Jonathan Wallace (Morningstar, FFNOX)


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Every Monday we have mutual fund money here to help us out with that very causes Jonathan Wallace from Morningstar. Jonathan thanks for joining us. Doesn't it looks like we're talking about the fidelity four in one index is that right. That's correct what exactly is the four and one index. Well. Before I went index is essentially just find it combines or indexed funds into wind. Allocation fund they can really help investors. Who are interested in a more aggressive allocation. 85% equity. They can really help them to haven't all of what type type of. So what indices does it pull into this one product here. Okay so the first index that he uses is yes and 500. Which is well. The second one is the gala June. US completion total stock market index with that does is it's designed to Guam. Include. A lot of the funds a lot of investments that are not included in the US and 502 that's the second one. The third one that it includes is the NS TI EC index. And that that gives investors and despite exposure to I entered the international. International markets international equity markets. And then the final wanted to Bloomberg Barclays US intermediate aggregate index and so that gives six investors exposure to US sponsor when you combine it altogether. It creates a well rounded portfolio that targets 85% equity. So it seems like this is built for someone who doesn't want to be involved in the day to day management of their portfolio but more just say let me dollar cost average in. And use this fund to kind of make up all my portfolio was that an accurate statement. Yet that is accurate. A lot of investors may find that this it's all one approach can really help because it does does provide diversification. Get a and investors using this is the only investment of their portfolio. Bobby it would be targeted more for somebody who is up more aggressive perhaps the younger investor with a longer. Growth water time horizon and a and a long term growth objectives. In terms of expenses. Are zipped kind of fit with the rest of the funds in its category. Is actually the least expensive in its category are bit charges don't weapon basis points. And so on in our allocation seventy to 85% equity that is beyond least expensive offerings in that category. Good Jonathan thank you for the time we appreciate it. Much as Jonathan Wallace for Morningstar the fund that he was talking about is the fidelity four in one fund and in the ticker on it if you wanna look it up on your own is FF. And oh tax incentives 85% stocks that 85% stocks about 60% in the US 25% outside and then about 15% in bonds so. You know it makes it's it may address someone who again wants to be fairly aggressive with things potentially you know maybe their thirties or forties who says Hamm disconnect here throw a hundred bucks a month into this something like that. And it's kind of one of those set it and forget it funds it's not gonna do anything crazy advise against four different indices so it's not you know picking stocks it's pretty much buying the entire market. And it's it's the kind of fun that again has no low expense ratio is pretty simple for I think a lot of people understand.