Kim & VB - BU professor says Jingle Bells is racist

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Thursday, December 14th

A Fox News report stated that a Boston University professor called Jingle Bells racist, but delving deeper tells a different story


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So I want to do this briefly here at least in humor me I wanna say right up front. I get that you all are racist out. You're tired of being told that everything's racist there's a reason why you're not reading the globe spotlight series one reason would be that they didn't hockey right up front the other you just tired of this. Everything is racist you don't wanna hear it anymore just one ever and you go like that. Up front that's where around so I tread lightly when I bring up this topic plot. As it's sort of historian I am always fascinated with how things come to be and what the back story of things are fluff. Your kids he flopped due June all that -- started not as a food product but as they face cream and I find that interest and so. I just history imagine my surprise gonna look up today as your talking about something Kim and I see on FOX & Friends they'd candidates has beat you professor called one of jingle bells is racist. Mike why sword I go to Google and I immediately start singing the song in my head trying to figure out what is being said they like me you know are trying to do it right autism. And one who opens lose. Global offering. I don't I don't having use our secure element what is this what is this crazy story of crazy college professor tournament. So so just hang in there I know you're like I don't wanna talk about racism anymore. Through this from historical sports their perspectives and like any knowledge is a right to tell you upfront. This is not going to stop me from singing a song for having given the rotation are all of that however. I wanted to see what it was was the story and what was the claim because I assume somehow. The jingle right is going to come back to me they used to jingles somethings are slaves are some very I don't read right. It all starts from Medford mass in Medford claiming to be the home of jingle bells that's where the guy who broke the song supposedly wrote it in. Medford plot James pierpont yes there's also a lot of town in Louisiana. That claims that they are where he rewarded in we have this war going on and it's been going on for awhile. So this BU professor if I'm sorry Eric it's actually in Savannah Georgia. They. It's just been you professor decides to take a run at it and say I'm just for giggles. Professor Pamela believer name is kind Hamel says let me. And settle this debate I think she went to Medford to sort of on Medford speed happily see if I can prove it. Well two things happen one is. She thinks the song was written in Boston if anywhere is probable not Medford. Not Savannah. She was noted he was not a Massachusetts the year of the song is alleged to have been written. The easier that it was if anything he would have been staying at a hotel in Boston so she throws that in light forget it turns out it see not iroquois are people around. But in doing her research in looking at stuff she has made the claim that. Whether the song itself is racist or whether it has racist origins. Her claim is that it was written. In 1857. In a period in which. Minstrel shows were one of if not being mean form of entertainment and they were in Massachusetts. And he wrote this strong this song specifically to capitalize. On and be part of minstrel shows. It was written with the idea that white performers would be in black face. Acting crazy in snowstorms because they don't know that because they're generally in the south than they don't deal with snow so part of part of the vaudeville and minstrel idea at that time was. Put someone in black face in a position where blacks were usually seen and watch him. We'll slip and slide into crazy thing right so. To her and getting out on Bob tell rain right there are look a funny the black I can't walk and snow we're yes so you can see then where as you're singing this song. This did beautiful cheery songs you can clap along to but over here there's a couple that slipping and sliding in they can't get a horse tied up and nothing's working as it suppose yeah and you're clapping and singing and everybody's having America. And so she claims that that's where it starts from by the way. Subsequent to a being written he then moves to the south in June. Donnelly joins the confederacy but right several songs for the confederacy. So very solemn all of the for what it's worth her claim as to why it is that jingle bells has fought exported is racist. All of that as the backdrop if you haven't already to not your soul will want to try and Billy to the prospect of anything has raised. What do you make of what she has done I feel like fox news service so I don't think she said it's racist I think she just pointed out the racist background right and Fox News simplified it you jingle bells. Racists. So much else I can actually tell you something I I have to judge this very much like we had this converse this hit stalls in that same category of for me. Where some of these. Some of these people liked the liked annual hall and at the time they guy was there was a trader because that was the business that existed and he was in. It's a high aiming thing. Win this song was written which was in white what was it supposed to be 1850. There were minstrel shows. And this was part of it. So. While I certainly don't reflect on that as a positive thing now. At this time. And this was part of pure putts culture and this is what was going on. I'm actually more offended by the fact that they go on to explain that the guy was a real jerk and he ended up leaving his wife and his kids hitting. He headed to the south and you know I think generally speaking I think the guy was just a jerk well Medford school tried very sketchy. It's from kicker. In net and how are you gonna attract back that claim which the woman is done and it comes from an hour on 1946 on the globe and they said it was written and sometime in the fifties they mention a guy as a witness she's never seen his name anywhere else in relation to a parent but one thing it's not debated is aided this guy wrote it. Be as she since found out. He broke. Dozens of songs for minstrel show right there is a picture of him in full black bear or a warm summer is that his character because of the name does sign visits a peer swamp well. Yeah I thought that last may look shorter I couldn't read it. But in any casual. They did the big historical society here in Medford they've got the big gap plaque. They actually rotate units hamper the Simpson tavern. It stood there and that mrs. Otis Waterman. Verified that the song was written here that she witnessed it. But that's the person watching the minstrel show up well she doesn't expect that update out of the black backpack. Soy think David this is gonna change. My view this are you really don't used by this I understood all or yeah just racism I'm out I don't wanna have any part. Spending the morning with Cuban DB daylight kick offs don't bring me I'm not Smart thing. Don't make that a promo on how to late pop WR OK well. All right. Side so I set this up will do you care in our text line doesn't. There have written that I even brought this I think it's an interesting story what is your heart you know that the U professors and I do not go. White person stoking the flames of racism. Kind tonight Jimmy crack corn and I don't care beat me again we all read this story is that the U professor never said the song is recent and she just provide the context for where it was written 97 it's always whites why assume it's racist. Why some people have to get their fifteen minutes of fame by being an absolute ass since 617. Professor is a wicked snow flake I'm embarrassed to have gone to be you she's cute doing. Like legitimate reason there. Ted finish anybody know you do miss the. All she said as he Medford you may not want to own mess that's all she said if I let her know what you're talking about you know. I mean if I look I'm I say I did they have the start this all Murray thing 33 nines. But I I give up but Boston in predict. We are so sick of being told where races that we don't even wanna entertain any thing. This guy wasn't Boston he was a traveling Gatti was around the and he was here briefly and here's a traveler genteel you know always look at it okay. One of the reasons why are right up IR I told Jim wise it. You've you've got to be careful here because people they don't want me I don't. But I think what the majority of people losing right now I think is. I don't care whether really user it is an icing and as it is just a Christmas song and that's all it is or whatever it is history in his origins are. Don't put racism in jingle bells in the same thing I'm out on your conversation and that's fund haven't always is sort of what I I wondered why is all of I'll pick. And you learn anything from a historical perspective and a just take just take it for that I told me his complete there are rock so here's are you really need me. There are songs and things that I don't do once I learned about him. I don't even like brick but the meaning in my name off for example I have. I have absolutely tried to not have my kids do that based on what that for started from when I was a kid I didn't quit. I don't know what is it was not always a tiger let's put them. And so I don't want any part of it OT here yet but. This isn't one of those I mean I'm not this doesn't. I will hear jingle bells now under it all because claimant then did you come. To go to our departed arc are there. They begin at eight for me it's on any issue either because of exactly what I said earlier I mean this is just the history of what this was about. This is. Whether I like that history or not this is what was occurring at the time. And and Rick how fascinated by the fact. That day put up plaques. They are. Made legitimate bites. Just some strange person is about what happened as always I know is not funny guy. And in the presence of mrs. Otis Waterman who later verified that the song was written here. Who issued that bridge you're just a woman who says I saw. And now she's on the plaque to show. I think she wasn't on the court enough to get her own first name on the plaque right. Chapter five my bore stuff like our bread and ashes and mr. available over Christmas. Chapter five is about the local legend that they all say who cares if mister Osgood story. And it is only a good story and I'm pretty sure that at some point in that Ireland's history a historian said. Let's throw this when America's it's a good story yeah. And okay that there's a ton of history that is that sometimes you don't wanna know because you just like the history yup it. Like the idea that it's. People don't wanna know that the Paterson film in the big for video that date modern technology can show you the zipper on the soup. They still some people believe that that he's a big foot when he turns and shoulder is not turning together but that's big but even though they've shown you the zipper yeah. I just think this is. 617 who gets paid to research this crap she wasn't she wishes to just look why don't they let into our I wasn't. This of this woman did not go out on let me see if I can prove something's recess lets you practice or defense but first fall. Lucky the next one okay no need to do the research because I saw the movie was called the social network. FaceBook was founded under and meet two circumstances that we all know that for me. Does that mean more often they are you getting off the FaceBook today cam I mean com don't write this is my worries are you at least. You may not be interested in history period okay. But if you all are are you interested in this history or the second the word racist. Is broad and that's it you check out and I do think that that's most that's a large part of this city. Which it plays sort of into the old Meredith sort of falls under the same category as the doctor Houston. Okay there are some elements in his past that are so wonderful but nobody saying you can't read the book anymore. It in some of these situations you have to think context our church and usual. Nazi you know they know about how your doorstep yet to stay in contact with her about AC well really aren't waiting to drive a Ford ever because of what Henry Ford burned enough onions glory but. Nah I've never hyper I didn't know the name of the guy. I sure I heard it before but I didn't know if US I wrote jingle bells when pierpont aiming down and I'll forget it now yeah James your practice. You I think is adjusting which I do have to say when it comes to the song jingle bells. And just you dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh over the fields we go laughing all the way. So I won I never in my life thought that that was based on something that's realize just what that was some sort of fantasy idea in people's. But as it turns out if you are to believe mrs. Otis Waterman. That's actually based on the head sleigh rides. On Salem street in Medford. On a regular basis back in the eighteen hundreds. And this is split in and buy a house race for starters and in the guy. Whether he had any event that's who go to girl's house that's different songs that's over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go the worst insulator so you just on some recent. That threatens it jingle bells as it goes against them yeah running there's some they're saying it did you know this was. This was based on watching that that's how the song came to him. So she reported on it based on research that's generally what you do right right I mean Mueller will report on it based on his researches and yeah whatever that is Howard goes but. Sick its own yet she stumbled onto it this was not what does he want us all trying to settle the argument is a bunch of these replica. Would Salem or marble head the founder of then did the US navy for example was. Oh this is who all really care that's arena. Which city is the founder of Halloween night as the Minnesota over the one instance or Salem AM flight to wherever it is Somalia there's a big fund company we're aren't totally under but she was trying to settle one of the yeah. Just let let's make mom met for its case a little stronger Isner did was found out that she it's a lot weaker or. But then as she started looking just like. But I learned a thing but it's actually went like this special counsel I'm looking for one thing but I found summing up it's ever in my view are going there animate erratic. The reason why comes up is because fox had it on today. And I today legally war on Christmas right and they they completely. Quiet prayer out of context what she was well know Cassandra I Osama miles and I think I can only send a banner read yes. Yet that did this war on Christmas at all she's just sisters from the store and this Sousa yeah if your answers Rick you rip liberal colleges and how little knowledge this is. This is all fun and lighthearted no big deal nobody's saying don't plea jingle bells and he now warranted. All right now let's set up what how it would what are give away some stuff. Friday. It is the holiday season and let's you know let's let's lighten up and have funded what is the name of the wars in the song. Artsy. I was sick about that a day or two ago I thought I'd take a ride through reed who's sitting next to his side. Miss Fanny price was seeded by my side the course was lean in blank. Misfortunes seem gets a lot we got into a drifting bacon and we got up sought boat jingle bells of so I knew I do not that yeah. These guys climbing Bob tail is the name of the wars. Bells on Bob tail rings no light no I think that means that the aids they bells are located on the Bob tail detail on the horse which has been bomb. I'll I just assumed his name is ball and it's on his tail. Yeah and I it's mobbed him that is it conduct tail right to plotting to milk. There's that's worthy of the bells and I'm sticking I don't know that there is the name of of the or so I don't think I'm out of bottled you know it's not looking up and find out that it turns up at a horse fought for the confederacy. And or get a sketch your forest. At that. Guys stop with the racist and then there's a word we can't use on TV that's all you ever talk about race is race is razor. We're. Don't know me I am RG and you see the humor irony light hearted news of this in the answer is no you can. I want I take it anywhere in the world and the second verse I mean it ever aired in just talked about that. I wish I was I didn't know that and I don't know what you're looking this up today so you brought some from the united.