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Lowell Man Abuses Son Inside Police Station

Unbelievable story of a man who can't believe he was arrested for throwing son all over lobby of police station.

The Howie Carr Show
December 05, 2017 - 6:12 pm

     Well Lowell Massachusetts is at it again. The city that provides unique crime story fodder over and over has delivered a new story that is depressing for numerous reasons. 

     It's a normal Monday (we assume) at the Lowell Police headquarters until a child walks into the lobby. The young boy explains to officers that he was fearful of his father, and expected the parent to "beat him." The boy's prediction came true, and it all unfolded right in front of officers. Heriberto Pellot, the "father" in question, reportedly dragged his son across the floor of the station lobby while simultaneously delivering some form of physical abuse. As officers attempted to intervene the poor excuse for a parent yelled at officers, ordering them "don't tell me what to do" according to prosecutors. He then began to "wave and swing his arms violently, striking two officers, knocking two to the ground.” 

     That's when officers hit him with the trusty pepper spray, and then handcuffed Pellot. If you thought maybe this was a misunderstanding, let's call upon Pellot's criminal history as exhibit A. This young boy's father is being held now after having his bail revoked due to a separate assault and battery case. He will be returning to court tomorrow for that case. The stepmother is attempting to defend this criminal, claiming the child has behavioral problems and that there may be more to the story. It may be tough to argue a case that transpired in the heavily video monitored Lowell Police station. All surveillance video will be collected as evidence per the request of the judge presiding over the case. Here's to hoping for a fair trial that has this idiot answering for his crimes. 

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