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VB The Wise: Chinese Diplomacy

Oh Those Stupid College Kids

Doug 'VB' Goudie
November 14, 2017 - 5:55 am

      So it turns out that while he was in China, President Trump asked President Xi for help in smoothing over the UCLA basketball situation.  You know that situation right?  That's the one where UCLA was in China for a couple of days to play Georgia Tech to promote college basketball internationally, and in that time THREE UCLA players thought it was a good idea to try and steal sunglasses form a Louis Vuitton store... they got arrested and are now facing possible jail time!​  So President Trump intervened apparently, which is a bit of a surprise considering the three players are African American and Trump is a racist (kidding!)

     Seriously though, think about this for a second.  POTUS is over there ostensibly to renegotiate trade deals and to ask China to help stop North Korea from blowing up the world, and in the middle of that POTUS has to say, "oh, and there's one more thing - those idiot basketball players."  And what does President Xi ask for in return on that one exactly?"Ok Mr. Trump, but next year we want Duke-Kentucky here.."  Or maybe President XI said to POTUS "ok, but only if you stay out of the Paris Climate Agreement, we hate that thing." 

     In the end, I'm guessing those UCLA athletes will be back in a week, and I'm guessing it will have cost the country some intellectual property rights or turning a blind eye to another year of currency manipulation by the Chinese.  Because both Presidents don't have enough on their plates, they both have to deal with crap like this.  

More wisdom next week.

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