like I don't shootings in her eyes aren't aren't exactly David is it. He could build just think if he would just seeger would have been here she would. Yeah wall along this is now hi union he won their own long term outcome there anyway David is an ass land good morning. Good morning good morning what the show thinks that I was in my car and I just got home because the they see. Beast who story. My memory box cryptic. And now I'm talking about the early 1980s. And my friend tonight. Came in to Boston because the theater and Harvard Square and had just renovated they had a new rear projection system in you now. And they were showing the new release. Of Alfred Hitchcock's rear window. So we were all dressed to the tees we get in there. In the film stacks. And we're up in the pac bell today. A young couple walked in after us the girl was stressed very nicely the guy I was in like a T shirt and jeans. And beer B. They sat down my left a little lower down for some reason I don't know why it was that setup that way. So we're watching this film and often sort of peripheral vision of my in the left. He's got his late Christ and he's picking. Is seats. In the ED hit. It's time. No. He's. Eating it and heard fingers through about five minutes. And I was getting sick to my stomach like I am right now jobs. He is here he is walking through Boston in the streets. Through. He's picking his spear or. A friend as saying nothing. I looked over at him and I just quietly said. If you continue to do that I am going to roll up our local treat you well and he immediately. Stop its. And then I saw his girlfriend Holcomb to find out what he said he shook his kidnapping never mind. That was the gross it's. It's experience that I that I had in the movie hit. That is that is a growth experience there's no two ways about that. That would be David for national and who had experienced at its just it's got a vineyard you. You give away a restaurant gift certificate after that no wants the heat tied it and they can do that it would have been better visibly tipsy because the new groups and you were picking your feet in Poughkeepsie. Line from French connection with that. The Broncos and how to bear the right shots. Mike I don't like being in his shoes. Yeah because right enough stuff on the move to Jupiter Florida and bare feet but at the end it's gross and all I will tell you though the need. The only other one I would share reviewers. It's because of the movie. I grew up on Peter's images Malta and it didn't matter what the move was if someone wanted to of the movie drew goalies something to do. So you wanna glamorous forty minutes away yeah I'll come pick up great we don't we go see jaws thing. If it is one in the Caribbean with a shark has followed the family I want occasion. And it takes the plane down whenever. And it is very believable wherein the lucky in 80s packed central mass so it's packed her tiny sold out. We are in there it's like 9 o'clock and nine whenever. And for some reason movie starts in every body in the theater ease hawking and this is. This is not the day and age of now you know people are rude or whatever it is in the late eighties. But for some reason everybody was talking I think probably if we all knew it was gonna sock and whenever we just once he jaws. Brought talk in the lights go down in everybody keeps talking and all of a sudden this voice from two rows behind this comes out. It says four words shot in opera to those words. 88 he said Seoul wildly in so cleanly by this one guy it was like it was the voice of god and I'm telling you. In drop. Everyone stops immediately and then like two seconds lady here one guy but very meekly go which is brown. But very meekly. You didn't hear a word I'm telling you the rest of the movie because we didn't know what was that said that but we were so scared of this guy you'll handle. Mike Meehan my body you're laughing because this guy really wants to see jaws four are always going to be her real quickly bad it was. But he just yells shut the bleep pop soul loud and I'm telling you. There was it was 250 people out whenever I want stopped in that was yet no one even to. It wasn't what I. King Abdullah and nobody can any enough this guy scared the hell out of every.