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Well after a massive tax bill and pretty robust market returns and 2017 was so far seen a fair bit of volatility in 2018 joining us from bull's eye brief dot com is Adam Johnson to. Give us an update on his thoughts on the economy the markets and what we're likely to see for 2018. Adam thanks for coming on a what are your biggest concern is or you think there of opportunities for 2018 for both the economy in the stock market. But they're not so right now my idol but there have. Been with your bury people working at companies are profitable the economy is robust. I am bullish at pebble I continue to be bullish inflation is in schett. You can look at the numbers that came up that morning I I have to pick if they goldilocks because it's kind of become cliche that you sort of sound like right away. It's not called a lot not perfect but there's a lot of going right the economy there are a lot of teams that we can play like the buildup by G. He did it to electric vehicle. Infrastructure. And it Pacific Torre you know unique companies that are that are doing wonderful things that. I had a really hurt her don't short these days that you like every every from a short puck Mike I am recovering a bit about it in 15% law so uncle. Yes can see that I mean we that employment report that we got last last week what is. Pretty I mean I can't really imagine a better employment report advocate again right NASA jobs growth but we're not seeing any signs of inflation yet where we had seen a little bit of those signs back in January which. In my opinion really cause some of that selloff but this most recent jobs report was all right idea that was about as good as you get for jobs report. Yet we have the most number of jobs created or how many decades but it was staggering as over 300000. Granted that's only one month data but you know if you look at the continuing claims it's the lowest in the year though for creating about them burqa. In a couple of decades and we have the fewest number of jobless claims in like five decades. That's a powerful combination. And you know compared to our economy US economy is consumer driven so when people are making money. The economy is coming I would like to see wages go up a little bit not I can get with every one. We're not there yet but you know. It's is that OK there's a lot going right. Absolutely well at an earlier you know eternal optimists here but play devil's advocate for a for a little bit rate the stock market generally. You know Reid's head of the economy be by what 1224 or six months. What in what could throw you know a wrench into into the gears here and play doubles. Lou got utterly had a plan view there and he'll bring a pat on the hate mail that that made it you're with what I'm about the day share. People vote with their pocketbook. I think we're gonna find that in November. The Republicans hold both out of congress. The senate and the house not very many people are saying that although they overlooked by 38 back and your kind of call. Publication is starting to say wait and that that could happen so people are gonna vote with the pocketbook. That's going to eat it houses of congress in GOP care. What happens as we go to the third year of the presidential cycle 2090s. If you go back historically. QB or your presidential cycle every presidential cycle will work to. What you will find is that the third year is the stronger. And that is because the incumbent party pulled out all the stops there re elected what I'm saying at what we've already seen a lot of stimulus. We're gonna you bore. And I think that's gonna start to gut the economy it will run I do truck will be reelected there again there's hear it real well bring it on. But what's gonna happen is that by 20/20 you get reelected. Congress will be yet again. And at that point in so much good economy and inflation really does become an issue. Re elected. The stock market you point out of the sport is having mechanism it'll be good out there probably weren't what nineties. So my take away and we got about another twelve to fourteen month. Who run it. I think we well there then we're gonna have an issue inflation. Fair enough any sector you really like right now or dislike right now. The other Tibet. I he's a bank even yesterday the ballot harder look at what you do but no doubt it acute flattered. There that that when that happened. There. Adam I would love to keep you on the word were have a tough connection there have been some power outages here in the studio thank you so much for coming on that's Adam Johnson from. Bullseye brief dot com giving us an update on the market the economy as he sees it.