Andrew Daniels (Morningstar, ARTGX)


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If part of the financial exchange in an instant. By texting us and 63566. Starter to extra keyword Barry and become a member of our brand new textbooks tell us what you think 24/7. Right here on the financial exchange radio network. This segment of the financial exchanges brought to you by a leader brink's brand new product called seat deposit. It's another free program which streamline the opening of ten XP security deposit accounts. To re totally digital experience. Landlords can open an account online. In flight attendants to enter their information and then manage all their security deposits in one place just called Z deposit team to get started. At 781641. 8691. That 7816418691. Or you can visit them online at C deposit dot net member FDIC leader bank. A step ahead. Joining us on the line right now is injured Daniels from Morningstar here for a little bit of mutual fund talk and Andrew thanks for coming on with us. And are talking about the orders and global value investor fund what's the what's the lowdown on this fund what are they what are they buying in this one's. We think it's really great fun to that what penalties and David Cameron. Don't think that they're excellent portfolio managers are value managers that emphasize. Firms what financial strength and shareholder oriented. Management teams that tend to avoid. Affirms what pork outing on corporate governance standards as well as those operating in markets what. Inadequate laws and regulations related so. They're also long term oriented so portfolio turnover hurts there's below and the fund's returns are higher sport turn into analysts rating of goals. One of the things that stands out to meander it doesn't look like there that many holdings in this in this fund it seems to be a fairly concentrated. A number of positions is that a fair statement. Definitely and so there at commanders focus. Just a few firms that they wanna know. Very well and so it is concentrated as a result of that. But you'll see that portfolio volatility actually took him to stay below our virtual have to do. Good morning sir category. And it's and that says that's compared to do. What are the questions that I have with regards to see you see the word global out there. Do they have a a particular tilts anywhere in the world and they kind of moved to new you know wherever they want depending on which way the Windsor ball. It really depends took currently they have about half of the portfolio assets than the United States and arrested there's actually less but. That they invest in emerging markets developed markets outside of the US one thing they have tended to be. Ever have a below average waiting in Japan and that's due to the corporate governance concerns they have. For companies that operate our country. What are the expenses come in for this onto it how much you paying in order to investment. That's the biggest drawback here it's expense ratio for the investor's shares which. Not a boatload. It is one point 87%. To. That's good is that there's an above average when compared. Well that's deploy a distributed peers believe to believe but their approaches to put educator about. He's more popular recent fund our reforms or underperformed long term that will be about the selection. And and word you see this fitting into someone's portfolio how how does the average investor Leo position themselves in this fund. So that it that it the global fundamentalists primarily large cap. So at least we think that given management's spectacular approach investors here. You don't want to open and patient. I think could be a good core holding. For those types of investors and it has tended to provide solid consumer protection because management is very. Did they do heavily emphasize. Dot protection and quality firms. Are good Andrew thank you very much for the time. And Andrew Daniels from morning star in the fund that we're just talk met as the artisan global value investor fund the ticker on that if you wanna look up on your own eight or. TG. Acts any disadvantages to owning that inside of an individual retirement account or raw fiery amnesties. Seems to me like kind of your core holes. Yeah it's it's the it's a capable core holding if anything if you're holding it in an after tax account you may not get all tax advantaged dividend some of them might not be qualified dividends so you may pay. Higher rate of tax on some of the dividends that come out there. But there's there's no you know absolute disband as he says it's a little turn over funds that the might not be atomic capital gains that are triggered in that fund. Is it worth paying the management the are going with an ETF summit that because I'm looking at you know it goes have to justify that. Like if you're gonna buy mutual fund yet to say well this manager is so talented. That he's gonna justify the extra. Thousand bucks a year 2000 dollar young campaign expenses if you look at the last decade they've outperformed their category by three point 7% a year typically. In the last three years only outperforming by a quarter percent cut that gives you some relevance there in terms of points.