Kuhner's Corner: The Racist is Elizabeth Warren

The liberal senator, not Trump, is the one who needs to apologize

Jeff Kuhner
November 29, 2017 - 12:00 pm



Sen. Elizabeth Warren is playing the victim—again. This time, the Massachusetts Democrat says President Trump used a “racial slur” against her and all Native American Indians when he called her “Pocahontas” at a ceremony honoring the Navajo code talkers.


She is wrong. Memo to Warren: One has to actually be of Native American ancestry for the term “Pocahontas” to be offensive. She doesn’t have a drop of Cherokee blood. In fact, the only racist is Warren. The only one who needs to apologize is Liarwatha.


Warren exploited the plight of Native American Indians and brazenly lied to advance her career. She took advantage of a minority set-aside program in academia by fabricating a false Cherokee identity, effectively stealing a job from real Native Americans. At Harvard, she claimed to be a “person of color” to attain a tenured teaching position—one that paid $350,000-a-year to teach one course. In short, Warren is a con artist, who lined her pockets at the expense of Native Americans. And when finally confronted about her scam during the 2012 election, Warren said her aunt told her she was of Cherokee descent. What was the proof? “Look at my high cheek bones,” Warren said.


She is a vile anti-Indian bigot. Not only did Warren use the historic suffering of Native Americans to enrich herself. But to justify her scam she played to a vicious stereotype: The facial features of Native Americans. For example, imagine if I falsely claimed to be black or Asian to take advantage of affirmative action. And when confronted about my bogus racial heritage, I pointed to certain facial traits—my lips, nose or eye structure—as my only proof. The immediate reaction would be swift and merciless: I would (rightly) be run out of town as a racist, a liar and a poseur. The only reason Fauxcahontas hasn’t is because she is a progressive feminist, who liberals hope will be the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020. In their eyes, her politics excuses her racism, mendacity and sleaziness.


It has been forgotten, but when the scandal first broke about Warren being a fake Indian she initially claimed she had no idea why Harvard had touted her as a Native American. Then it was revealed that Liarwatha had herself claimed on the application documents that she was of Cherokee heritage. No genealogist has ever proved her alleged Indian ancestry. The Cherokees themselves say she is a liar and a fraud. After her election in 2012, she refused to register as a Native American in the U.S. Senate. In other words, Warren herself knows she is anything but a Cherokee Indian.


Yet, Fauxcahontas could easily and definitively resolve this issue: take a DNA test. She won’t. The reason is simple: It would show what everyone knows—Warren is white. It would destroy her career and credibility. So, she continues to pretend to be a Native American and her liberal media allies continue to turn a blind eye. This strategy, however, will not work. The voters of America are not like the Moonbats of Massachusetts. They despise a pathological liar and shameless opportunist.


The problem with Warren is she lies about everything—not just her Indian ancestry. She has lied about her humble roots; her years as a house-flipper and greedy speculator; her lucrative work as a shill for Goldman Sachs, big banks and big insurance companies; her vast personal wealth, which is now over $15 million; her luxurious mansion in Cambridge; her disastrous performance at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; her absence of legislative accomplishments in the Senate; and her ridiculous claims about being sexually harassed by a colleague at the University of Houston. This is why Fauxcahontas will never be president. She is not just an incorrigible liar. She is a bad one. Her lies are obvious. Warren may talk like Bernie, but she acts like Hillary. And like Hillary Clinton, Warren’s self-righteous hypocrisy has made her detested and despised.                               


By calling her “Pocahontas,” Trump has brilliantly branded Warren. And by taking the bait, she swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Trump has exposed her as a phony and a poseur. He obviously views her as a potential opponent in 2020. Hence, he has launched a preemptive strike. If Warren is smart, she would ignore Trump’s attacks. Instead, she continues to play the race card. And it will lead to her own trail of tears.


-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston.

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