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Roy Moore Shows Up Via Horse To Vote and Struggles To Ride Away From Reporters

Roy Moore arrives to vote in Alabama, and makes sure everyone knows he can "ride a horse"

The Howie Carr Show
December 12, 2017 - 5:01 pm

     Senate candidate Roy Moore arrived in Gallant AL earlier today to cast his vote (presumably for himself) in a special election to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The Trump endorsed candidate is going head-to-head with Doug Jones, a Democrat looking to beat the former Alabama Supreme Court Judge. It should be said there is, no doubt, one thing Doug Jones was missing today that Moore made sure he wasn't.

A horse.

     Now some may see Roy Moore showing up at the polling location on horseback as a power move. Well at first it was. Starting at the top of the hill, then slowly trudging down towards the vast group of media members, Moore was clearly doing his best "Preacher"  impression (Pale Rider reference). It wasn't until after the vote and attempting to leave that his true level of horse riding prowess seemed to show.

     I think it's clear to anyone that he may not get as much time on top of the stallion as he may wish. You still have to congratulate him for having the confidence to pull a move like this. Even though he proved to struggle leading the horse around media members, and confusing the horse when attempting to pick up speed (falling backwards and pulling on the reins will tell the horse to slow down), he still pulled it off. Maybe he isn't the hero we need, but he may be the pedophile hero we deserve. 

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