Joshua Brockman (NY Times, Getting Sick During Plane Travel)


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Joining us on the line right now is Joshua Brockman from the New York Times Joshua thank you coming on. Thanks so much just were so that the title of your article is should you worry about getting sick from a plane flight the answers may be. Let's talk first about it just the overall cleanliness of planes how much time to airlines need. In order to properly clean a plane after a flight and then how much time they get. Sure well airlines typically hire outside companies to perform. A clean and operate. Operations there and there's there's three types of cleaning that. That up people need to be aware of there's a quick turns which is the cleaning between flights. Overnight cleaning and then of course deep cleaning which occurs about once a month now the focus of my article was really on these quick turns and cleaners really need about ten to fifteen minutes to do their job. But both current and former cabin cleaners and I interviewed. Said they're routinely given about how this time so about 67 minutes to clean. Josh I would say one thing isn't news reader for many years as he delta jetBlue southwest they wouldn't put somebody on the phone to talk with the about that. So that says to me that they know they are fine disgusting germ can't. Well I did I did make an effort to reach our airline executive. And airlines for America which was the tree group did its equipment for the story but you don't. Cleaning an airplane is is. It is it is tough task I mean basically you got a crew of about five people pretty quick pretty quick turn and dumb. Unfortunately sometimes there was numbers are you can cut in half so when that happens the cruiser. The operating with a skeleton crew. But to put all this in perspective I mean let's let's take the example of Boeing's 737 that I mentioned in the story. One of the most common airplanes and use yen down it has on average more than a 160 seat. So it's a huge operation to get those planes clean. And the cabin cleaners that you are up against a lot of obstacles especially when when their time is limited. If if your passenger who is flying let's say you're going away for the weekend there you've got in a school vacation coming up when you're taking the kids down to Disney World or something like that a week. What do you do to try to reduce your chances of getting sick on a flight. Sure will be an infectious disease doctors. That I spoke with including. One hop from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that there are a number of measures that. Air travelers can do to protect their helped. So first off there's. Just the content of basic hand hygiene. Washing your hands with soap and water frequently. And of course on an airplane where you can't get up all the time you know using hand sanitizing the content out all. He is is a good solution for that that doctors' offices stressed the importance of getting vaccinated. For flute for measles and tuberculosis for example now that he's been. With flu it's especially important as we know there's there's widespread flu activity. And last month in January we we we did have instances to people with measles which. Chicago O'Hare airport. On the other thing I would say is that. Doctors really stressed. The idea that travelers should stay home when their sick and you know one of the doctors I interviewed from Emory university's travel clinic. Pointed out that you know that's really ought to metres have been done because. Airlines have created which she called an incredible disincentive. For travelers to change their trap travel plan eat when they're sick because of high change fees to resort as a result we have people who are sick you know flying in planes. The other steps I think so could take is basically. One of the one of the sources that I interviewed explained that she routinely uses not Japan's appetizer but medical grade and appetizer. Which he should be able to purchase over the counter. And some people do elect to use disinfectant wipes to sort of do their own white out of the area around them. But doctors say that these types of measures like wipe it down can have you know some beneficial. Impact and effect but but not not after not getting back at it. Are good Joshua thank you very much of the time we appreciated. Are. Absolutely that's Joshua Brockman from the New York Times. My question for you guys who's going to be if every used. A sink in an airplane bathroom there really gave you a good amount of good hot water now never now it's always liked cold. And is like not enough soap. That's gross. Not good now I always wipe my battle whenever I go on a plane I was like down the seats the tray at the armrest everything her way down disinfecting. You still get sick regal please. Too wide it's a you know what you mean you know I personally burial is complaints if you get sick when every flies. And like air sick thought they met Ayers now and I haven't in awhile not. You would know about it really had problems with banana I take the crushing her steps. Yeah I try to isolate myself as much as possible in a window seat I put my wife between me and anyone else she gets sick before I'd prefer did. Women and children first rights at best a first test has been an America where a single source it's women and children first in my in my wrong. This now. You know so I just can't tell it yourself use the bathroom before the flights that you don't have to get up and go through that whole you know yeah charade and everything you know yet this really clean even though there's no way it is right. But you'd isolate yourself as much as possible on an airplane. To time mrs. out of that you want her in the middle seats if you get out the airplane faster your sequel BC for the last it is you know I was a Michael guide and you Dave offer you know she is my buffer. Women and children first IIIQ can you win one who does this I think York.