Kim & VB - House and Senate ready to compromise on the tax bill

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Thursday, December 14th

President Trump announced that the two bodies of Congress have reached a deal to get his tax plan passed


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Kim in DB's we're DV stands for very boisterous Thursday's variable all of yeah right whatever it's Boston's morning show YWRTL. All right coming up 7 good morning everybody great to have you with us on Thursday morning and a quick reminder. He fired. So be sure that you weigh in we'll let you know where that stands as the morning goes on. The other big story this morning of course England has done this all morning. August telling your summary. Thanks to him. Why did you listen to treat Gary's entire state and get your fat 6172666. In his sixties phone number that's the idea here. There's something we're missing you feel free to call on you had an hour so stop lecturing me afterward wounds and on did you do this every day. Green Amorim directly in the direct quotes as. I want to know we're Nigeria haulers about optics like I'm watching from stacks and ordering it through the person coming in is. I think I'm out I guarantee you he doesn't think water and then he did. Nobody waited till the Stanley was in front of many was in the back but he did actually take the bottle to bottle watering I'm screwed in order. And then he didn't say it at the end United States he didn't. I'm Randy had already on court no it was you know yeah it looked like it is an inquiry did it with a one hand this time it wasn't that two infant but portrait gallery that Collins worth it. The young buttoned shirt yes I get the top and it's just gonna we're dizzy just ban on TV with it bought like where in the army from consol heart disease got to get off on me and. Are just so uncomfortable apparently contain. Outlets sort of a tactical though so I think you're regarded as so. In what appears to be. I called the reconciliation committee into the to the committee that. Comes up with a final product from the two sides. They claim that they got and they've got a bill now and to be voted on as early as next week. So. Here's my simple question Mara regulate what state which the bay arrests and simple this I'll ask all of you can we normal tournament you want or just thrown out but. Is this tax Billy Christmas present for you because that's what the president said yesterday I wanna get there's a Christmas present for America's or is it a Christmas present for you why. Don't think I can answer that I'm not sure that anybody in this room can actually definitively Africa's idol and we really know exactly what it is. We honor all too much waiting for a lot of the info. But I think too much he's changed like fruit for your roof for me for use note Jim. I mean one thing that we all thought and I'm actually a little bit surprised if it's indeed true but did their captain. Salt. State and local taxes at this thousand. Thought that was going to be a lot higher than that I thought that that was gonna go way up if they had a cap on all sold debts. I kept looking at these families that they kept pulling up in talking about how there's this is gonna save them so much money and so much money him thickened. I don't I I don't know I it was local taxes in particular what. They must have bombed and I don't know. Well how all of those guys could not could be getting all this huge windfall will keep talking about how. Money we're gonna get me Howard February you know middle class America is gonna see a difference in their paychecks and so on and so forth. But no real tell you how much that difference is that less is going to be taken out nobody knows what that number is they have put back in you know bad mortgage. Deduction if cap that 750000. So. For me a middle class America I think that it's that with keeping that in that may be good thing that. I mean there's just dished there's still so much about it's it's easy to say well you're gonna see a difference in your paycheck but. You know if it's. You know if it's fifteen bucks and not sure that that's the great gift that. Well one thing or all new promise like eggs and they bring a guy out just today that he's got the family of four and it's gonna save them 3000 dollars and I'm. Ever keeps telling me this thing sort of viewed bids if I wouldn't say zero sum might use that phrase too much but. For every one that saves someone else is gonna have to pay and in bubble so who's the guy that's losing program like where is that gap is it. Some big fat cat because I don't know how that could be with a corporate recall amount of when he want you know it's always does is it did you Jim Jim thinks he's gonna get burnt. I told you this morning everything I needed to know was an extra calls one statement that he made about why the they felt that he rich people were gonna get dinged by the state and local tax issue and that they needed to give them something to make up for that so only the rich people. Get something back for the state about the fact that. My feeling about this is the guy who's gonna pay for that as the guy who makes a decent living. But you know but isn't a millionaire right. This is that's who's gonna get hit I think that there are people who are honored and on the very lower in who are gonna see some some benefit. I think people at the top are definitely Yunus sees a benefit and I think that upper middle class which is. I don't know how you define that but for me that's defined as somebody who pays their bills as a little you know 41 K and and gets through it. And that's a guy who's gonna get hurt. If you don't have children yet you're gonna get her. I'm hoping doc is not an attack still haven't heard that it is we didn't hear definitively that the individual mandate is our C near the end of obamacare would still be in there. 60 threes as last time I checked using your tax good for my family for a New Hampshire it's a 34000 dollars depending on what version passed yesterday in New Hampshire you don't have income to write a. They just and it's also gonna do it's also to make a really broad statement. I don't think is completely accurate as I do think people it depends on where you Lipton and what you're state. Taxes are so so let's talk about the tax bill and we also want to talk about the vote. On the tax bill when we come back because there's also an issue about winning that vote should take place. Boston's morning show WR Cano. 717. The banker for the fake thirtieth or that that box office. Of science passes three weeks came to gauge by the way a lot of kids are on vacation holiday. So you won't want to miss a preference for those. He so we got this tax bill apparently they have come to some kind of resolution so abode is coming. But the question is win will vote content Democrats are saying we need to wait for Doug Jones. Let's not rush the vote what's the big deal let's wait for Dow Jones. Republicans. While I have not heard a Republican straight up say no we're not going to wait for Doug Jones were voting they just keep saying we're gonna vote next week. Let's vote next week president says what's on his desk so he can give it as Christmas gift to the American people. This is it not. Is it not amazing to you this. If you wait long enough what goes around comes around every time. Flick so when this happened with Scott Brown right and yes it's true they said okay we will wait to vote for who Scott Brown being sworn in was it seventeen days or something. But at the time we all said. I bring you talk about once a lifetime scenario like there's no way this could ever happen again and yet here we are seeing people involved in the wit. It's like when they. They do up here and beat you know what they did which was when and we had a Republican governor was going to be special election immediately that appoints the replacement for Ted Kennedy goes and when we had a democratic governor we're gonna have the government point amendments out. Hey if and you go back up because it kept. Percolate. The funny part about it is VP not they they don't have short memories. You know I mean. I was thinking about that I thought about this numerous times like wouldn't you know they they were gonna use that. Nuclear option for this and Mehmet OK but just remember. That comes back or rattled you know win near somebody else in the White House there's somebody else. Sitting up in the speaker's chair so just remember that whatever you're doing now you can anticipate coming back yeah yeah well here we are. My Mike and all this is a war. Now that we both had this happened both sides can we make it definitive rule on mass in its ease how weak is. Going for her for me. It's pretty simple. When the secretary of state in the state where the election was held. Certifies all the ballots in declares the winner which has not happened and Alabama he is sworn in the right then in the air right because there's no way he used the one of the reasons it. It used to be hard to get to Washington to jab a load up the station Virginia ad the Wright amendment that weather was bad it would take a couple more days to consolidate. There is no reason that the second that the secretary of state has certified Doug Jones can't be sworn in right right Dan. Now. What in reality where would have gotten particularly murky is if there was a recount. Because that never he's a but hey that's here we are going to be right currently. Right it didn't so. They they may not even certify it. Till I think the 22 looks to be like the date that it's not every Friday and then. It's up to the senate to say hey this is when we're gonna do it in by the way will be out of session so won't be any time soon if they get this vote done before that happens. They're gonna be out of session for a few weeks so it's not a legal until our early to mid January where they were even begin to do went. You're used to be ruinous. And to me it should be just that clear the second that. State office holder than his job is to ratify an election ratified the election only arraignment right hand right that's it. They should've been that way and brown mission amend this issue we can't have it as a gray area because we keep having it as a gray area and it's no good for anybody. You've got to remove these guys are believed to hold crap and right there pulling crack. Right they're dead they're the procedures are and that they do have a tendency to push and pull procedural. Issues depending on who's sitting there and and how you want this all the shape gal I don't think Elway. I don't think that they're not going to have a part that's so what happened and they need you know well one of the issues is what what do you have for votes. I mean how tenuous is his thing hang on right it is I think it is adding it is tenure so let's walk through it so right now we have what are we saying we think it's. Probably 51 point 149. Right. And it's with Jones 52 for nearly 5049 right well we've we've Jones 5149 as my desk right. So there's three employee at Jones that the Alabama vote you've got. McCain who's checked back in the hospital his eyes held Walter Reed and then you've got Susan Collins who from one hour than next you're not sure how long right and honestly I would throw. Flake back in that mix that is he's been pretty consistent it's possible but I I would doubt had been flakes I don't have it flake is still a Republican and evil yeah. I mean to question the question is just did didn't get what he wanted terror Digg does he think you know he said yeah out what he studied it and that's right McCain won the Yugo. He's the one out of whammy you're gonna act out of itself is not care here's the big issue with with Senator McCain I mean in its so obvious. But I'm assuming that he's voting yes. They need to get his vote. Isn't as disgusting as this sounds they've got to get going in this particular have been doing their three did the right Ted Kennedy back then Mikey. Talking as if he becomes incapacitated. And such a way that he cannot cast a vote. They've lost that. And I I do I truly believe it you know leadership is saying now while we we got to go. I assume. That if they had a comfortable margin and by comfortable I mean one. In other words if the thinks fifty to 48. They met and we're gonna let Jones v.s one of them because it in in in a manner so Jones loads of the 149. Or it's even 5050 we don't care because right as a regular Margaret ago. But I assume it's you heard trump say repeatedly I hope. I know app next week I hope like yeah I hope tells you we don't know definitively determine it's still. Yeah I think it may not know with Susan Collins and dish yeah guests are broke dies as a kind of deal because I think you thought you had McCain before on the obamacare repeal he stood there are in Florence and I don't think so yeah and people like you got to be kidding me I sat and you don't know for sure. Well what do you think folks we wanna now and and did you know what do you think about this idea of. Like BB was saying this procedure like the cash that they you know should there be a mic I think it should be clearly defined in spelled out. It's clear when everybody screws around with something that it's time to remove it actually when one doesn't year old got dad's ferret out but. When you're both. Doing it it's enough far I think if I mean right it could be as simple as when the governor set the. There needs to be somewhat like you said however what has to be what has to be determined is. Once then vote is ratified there's only so much time in between they don't have a choice larger data says there's no such thing as going nuts like let's go get the possibility that he can still be sworn in. So Ali got a bill bills and celebrate this morning hey bill good morning. Hello good morning I'm I don't think they have the ball so. How do you I think there's little wait for the guy to get sworn that I don't think it'll be epic fight over there. So you know it is coming before Christmas and because the only way it comes before Christmas is that they have evolved right I don't like. Optimism when. First why can't argue review because we've done this before what they had big press conference is your bag meetings and and of dance album. More than they've done it in India and worked so that I don't know definitively but. It seems like they have here I mean everybody that sort of follows this says they've got it in its good to go. Why again I thought that he wanted to say definitively and why would and we collect week. Well there you go in minutes not Don Don they haven't decided which otherwise we would be talking about everything's just like. There's some specifics we can tell you one is the big scare tactic about graduate students are gonna have to drop out of college or apparently knocked out. Right is it appears that they're not doing well what decent. That debt which we should waiver is not gonna be taxes income. And if if indeed that's in there which it appears that it is sold all of the hullabaloo sky's falling our best and brightest and get punished while they're not as it turns out apparently. We know that he doubled we don't at all. And there's still ironing out and then the language in which it is written don't we know this to be true. Is. In Portland there's just no I Don. So it was interesting yesterday and I can you remember who the Republican senator was it was not a high profile senator to be. Who was walk into a hallway and I think it was ABC new show about senator you know is it good and he did one of these. You know I know it Sosa now. He had 6160 threes this all really VB so the model we just where the president in right away so we don't have one and ministries as administration's spying wiretapping and the next month. I I'm finally discussing that I can't do the next day I mean there are some just logistics and I know that's a logistical issue on keyed entry exit irons were not doing it in January 1 of all because I mean that's cockamamie if it's going to be a big cocktail parties and what's happened in the summer so I don't ball. Why does it take so long I mean transition on. But they have those amended his knowledge that you why yes I mean traditionally agreement trump barely had anything already. When he had two monster burger should be part of the day he was Q what did I get out of connected anybody's is no reason it can't view them. January 3 or December 3. Aiming November haven't thought about salaries you let's put together a government three weeks real you have to know hold on Election Day what your cabinet is going to be humiliated on this president would tell you if who is being honest he enjoyed who's gonna win. Hit a kid again after all mean that's that's part of the whole idea or is that you'd better be ready because it's possible so you'd better ask your doctor tomorrow when we go to DNN Plymouth payday and it roaring. Hey good morning I think our should be ordered immediately get all the elected but they'll still got. Fortunately just spec should start and they report. Our adult about it all art art. Yeah I don't know what does it to wait they're they're seeing visa Walter Reed because he's having side effects from the treatment. I don't know what that means exactly. But. I don't know there's no question there's no question about that I mean I guess you know. Again we we also I is long as he had in my estimation and as long as he has. The ability to understand what's going on I guess he should be allowed to cast his vote and we do allow people to sit there to the ninety something years old apps I mean I questioned. It was a whether they have. That guy in Mississippi that's basically senile this point that they've just. Keeping their but it is a yes vote on everything you know Robert Byrd and it was always for me being perfect example over the green dot I mean god rest his soul but you're sticking he had any idea where you off or I guess you could you could not under Steve couldn't make out were right that the guy was sand but. And it it saw what again they are old line about sausage and legislation here is proof again you don't want an August on his it is gross in this is going to be another one of those long line from. Where you are hoping that a guy. You have stated. You have to be prepared for somebody dying as the bill is going on I mean it's just so crazy it's it's hard this is what we do here. RKO. Boy so Boston. 7:35 good morning everybody good to have you were desperate enough tax. He might find me tell you fanciful question this thing downtown that still going to be a Christmas present for you yes presidency as they hopefully we can get this on my Christmas and organize and present Soria. 62%. Currently think that it is going to be Christmas present form an hour's 38% don't. Know who. I don't. I don't know I I didn't know before I still on O'Donnell a fine idea just my guess is it's not gonna be much of anything for me let's move but I don't I won't know until it's done he's telling. The way they portray yes that is come February you guys are audit bureau wanna dash. I. Okay yeah well I don't think that's true for anybody I don't think come February of anything rolling in cash you mean is it nice to. To have some level of savings from your paycheck sure this sure and I think there's some families how I hope. Who are gonna see some kind of difference but I think there's going to be a lot of people. Who were gonna go whoa. Wait a minute. Wave and then. And I guess the second question whereas it is you know do you anticipate is gonna be. A windfall for you the the other question is should they go had invoked without Doug Jones. Because the Democrats. And specifically Chuck Schumer called on McConnell that postponed this vote we toll gets there. Which would mean that it would come after the first of the year. And of course I would not be with the president once and I and I understand why Republicans are. Are were all saying no. We're not gonna wait. Because if they've got the votes they got to go they cannot wait and most specifically they cannot wait. Because I think of McCain and Senator McCain. In a month from now or lust we don't know what kind of state Senator McCain might be and. Put all of these days is this happened with a obamacare were in the second you gotta you grow because I don't know wanna let people. Study along study wrong is a whole attitude we're all senate's an adage in life where. The second you can't he should have taken because of Ferdinand is worth two in the damaged and you don't know what he's going to be there tomorrow. Will we all know these these guys are also they're they're weak in the knees so. If you give them any extra time to have people protest in them on airplanes. And in restaurants. And at church over the holidays. They're gonna get week. I don't watch that shows stranger things you watch that Jim yup surge and people keep bringing it up but Sorin minister is nice emanate brown to Jones. Kennedy and McCain Obama to trump obamacare to tax cuts stranger things. The premise being that everything is just you just his hitting like this and then you just flip it over upside down but you have the same thing just in reverse that's where it is it is unbelievable how. Much of this stuff is mirroring the other and they are doing the same things. Let me go to Chris in Somerville good morning Chris. Good morning always a pleasure nice to it. A few points I think they will vote on it is just a matter Republicans trying to get their little bridge to nowhere put in the bill. And but I do think I do think they'll come down what quote what what is annoying and I do think we will get attacked at the Republicans have done an awful. God awful job columnist staying massacre. No one really knows. But the last certainly from my point is. If I hit track sure we'll worry about the deficit. One more kinda state aid is Barry I'm gonna grow up I mean it just went through this feeling out all of. Well that's a little hypocritical because McConnell worried about nothing but the debt three years and now he's on I don't go out there. Credit card and make it and he Jimmy not a problem is that politics. And I equate it to Major League Baseball the American League and hasn't actually. But make no mistake about it they all work for the same company. And that is say in that and how they separated they get it Democrats and Republicans that we fight it out. They end up getting nothing out of it because they know our our memories is so short. That is that and we listen and achieve peace if you look at this video which right I do watch. It's it's just unbelievable. How how. You know just miserable he is about anything that comes across the stable this could be any ego way I just. I won't quite get the paper's big get the ball the eyes and I don't fall into that gym don't fall into that trap of Democrats than Republicans but because. The truth of it is that not hurried rather none of them are big big then why are you for the tax bill. Because our our our climate to several different how they study a lot more than I you know. And then come down on the side of it buyer by a not a not a huge margins. On it but I'm pretty quick modulated say in the middle class. Extra 21 here. Rath well you know those outfits are in the minority overall right. No I do not know that contact and I don't think you do either no I'm telling you right there and I'm telling you they are. Far more outfits have studied it and said that it's a bad bill then. Said it's a good bill it. I don't believe that. I understand you don't believe that I'm telling you attacks in Europe athletes who believe that I'm sorry if they. And I would say it seemed dear sir I mean that all I can say is that facts are out there and their overwhelmingly on my side. Cracks are not out did they all aren't. They have any and all that's the thing we don't even on our guys back. Yet in there'll be fact even when it is past like when I don't know for a long time and you tell them I don't care LL write us in the middle of the night. And their role is always all Arab plus or minus right now as we speak knowing all we know I mean is this thing so everybody rewrite history in real time now and no one no one ever knows. I you again I I can't tell you definitively in my own personal tastes. What is it how hard tell you I haven't seen it yeah I have only heard. This might it. We I don't have a company overseas so this isn't me specifically now but we don't know what the retreat repatriation. Fee is going to be yet right. They are. There's a point 5% there that they are still working out at least that last fighter anyway and that's a weird one to be. Hammering on because it doesn't seem like that. It's such a miniscule amount in the grand scheme of things like why that is a sticking point it's above my pay grade apparently or people just like the I have a fight symmetric in this thing. You weigh well we don't know yet where we don't have. And and part of it part of the reason that he's such a big deal is because what I think the administration is really counting on is the idea we bring. If the little guy doesn't seem huge. Tax cut what he is gonna see is a better economy with business is coming back into the country money flowing. Jobs being. Created as a result of for you know bringing these come these companies back yet. So if that part of it fails. Then we very possibly could have failure. Both the fact that it's the little guy's gonna see a little bit of a tax cut and then slowly but surely seek a back up. And we're not Cassini economy first and we were being promised. So. You know I mean you know they in the cuts the cuts in and offer business. And bringing these companies backing and bringing those dollars back in to become that their country I'm all for that. I don't think those I don't think those dollar should be outside the country. And I don't think we should be running these companies out. But at the same time it's harder to sell that to the guy. Who. Either age doesn't see their taxes go down or Cesar taxes go up in the short run. Because they're being promised that they're gonna get better jobs in the. Who's your favorite gym or leave the. Think yeah. Throughout his career I can't sit here making the moves on Boston's morning show away when. Hit 7:47. Good morning everybody good to have you with us this morning McGinley talking about the attack feeling. Whether they should wait what do you think should they way. Ford Doug Jones to make it to to the senate before they vote. You're Democrats screaming analysts and we did this for Scott Brown. And we want you wait I mean do you really anticipate the outcome will be different. I'm if they wait. I eight. The only thing that I would say would make the outcome different is because of it's hide in the which I think is what they're they're hoping fortunate to which the vote as it is you're hoping Democrats are hoping if we force them to wait until around a year. Then as they are doing rumble anything that's any all the Asia and work on Susan Collins is trying to win column. It's got to let sadly you are the McCain situation as well right. Again you and then now we're throwing flight Jimmy another month minute flight take a couple more flights I may actually work on them but. And this made to all turn around in their favor so I would argue data as it's more about that than it is I we will. Jones did say. I've rarely what I tells them to take a listener op on May offer like this bill Jim you may have to consider this text offer for Israel. So they want to produce your 2018 Texas vs between seventeen taxes one year from now and I will give you ten times the difference if you pay more deal. That's the that's it you gotta be generals evident when you don't know anything about. Hughes Eudora or I don't know what I hey this is a financial situation and you don't know enough about his tax bill Yankee. Carrying me the most massive amount that you don't know anything right him. Yeah so you can't you just trust me when I tell your regardless of whether it's true or not that he pays Morari. You wanna do what you drink you may not realize is that one might call your right Jim owns this building next to us and and three Jersey man yeah he may inherit or salting it sounds fun but no I am that's coming out of them that's excellent acting like I'm seeing I know what the I don't know what's in the bridal. The that point I was arguing is that the people that have seen it a lot more have said it's a problem that have said they light. That's the only factor I stated which is a fact I don't Wear nicer and I don't let yeah I don't know. Analyst at six front seven stop saying Scott Brown's stock look. We all remember what they did would Brooke this is what always happens when someone takes a moral high ground your immune to all really. So wall yes technically they did wait till stopper but they changed it they had figured out already that they were gone and around them. And he was there was no 41 ball and they had gotten around that they did reconciliation and they screwed up. And they got it through but that's again you don't wanna know how legislation is dying so. While they can they can say yes we we waited so now you should wait they're not they're not identical first of all in all solve. In the end both of these guys are gonna jam something through that not everybody's in love with and it's going to be down and dirty way again in the end it's not gonna be about that incoming senators vote. Mean it's more about. Holding this vote off in an effort. To change it would be nice optics if it wasn't one vote and that Alabama program and would be it would be better if it wasn't hopefully it has its restless night. Barbara is in Concord Barbara thanks for holding good morning. Hi. There's a couple of things First Amendment small business and I I actually think it will help you a little bit I don't think it's a great so I'm. I as in the second in his. But if there's some statistic that says for GM to say that. Everyone that put that it has set it back. Holy there's more people who set it back where's he getting that bad actual statistic that is saying. Yeah I would I would I mean I. For me personally what I've read on it I would say that more than less think it's not ready to argue that way but it's in Ned. It's not like 90% or uniform saying it's terrible there is. People on both sides for me what I've read and in heard about it the needle is pushing slightly to the unfavorable burger I'm not a big difference. People who have are I agree with him on. Upper middle income. Well which he I probably won't actually get a tax bracket that board that I mean I just started market and I hate. Definitely 50% you paid 50%. What. Everything that you have to pay plus state income tax code on the market isn't so. I think that might actually help but otherwise. Barbara I think we're I think where the real problem was it even to his beak before this reconciliation I don't think enough people know exactly what's coming out of this what you are. With this committee is that prior to that the citadel was pretty tough. You know it's pretty tough and a lot of people had been unhappy with that bill I think their debt some place to start. So now let's see where this all shakes out would you agree. Yes OK I am a great day great to have Barbara. Would go to. This is Floyd he's in New Hampshire hey good morning. There. Floyd. He is not there. I don't know a lot of Floyd's in my life around to talk to he would've been my first Florida I think I know coupled add. But not even now in my circles like Floyd's one of those names you don't hear is often used for whatever he's. My career pomp. Who I absolutely adored. His name was this is just awful he would be so angry right now he's he's gonna probably reach over smack receiving mysterious past wicket. But is near whisper Floyd Laverne. That is is on his song I knew what I heard but I mean Floyd liver they called him Verne I called him the first thing is that. This twice where I said something about names and it's come up your grandpa I know my grandparents. Both of them back on that side. My grandmother's name was myrtle Maria and she would buying marine and if you ever even brought up myrtle she would literally just reach over smack you on your fakes. Usually it's Obama or Floyd murder they weren't my IR and Murray and Maria they are they or Floyd and hurt if they were to go by. They're actual names and if effect and renowned names for your friend and I. I was not named for the united with a nice era that would have allowed that in any way shape or form for you but only if they were murdered at Jim just stupid yeah I have. Why they I don't know why aren't all that I'm probably gonna did not without my god at all. What is and our needed help. If you perform my daughter by daughter sort of generation Greece wasn't even that was I know really old and nobody named their kid Grayson and. Now you know there's agrees or a very blatantly is there any reason might Floyd would go away. No I really don't know what do fertile myrtle maternal okay yes again people don't. But the biggest they'll pay its salt spring demonstrations until Floyd track let's turn again hey Floyd good morning. But they're not good morning I'm on the road heading from Boston back my old and New Hampshire. I guess I wanted to talk about. You know that it be a lot of people don't know what they're gonna save anybody here not under their belt. And I thought maybe I could shed some light on and her do well. Do you deduce tax returns for a living. Let me get your quick hypothetical. That they got married couple of David they've got 200000 of taxable income. And in it and neck in neck Kate let I also want to build that they had. 8000 but they acted in effect Devin. Property back. Maybe by a ballot that mortgage center then now what about that charitable contribution. That. 21000 dollar. Itemized deductions. And under the deck Billick I understand that. The state local fact what you. You'd be up eight in the seventh in the eighth that gave you know back property got. You're only gonna be able to deduct ten irate about the kids but yeah it's okay. You have your 101000 out of state of the back yet you still have your 5000 mortgage interest schedule about the terrible contribution. Don't having to anyone doubt that you have 161000. But on the other hand give it to married couple. They're going to get equity worked out now standard deduction. Don't go to it really well today that may or deducting 21000 targeted when he worked out. I might deductions don't go farther up three of deduction. On the other hand picked articulate an exemption which is like 4000 dollar beach. It would cap so far so good ya know this is an urgent. Is Mercer street tricky right. Don't know you're gaining a brief duck Mallard duck because the standard. You were up three of the W. Tiger loot and 8000 of deductions that you ought to exemption. Burnett go back in any better back this couple looked despite thousands of deductions by virtue of the fact that they lost their personal attention. I'll make sense. Okay don't know what the cost to Duluth but I doubt dollar. Deductions well active period it tax bracket let's just say hypothetically I don't know exactly what the old bracket what nobody. The boot now got 200 because exactly governor if they're if they're tax bracket let's say at 30%. Code 30% time that 5000 dollar lump of deductions they just look. They look down. 15100 dollars. Maybe Dick so far yeah they they thought 5000 of deduction they were at 30% bracket. They say they lost 15100 dollars because the belt but but. Under the bill the tax bracket and 31000 dollar anymore. It's gonna go down to 25 or when he does something like god for that person would make up. It can be done yes. Are now I am I wish we could do this all they Wear out we're almost at a time when ends that sold. So bottom line is they and that is why has been seems keys for quick quick finish banquet light. They want Beckett though if they go down and up from 31. Prevent. The twenty Deborah and in their bracket they did 4%. Of what's left. 4%. About a 108. Out of that put it that outfit. Or attic at like 7000 dollars. So their savings they haven't been out not because they're tax bracket went down there all of that without an error in a good. They have been undercurrent of bad date date date Bibby 500 dollar under that expelled as far as I can figure. What's funny about all of that Floyd like everybody uses drew throwing arise listing them or they're asleep now. I don't know how what could possibly be true what he just described which is not that unusual could be done on one piece of paper. But that was what trump said yesterday and we've been talking much yields the thing happens as you're going to be able to do wonders of paper they can't do that on one piece of paper. Even in Jim's case I think there is and there you go. You Golar L Aaron as you left hand goes down your right hand goes up opinion lasting goes up and you're writing comes back and then you go go down and you go up and you go down as you go through these things. He hasn't talked about any investment income that these guys might have if they have any thing. What if they paid off their mortgage you know or they judges renting it right. You you couldn't have a different and it all depends on what lever is moving from an everyone it's always shell game where were taken some for me here. We have given summit to which here. In in every case it's different slightly Howard all balances out in no one's gonna know. Until you do your talking like I'll tell you in April what happened when me and I honestly don't know my guess is it's gonna be about even from I I don't know I think a lot of people are gonna see that same thing.