Kuhner's Corner: Media will turn Trump into the next Roy Moore

The judge’s defeat shows the vast power of liberal propaganda

Jeff Kuhner
December 14, 2017 - 11:01 am

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Roy Moore’s defeat spells doom for President Trump. The media-establishment complex has now found its weapon to destroy insurgent conservatives: the #metoo movement. This is the real meaning of the Alabama special Senate election.


Democrat Doug Jones defeated the conservative Republican judge for one reason: The avalanche of allegations against Moore suppressed GOP voter turnout, enabling a radical pro-abortion (and pro-Hillary) extremist to win in the Bible belt. If this doesn’t reveal the immense power of liberal media propaganda, then nothing will.


Think about it: The most prominent man in Alabama for over 30 years, who ran five statewide campaigns and was known for his outstanding moral character and principled decency, is now viewed as a pedophile, child molester and serial sexual predator—a modern-day Jeffrey Dahmer. In fact, the media has so convicted Moore in the court of public opinion, CNN and MSNBC simply described him as a “child molester” and “pedophile.” He has received no due process; there has been no trial or verdict by a judge or jury; and most ominously, there was no evidence—not a scintilla—to back up the accusations of criminal behavior against him.


Moore was the victim of a lynch mob media. Their strategy was obvious and ruthlessly effective: sling enough mud at him, knowing eventually some of it will stick. It worked. The rabid anti-Trump paper, The Washington Post (owned by globalist billionaire and staunch Democrat Jeff Bezos), led the charge.


The media claimed there were “nine victims.” Most of them were not victims of sexual harassment or assault. They were teenage girls, ranging from ages 17-19, who said Moore took them out on dates while he was in his late 20s or early 30s. Some of them said Moore asked for—and received—the permission of their parents. They also said he was a perfect gentleman, who never engaged in sexual misconduct or predatory behavior. Hence, in the eyes of the media, Moore’s transgressions were that he dated much younger women than he was.


There is only one problem: Moore’s conduct was common throughout the South over 40 years ago. Older men often dated younger teenage girls. For example, Elvis Presley dated his eventual wife, Priscilla, when she was only 14 (he was in his mid-20s). So is Elvis to be considered a “child molester” now? Moreover, this practice was common not only in Alabama and across the South, but in much of Europe. My Croatian grandfather was 30 when he married my grandmother, who was 15-years-old. In Central and Eastern Europe, my grandfather’s behavior was not unique, but prevalent. By liberal media standards, my granddad was a pedophile—and so were most men of his time.


To be clear: I don’t particularly care for the practice of older men dating teenage girls. In fact, I find it creepy and disgusting. But I am also aware that I am a product of late-20th century North American society—meaning my attitudes are informed by modern-day sensibilities. I am not narcissistic enough to fail to grasp the historical ignorance of applying modern values to bygone eras and different cultures. The fact is, however reprehensible to the modern world, Moore’s dating behavior was part of the cultural norm in the Alabama of the 1970s. What he did was not illegal or criminal.


The only two women who alleged real crimes against Moore were Beverly Young Nelson and Leigh Corfman. Nelson said that, when she was a 16-year-old waitress, he attempted to rape her outside of the diner in his truck. As evidence, she presented a yearbook with an inscription from Moore. The media endlessly repeated her story—to the point that it is now considered a given that Moore is a “pedophile” and sexual predator.


Yet, she lied. The liberal media deliberately ignored the fact that Nelson forged Moore’s inscription. Under pressure, she even admitted to the forgery. The reason for her lies and slanderous smear: He was the presiding judge in her 1998 divorce case, in which he ruled against her—a seminal fact Nelson omitted to mention in her high-profile press conference. She also failed to mention that, during her divorce proceeding, she had the right to demand Judge Moore be replaced with someone else. She didn’t. Which begs the question: What sane woman would want her attempted rapist to be the judge deciding her divorce proceedings? The answer is simple: no one. Unless, of course, he never tried to rape her. This is why Nelson’s own stepson said she is a liar, whose only motivation was to destroy Moore’s character.


Corfman’s story was even weaker. She alleged that Moore fondled and inappropriately touched her underwear at his house when she was only 14. Corfman further claimed that, due to his sexual assault, she descended into a life of drugs, alcohol abuse and promiscuity. In short, Corfman said Moore had destroyed her. There are numerous problems with her story. First, if Moore had sexually abused her and it did such long-lasting damage, why did Corfman wait over 40 years to finally go public? Second, numerous witnesses have refuted Corfman’s claims about her substance abuse issues, stating unequivocally that she was heavily into drugs and alcohol way before the age of 14—i.e., the time she was supposedly molested by Moore. In other words, Corfman lied. Moore was not responsible for her rampant drug- and alcohol-use. Third, and most importantly, Corfman for years has accused numerous powerful, prominent men in Alabama—especially, pastors—of having sexually harassed or assaulted her. Either she is the unluckiest woman alive, who is a constant victim of sexual predators, or she’s a liar—a fantasist who enjoys conjuring graphic, lurid details to slander well-known public individuals.


The mainstream media, however, managed to bury or ignore all of this. Instead, they ran with the Moore-is-a-pedophile narrative to devastating effect. A big reason why they succeeded is because the establishment pushed it as well. The Democrats wanted to flip a Republican seat; Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Beltway GOP wanted to crush Steve Bannon’s rebellion and punish Moore for daring to challenge the swamp; and the media wanted to see a pro-Trump populist go down in falls.


Moore’s real crime is that he is an anti-globalist, pro-life, constitutionalist conservative, who supports the America First agenda. Had he won, Moore would have been Trump’s closest ideological and political ally in Congress. This is why the political and media class unleashed an unprecedented smear campaign. Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, famously said tell a lie often enough and it becomes accepted as truth. Today, it is Roy Moore; tomorrow, it will be Trump.


The liberal media and the Democrats are already calling for Trump to resign in the wake of three female accusers—Rachel Crooks, Jessica Leeds and Samantha Holvey—who recently repeated their claims made during the campaign of alleged sexual assault. At a minimum, they are demanding a congressional investigation. As NBC’s Chuck Todd put it, the #metoo movement has changed “the climate of opinion” since the 2016 election. Translation: It’s time to make Trump the next Roy Moore. The media-establishment has become the most powerful propaganda machine in history. Conservatives—especially, the president—should beware. Fight or lose the war.       


-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston. 

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