Emme Hall (CNET Roadshow, 2019 Subaru Ascent)


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We wanna hear from you. Thanks Steward Barry's 263566. And let us know what you think about the stories we discussed your team to the financial exchange radio network. Coming off from CNET roadshow is on the line with us you're talking about the all new 2019 soon grew percent every thank you for joining us. They don't like to do it. Goods are promising route driver myself a fad for the last fifteen years to have been drive and but the assent is it's it's their new big kinda crossover suvs type thing right. Yeah but their new grow at UB. Years ago being out of the act of a very well but it. Without you know I mean I believe and didn't get that we may I. They eight. Outback. Little literally. At a very much an outback ill but at the green. So what does this go against like the Toyota Highlander stuff like that. Highlander on the yet Nyhan aren't a highly it you on how tiger is in that category always. Right it. All it. Track with so many teachers. Like out with all of your you know at eight. USB port and got a big thing right especially. With everyone got their divide. Eight USB port. Available heated and ventilated front. Well I'm wide angle we have had a beer and upper end of it it'll be your ear that you camera. You projected image on your career in air out of traditional air does great if you've got up in the back. Meat delivered me the rear window you've got that other option. Are the action at all. And you can get aid and speed and eight in the back row also. The scarcity. Seven. All. Yours but you got what they rebuilt quantity. You're. Right. The green are the a crop that background and now I like the fact that they're like air by that the that would work and. What so what would let us stores let's say you don't have anyone in the car and you just filled up at Home Depot or something like that how much do you fit in the thing. 86 cubic it is eight we need all everything out. Pretty good at Matt weighed more than Mike. In it. More at bat a couple of other a the other vehicles that are out there on the market. The big error and not so cold it has. Nineteen coupled. And 99. Thank you what do you do with all those. He's top holders Seattle and rotting food the kids leave. Out all about what. I mean I coupled with my heart rate and on and I'm always open that are are and the other one label by. You know like we don't necessarily your cup holder for what they were intended people all kinds of things coupled with Libya played for a little hit it good and other. And tired or whatever it is that I don't like it or out ignorant about little boy is. And hoping that being out of it. And we raise an interesting point not to go too far off on this tangent why don't. Cars have phone holders at this point. Are you got or not. They'll. Right. Now I'd like public input and expand at a group and opera perfect. So what about under the hood on this that this car what does it have wondered there's enough visit too much shout outs stack up. Really get there is a new 2.4 liter turbocharged engine which had 200 URR and seventy evident how to work. It is need in that it can lead article and in game without an error in my heart out. Ilk they offered. You a little white Eva went and beat an and it pretty good at it. Our great power and for good economy. And it's not about that I was. About price word is it where we start on the base model here and how high can you get a few Macs now. You know they all start at about about the dollar but it might not a little under by. At a lot of critical and what is it makes a deal to buy any car. It's certainly is and we thank you for the time to catch up soon. I I mean all firm CNET Roche are talking about the 2019. Subaru a cent. 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That it would be good for you know somebody starts and yet you know it's if I mean I'm I love servers again I'm on my second one now it's while driving on the if fighter photo by and the Toyota route for would you buy this we do by the Subaru over the wrap for this bigger if you want instantly goes up against around for you probably do like the Forrester which is smaller cheaper and gets a little bit of gas mileage. This would be if you were going up against like a Toyota Highlander or something like that. It's it's right up against that. Our silica Forster looks like it's too low yeah it done are an issue be it does I've I've driven loners couple times like an ephedra much Karl for certain reasons. They're there they're nice cars though they are down the that there are stars people a Subaru has very loyal. Consumers pretty easy once you buy a Super Tuesday from what I've been told. People tend to go back to. There's no doesn't break. If they're good on maintenance get this stuff doesn't break that's importantly my my current car my clutches 85000 miles and still going strong.