Daniel Sotiroff (Morningstar, VT)


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Be a part of the financial exchange in an instant. By texting us and 63566. Starter tell extra keyword Barry and become a member of our brand new textbooks tell us what you think 24/7. Right here on the financial exchange radio network. Type stock talk here in Daniel's daughter off for morning star joins us now to talk. At an ETF today Daniel thank you for joining us. Daniel so if if I'm reading this correctly we're talking about the vanguard total world stock ETF. What what exactly drew you to this one. So there's there's an expletive like a great one bout on her anybody's attitude of investing or just doesn't want you know. Here with the complexity of bad people on multiple editors better this is basically the entire global stock market all what are bigger like the first. How are people that. So this is great if you're you know in your twenties just start that you say hey what's one place to trying to get everything this is the place that you'd recommend above all the other ones out there. Pretty much yet you're getting it like that Specter you're gonna expect if you're the that the Koran at the state. Emerging markets like China belt Kirk a barrel there. In terms of the expenses on something like this under the vanguard usually pretty good if not the best of the bunch when it comes to that side of things. What are we talking in terms of cost. About a a bunch is a good way to describe the and if the point which is wonderful always he category or another degree and there are people know better look at it and equity investing. What if you're a little bit older and you're looking to while also generate a little bit of income is there any dividend income that's coming off this. Sure but it actually has one of the higher fuel a category it's a little respect are now a category averages around one or more. Is it a little bit better you'll want to talk you out there is it does have a whole lot of foreign stock ex butcher and better deal. And not be able that the US though. Right now looks good but don't expect. With. What is the split right now between foreign and domestic stocks. Barbara now it's actually about if he if he if you're the two aren't in Europe or it's not a bank and it emerging markets are around 8%. So you get a pretty good this is. Who is this not a good fit for since it's it is that there's a lot of positive things to say about it who is this not a good fit for. This is not a good fit for somebody that wants more you do know what you're good at the force be able yogurt burgers a typical. Long term. Stability in the reasoned and because about violent case before Barack we've go a lot of currency risk and Eric may potentially be able evident in the future so if you look at for stability that would that would here we're both like to roll their best that what. People yeah. Very good Daniel thank you for the time today. Daniel sauter offer Morningstar talking about the vanguard total world stock ETF. The ticker on that if you do want to look upon your own is VC.