J Mintzmyer (Seeking Alpha, TGP)


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The financial exchanges all over New England to go to financial exchange showed dotcom and search for the station closest to you this is the financial exchange radio network. This segment of the financial exchange front teeth by Peter bank if you're looking to diversify your portfolio. Precious metals are Smart investment. Gold and silver bullion coins are now available at all leader bank locations. Call 8776917. B 900 or log on to be your bank dot com. For more information member FDIC. Energy certainly in the spotlight you probably notice when you pass the gas pumps and fill up it's time for stock talk. Witnesses. Yeah there are great about axle and Jake you're pic is. TK is it correct teekay LNG partners a symbol TGP. That there in the marine transportation business for liquefied natural gas also about the company. Yes that's correct as you know and not about export has it been building it at UC LNG partners the transport company. They poked and long term on the room and industrial leasing company bell by the ship with about 3035 year lifespan and a leak out. I'd be very shipping companies bought the world who are shipping elegy. They'd go Asia but the market. Does the cost of the actual product determines it to have any impact on their earnings orders of more vote. Although volume business that they do. Wouldn't put it that pick bitten and Alec and industrial model but they haven't you ships that are on ought charter. I was musical greater arm based oil market and over the past years the audit and exploding. I'd just blast it out that vehicle in the market opened at 20/20 but because of China's energy all electronically to the city. Nick Berg like all over national debt. By the import demand an artist and explode. So because the bat yet transport artery that really prove that bolsters it's on. And we're talk about it teekay LNG partners. Javy earnings I notice have been under a little bit of pressure how's the competition in this business. They added that you've ever burn it a bit but the difference is he is Alder a Ankara is fixed ardor there's not a lot of rest of the board that. And their legacy model that that ought to put it we talked about it. Abbott street when he when he happened there are. He delivered a warrant because there's been quarter reporter wrote all the way through probably about quarter and went border noble care you. I know it's a pace and nice side dividend of 3% goes ex dividend pretty soon as the U you don't Matt but. Is that pay out safe at least from your perspective. Yes you with that TK they actually total misleading the low side their coverages don't work are Angela bored at an art to the un. Starting appointment in the 20/20. We actually thinkers and it if it increased their payout probably around early. Yes and it could pick could be double that right and still be okay in the penetration. Yeah I think guy in double but I really sort and already 3% that's not that appreciated is it is this a buy for your perspective. Absolutely has been along this part of orders for awhile and you know a lot about and Charlotte are about another oh you play I'd pull our elegy. I talked about the began though we don't own them but they're up 20% members to get you down 5% that I print. I think gets utility partners in this went forward it is your best bet though Q what are the risks. I said he the biggest risk with which he dale and eat it but some sort of global slowdown credit China and it changes course where there would import. The political pressure over China. Appears pretty inept and that is that the risk factor that even in China post now then. I think they're energy conversion expect though heavy on national. I agree I thank you very much. Jim it's Meyer from seeking alpha he had. In any case it big argument for natural gas is pretty strong volume. In terms of air quality are what need the I do worry about other consequences of all this natural gas or herb dean now. What and there are issues on concerning the safety of transporting it to from point to point BBC to begin. Now and there were concerns I I think the concerns may be overstated its expensive it is expensive and can reason that it's it's it's not easy and there's a clean energy aspect to this that makes it appealing on top of the fact that prior teaching at the start stuff where you want. I know you eat cake ship but we're. Like here you can get. Hope it can be allowed to build a pipeline. To California and ship it to aid to China. But it's a natural resource that we have so much all of you in the United States so alien technology yet get it out of the ground very inexpensively. So there arguments for you know from an energy perspective from environment perspective and also an economic perspective as far as the United States concerned the reason to believe that this could be a good and good investment.