Karen Weintraub (STAT, Heart Attack and Stroke Treatment)


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It's hard to dial a phone or send an email list to dumb. But it's easy to text we've got an excellent up and running when you can tell us what you think right now by texting us and 63566. The skewered Barry and join our exclusive club this is a financial exchange radio network. Joining us on the line now is Karen weintraub she's a writer force that. And Karen thank you for joining us. I can't you talk a little bit about the the story that you put together here about this Doctor Who was been. Fighting a battle for twenty years to try to change the way that we treat heart attacks and strokes. Great leader local Boston area doctor he's been working prepared 1960. And he's not been. Treat patients are on site at the respect career and he found in the early 1980s. A better way in which three. Clock both from heart attack and stroke. What is the method that he discovered that he is trying to promote now. So rate how we treat with one drug well we use surgery or treatment one hurt and he thinks that. And that's got it very record eighteenth it would be a better record at these two drugs that one in a smaller player and another one. That's how the body works. Q and that about clock and we're not in making body on well. What kind of challenges has he faced in trying to get this accepted. Some of them are scientific implement our business he had a company it would involve the into clinical trial. In the nineties in mid ninety's and then that company was sold to another one which shut down a program and he had trouble than in other company to pick ups and scientifically. I started complicated but he he proved that this is a moment. But he never happen money because of the business is it to go further and meanwhile there's other drugs taken off and people were what focused on opt out. Is there anyone else on his side is kind of advocating that this treatment has merit in that it needs more exploration. Very few people actually had heard about. Approach a black like I can reach. He's got a company now has funding for one small clinical trial. Trying to raise money purse back and it really working comeback if he can. It has resulted in certainly the first trial again in the second half as well that then you'll be able to find more money. He probably pursue this idea 88 out but hopefully you'll be integrated these sharp and I am. Hopefully he'll be around long enough you. Work very good Karen thank you very much for the time today. Thank you Karen weintraub she's a writer force that talking about. A potentially. New old treatment I guess developing for heart attack victims and stroke victims.