Mike Siegel: The Acrid Aroma in the Air

It is the Mainstream Media and its Feckless Campaign Against the President

Mike Siegel
November 27, 2017 - 9:31 am



Over this Thanksgiving weekend I enjoyed the time I spent with loved ones, friends and colleagues. I thought it might be a good time to write about what we can appreciate this year for the blessings we have received.

Then the feeble minds of the protectors of the Left in the mainstream media challenged Sarah Huckabee Sanders about whether she actually baked a pie she tweeted about to share what she did in the little free time she has.

They will stop at nothing. It reminds us of the furor over Melania’s shoes or the criticism of Barron or the inane criticisms of Ivanka for being at meetings with her father.

There seems to be no reprieve from this incessant outpouring of false and maligning statements against the President and anyone close to him.

These yellow journalists begin with the premise that anything they cover is to demean or attack the President, his family and his administration. The notion of reporting the news is no longer a viable option for people like Jeff Zucker, Chief of CNN or Andy Lack, Chief of NBC News.

Zucker reportedly was out of control in a conference call when he demanded that CNN go after Donna Brazile and discredit her regarding her assertions that Hillary Clinton bought and paid for the Democrat National Committee, in spite of the fact that there was a viable option running in the primaries against her, Bernie Sanders.

Andy Lack delayed beyond reason the running of the interview with Juanita Broadrick conducted by Lisa Myers. The interview finally ran because Ms. Broadrick was thoroughly credible and there could be no doubt that her accusation was presented with authority. She was actually able to describe buildings in Little Rock in the late 1990’s that had been in the area of the hotel where Bill Clinton raped her in 1972, when those buildings had been removed and replaced.

These are only 2 examples of the diseased bias in the so-called mainstream media of this country.

The New York Times has published about 88% negative stories about this administration. They and other mainstream media organizations will not even allow highly respected and credible scientists in their newspapers or on their airwaves because they have demonstrated that human beings have not caused global warming or climate change.

They have already determined that there is nothing to debate on this issue. That is why they condemn the President for his correct position to end our participation in the Paris Accord and approve the Dakota Access pipeline and Keystone XL Pipeline.

These petty and embarrassing media organizations do not know what fairness is. It is particularly ironic since we are celebrating with thankfulness the greatness of our nation, yet these media protectors of the Left-Wing movement make every effort to undermine what made this nation great.

It was hard work, initiative, vision, the willingness to give our lives for freedom and so many other valued principles of democracy that have made the nation the pinnacle of greatness that people across this world are willing to risk their lives to live here.

Let us remind ourselves during this holiday season that our stock market is breaking records under the Trump presidency; veterans have federal law that allows them to use private health care if the V.A. is unavailable to treat them; African-American unemployment is at its lowest level since the year 2000; the receptions received by the President in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe have been remarkable and historic; Saudi Arabia and Israel are building an alliance along with other like-minded Middle Eastern nations with the common enemy of Iran; Raqqa has been eliminated as the Caliphate home of ISIS; school choice for our inner city students is a top priority for this administration; and so many other issues of concern to Americans are being realized and are evolving thanks to Donald Trump.

This weekend we saw the NFL with dramatically empty stadiums and large numbers of seats available even after the games began. This, to me, is the real poll of the success of Donald Trump. He went to the wall on this issue and properly demeaning Roger Goodell as the puppet and coward he really is. His refusal to require standing for the National Anthem by the players has resonated with the American people.

However, there would be little or no impact of this disgraceful behavior if the President had not stood tall and held the NFL accountable.

The dramatic impact of fan boycott of the NFL is a demonstration of the massive influence of Donald Trump on the grounded Americans across this country who are unwilling to abide this abuse of America and our military heroes who fought and died to give these players the ability to defame our nation.

Our President has demonstrated the strong support of the grass roots of America who will stand up and be counted and do the right thing.

Let us take heart during this holiday season that the CNN’s of the world will wither away by the weight of their own intransigence and detachment from the real concerns of the American people. We are concerned about jobs, national security, protection of our borders, educational quality for our youth, support for our police and military and a nation based on the values that have been built since the first Thanksgiving dinner.

We will not allow these America-bashers to win. What they want is mediocrity and we shall not allow that goal to stand.

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